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     China Town in San Francisco

    As we all know,there are lots of foreigners in America,and the biggest branch is Chinese.So the existence of China Town in the USA is necessary and reasonable.Today I will show you something about the Chinatown in San Francisco.

    Chinatown in San Francisco is the largest Chinatown in western United States.It can be compared with New YorkChinatown.Grant

    Avenue and California Street intersections for the center to form.There is about more than eighty thousand overseas Chinese living here.What you see and what you hear are Chinese and Chinese traditional style,just like a small China.There are all the Chinese goods from living groceries to precious jewelry.Chinatown still retain the traditional diningdressing and

    building.There are has also lots of famous traditional scenic spots visitors can enjoy and understand deeply Chinese traditional culture,such as The Tin Hou Temple,Fortune cookie factory and Portsmouth Square.You can see some Chinese practice Tai Chi and playing Mah Jong in Portsmouth Square.The best way to visit is going through the decorated archway written 天下为公 ,and you will pass the Marys church firstly,it has a

    long history.

    There are tow route to Chinatown in San Francisco.First,you can take BART at Embarcadero stop then walk along with California St.about 20 minutes.Second,you also can take cable car at California St.or

Stookton St.stop and walk 2 minutes. It is free for everyone to visit.But if

you want to buy anything you would pay for it.

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