How to cultivate the habit of learning languages_16051

By Patricia Simmons,2014-11-03 12:39
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How to cultivate the habit of learning languages_16051

How to cultivate the habit of learning languages




     [Abstract] language learning to develop good habits, which is crucial in the junior secondary level a task, but learning the language of good habit once, for a modern citizen will

    benefit for life, so in the compulsory education must be an effort to develop solid training. Here the author has experienced several years of junior high school language teaching, and junior colleagues to learn how to cultivate the good habit of the language issue, focused communication, in order to resonate. [Keywords:] used to develop training As we all know, good habits make them a lifetime, and good habits are not innate, is necessary to develop gradually. Only the formation of a habit, a good attitude to the performance

    anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere can be a good method of application, so that students for life. language teachers should understand that students have to learn the language necessary to develop more reading, writing, perspective, bear

    in mind that the habit to think otherwise, to learn the language to become a Shexiang. A habit of using the tool Language learning to read and write can not be separated, in the process of reading and writing, students will encounter

    difficult words, phrases, the classroom teacher alone is not enough to explain, be sure to check the students develop the habit of books. In practice, teaching, Most teachers understand that students should cultivate this habit, it may pay little attention to the actual operation, there is no corresponding requirement supervision and guidance. In fact, we should adopt some specific requirements to urge the students to develop this habit, for example, every passages of the new words, when the preview should let students understand

    the classroom teacher checks for students to the pronunciation of interpretation, or writing on the blackboard on the board, different forms of the purpose of urging students to develop a search tool, to solve their own pronunciation, meaning of the

    word and other basic language learning habits. should also be stressed that usually encountered in writing the words must be

    in doubt check books, and can not be replaced by pinyin, it can not write. Through these specific practices, requirements

    urged students to cultivate the habit of consciously search tool. In this way, students will read, not write, do not understand the words to gradually reduce this habit once, students will be lifelong benefit. Second, the accumulation of habit Language learning is inseparable from the accumulation, extract famous Quotes, Famous recitation, writing reading experience, the accumulation of language materials, an important way to learn article writing, students are also an effective way perception works charm. Can be seen,

    read, and more mind conducive to enhancement of language proficiency. In junior high school language learning process, teachers must pay attention to cultivate the habit of accumulating language materials, so that put the reading,

    writing, comprehension closely together. specific to this way of operation: student an excerpt of the staff, asked the students to their reading experience and good word excerpt Quotes recites his own reading of the sentiment, inspiration, harvesting, opinion writing. teachers, regular inspection, design classroom teaching, allowing students communication in the classroom to show the accumulation of results, in this class, students read or recite a beautiful sentence, paragraph, talk about their feelings and experiences of

    reading, we must allow all students to participate. In this way, the students listening and speaking skills have also been the exercise and training. a semester at least six such courses should be organized, the students of this habit will

    be under the supervision and guidance of teachers gradually develop, if the teacher told the students to develop only the excerpt, to study notes, reciting habits, and no regular inspection, guidance and supervision, will not develop the habit. Links to free download http:// paper written by three ground habits Scienscope Junior high school students active in their thinking, reading a book, watch a video, listen to a pop song, they all love to express their views boldly evaluation. They generally do not lack inspiration, but

    fleeting. They are not good to inspired by an appropriate manner, neglect write, this is the slow development of middle school students writing ability is an important reason. This requires good language teachers develop their thinking and

    habits of diligent pen to paper. diligent pen to paper, to record a lot of inspiration, material, writing and writing to the speed of training. We can allow students to adhere to the


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