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By Betty Alexander,2014-11-03 12:39
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How to determine the success of event marketing network-_5068

How to determine the success of event marketing network?




     Research Papers Download information: This is a very tangled subject. Like an advertisement to determine the success or failure, not a prescriptive standard. Usually the case, if an

    ad can be a long time to flourish, it is a successful advertising. Summarized sentence: effective clincher.

     Whenever mentioned this topic, I must mention the melatonin and gold partner advertising. The two commercials are annoying, but the effect of bringing the two commercials that are real sales, while some of the U.S. round of the U.S. Huan advertising, even though it can make the audience applauded, but may not be able to pull out money from his bag. Here, in fact, not a tricky standard to determine a theoretical level, the effectiveness of advertising, we can only vitality come from the analysis, the ad is valid.

     Earlier I mentioned the association of network events on marketing, there are some add my QQ and MSN friends expressed

    their views. Some friends agree with my point of view, a friend opposed to my point of view. Whether it is support or just the object or my Then I still have to talk about the success of event marketing for the network to determine, though, this is not a conventional standard. But, I understand the concern of more than two years, and I planned and executed event marketing experience, is that how to determine Network marketing success or failure event, I talk about my point of view, if there are different views in private with me.

     Lenovo zebra in the event came out, I interact with the general manager of Shanghai Mart waves brother, Beijing Chen Mo Chen Mo, CEO made contact, and solicit their views and when I asked this thing, they both not heard of this event in my

    description of this incident, that the implementation of a failure wave brother, Mo, do you think is very strange. The reason this event did not make traditional media attention, has not caused great social repercussions. If the essence, this event is very good idea, but in the implementation

process has become very bad.

     Summing up the two big brothers point of view, I also have some of his views.

     In 2007, I graduated from high school went to Changsha, a music media company, has done a very bad case, when the newly

    established company, operating a stall campus singing contest in Changsha do not have much visibility, it is difficult to pull sponsorship . To this end, we are planning for a girl to find Ho Kyung and nurturing events, in order to improve the

    visibility of companies and events in the context of the time, the girl is very easy to find stars and nurturing concern.

     After the incident broke, the media gateway has several follow-up reports, the province of the traditional media have

    also reported that some well-known commentators have expressed

    their views as a result, no one cares about until ten thousand yuan of balloon advertising, event After rising to five million thus robbed of air, and, in the Hunan Province this event has a certain reputation, some of the province of the media have begun to track the reports, some foreign companies have come to seek cooperation.

     This is a more hype the event, but you can bring results, of course, over time, the network has increased the difficulty of

    event marketing in the real environment, the media has been very sensitive to the network event marketing has been with the basic ability to identify for the commercialization of more concentrated flavor of events, not only will traditional media attention, even the online media have lost interest. hype and hard-fried, does not meet the appetite of users, the media does not conform to the idea. can not generate media attention, failure is natural.

     Traditional media attention, the success of network

    marketing is a big key, if not follow the trend of traditional media coverage, failure is inevitable. Said before "the incident comes in different forms", if not the traditional media-obsessed, absolutely will not be foes who known "character." Of course, this event does not have commercial value, not behind the so-called promoter and this event is

    very casual, and very necessary first of all, this is posted it in the post World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft positive off. Secondly, such a simple word, can cause a lot of people's

    sympathy. Finally, an effective interaction of network marketing, the most important thing is to participate in interactive users. like "ban Wong Lo Kat", as everyone can take the initiative to spread the reproduced .

     From another side, that is, users need to understand the mentality of so-called Know thyself, know yourself, when network events to cater to the mind of Internet users, Internet users will naturally involve interaction zebra this event, in fact, highly interactive, but, did not play the

    strong interaction strengths, but taking the job of all parties affected by the implementation, so from here there are a standard to determine that interactive users if an event can set off after completely parties to the waves need to do, no

    doubt that this event will be successful, of which party should control the implementation of a good direction if the control is not good, the same will likely fail.

     Summarized my personal view of network marketing is actually to take full advantage of this medium to interact, network event marketing is also true. From start to finish by the parties to promote the implementation of the event, the event is bound to fail and only after the detonation In his grasp the direction of the premise, the transmission completely by

    the users, this can be spread to maximize the commercial is most conducive to implantation.

     Therefore, the network event marketing two criteria: First, the media follow-up. Second, the users interact. If they do not fully met, it is surely the event of failure if the two can meet, then do not want success difficult. This is my personal criteria, if there are different opinions, but please let us know. (Source: crossover Sims

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