How to develop and improve the ability of students to learn English strategic_23284

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How to develop and improve the ability of students to learn English strategic_23284

    How to develop and improve the ability of students to learn English strategic




     First, the importance of English learning strategies Lifelong learning is one important task facing. However, how to effectively learn? Contemporary cognitive psychologists

    pointed out: there is no teaching objectives than "to enable students to become independent, autonomous and efficient learners" more important. United Nations Educational, UNESCO Director-General is satisfied that described by Mann said:

    "Today more than eighty percent of the content of Education should be the way ... ... way more important than facts." Thus, to teach students to learn, to teach effective learning strategies, has been the current Education community as an effective way to improve learning efficiency and to reduce the burden of a large area students and effective measures to improve teaching quality. <<English Curriculum> "(hereinafter referred to as <<Standard>> the students develop learning strategies and adjustment of the importance of

    teaching as an important goal, it is based on student learning and Development, the learning strategy is defined as:" students to effective learning and Development of the various actions and steps taken. "This is exactly the English

    curriculum reform must focus on the importance of teachers, only to fully tap the potential of students and respect for the personality Development of students, guide and help students to develop and adjust their own learning strategies, to achieve "Education is to not teach" the desired effect. Second, "learning strategy" of understanding and awareness The so-called learning strategy is that students in the role of metacognition, learning scenarios based on a variety of variables, and changes the relationship between variables, control their own learning activities and learning methods of selection and use of learning style or process, "< Standard>> the policy as a learner's actions, including the internal activities and external activities. and the general learning

    strategies into cognitive strategies, control strategies,

    communication strategies, resource strategy. Teachers should be teaching, to help students develop for their own learning strategies. cognitive strategy is that students learn the

    specific tasks to complete the steps and methods of control policy means that students learn to plan, implement, reflect, evaluate and adjust the strategy, communication strategy is to fight for students more networking opportunities, maintaining

    effective communication and to improve communication and take a variety of strategies, resources, strategy is reasonable and effective use of student learning and a variety of media strategy for the use of English. Learning strategy is flexible, strategy use by people, because, because of

    something specific. In English teaching, teachers should make an effort to help students develop their own learning strategies, and have to constantly adjust the capacity of their own learning strategies. implementation in the English

    curriculum to help students effectively use learning strategies not only help them to grasp the direction of study, using scientific means to enhance learning efficiency, but also help them to form self-learning ability, lay the

    foundation for lifelong learning. Foreign studies have shown that the Education sector: use of effective language learning strategies, not only large foreign language learning to improve and improve learning outcomes and quality, but also can reduce the learning burden. Third, students should master the basic learning strategies and activities in the infiltration of English teaching (A set of self-confidence

    of students studying for their English would have a negligible impact Psychological Research shows that: a burst of

    positive emotions can be amazing strength. Have the confidence of the children, often thinking, active, memory strong, observant, imaginative, and mostly outstanding students. Believe that their students have a strong determination and

    ability to learn foreign languages, learning perseverance, so that students in the use of increased interest in learning English course, so that they have tasted in the use of fun and self-confidence. as duty to report, write dialogue, English games, drama performances and simulation texts, the language they use every time, every opening, and a conscious imitation of the pronunciation, the teacher should be reported to the sincere expression of praise and encouragement to enhance their self-confidence. reposted elsewhere in the Research

    Papers Download http: / / (b take the initiative to ask the teacher or students, and actively cooperate with others,

    together to complete learning tasks This is cooperative learning strategies. This policy focuses on training the

    students themselves to ask questions, discover and solve problems, to study the initiative to Students, autonomy, innovation, cooperation and learning. This is in fact a new lesson changes required. Suhomlinski said: "Students need to free space, as the same health needs air." student learning process must be active to obtain, the process of active Development, so as to remember, learn better . This requires that teachers should create a democratic, equal, harmonious and relaxed atmosphere of learning, to maximize the teaching

    activities to mobilize students to participate in the initiative, so that the vast majority of students are actively involved in teaching activities. (C English learning program to develop a simple To help students clear their own

    learning plans and goals and learning needs, exploring their English learning method, which belong to self-regulation

    strategies. Development plan principles: 1. Plans to practical, not ambitious .2. Have provided specific figures, which a day of school a few words, which must be put on record a few sentences, combined with the practical application of .3. to have perseverance, adhere to the school every day, always available, if the day did not complete the project, the next day must To make up. 4. In order to remember the simplicity of the learned knowledge, the first day of the next day be sure to review the knowledge, be sure to review the second and third day of the first day of the knowledge, time to consolidate what they learn .5. To words, sentences with

    the integrated use of, go, think of where, go, say where, to say, the hard use. remember the words is a big storm, but if we remember three one day, year is 1095, if the day in mind 5 words, and year is 1825. students according to their ability,

    choose a day to complete the task, pay attention to understand and reflect on their lack of English language learning and progress surrounding such a goal, down to earth in stages to complete. Links http:// Research Papers Download

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