Low Point Drains

By Frederick Greene,2014-06-23 07:56
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Low Point Drains

Low Point Drains

    The Low Point Drains are a trash garage rock'n'roll band from around Hellevoetsluis/ Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We are Mr. Point (guitar+ vocals), Mr. Drain (drums) and Mr. Low (bass+ guitar). Since 1998, we played as a duo. From april 2005, Mr. Low joined us to contribute to our wall of sound. We're inspired by the IN THE RED and SST records sound as well as bands like Minutemen, Oblivians and The Gories. The band’s name comes from the

    filthy dirty petrochemical industry where LOW POINT DRAINS are used to throw out the dirt. Low Point Drains will blow you away with their filthy trashgarage sound... Their short & fast'n'rockin' songs grab you by the hair and bash your head onto the ground. Uncompromising trash/garage rock mayhem with a slight blues vibe! Live shows are energetic as hell! And anything can happen live! They’re not afraid of the audience and won’t hesitate

    in getting any audience participation going. Our debut 7" EP (4-track recording) was released on Dutch label KURIOSA Records in

    2005 and another 7" (studio recording) appeared in 2007 on Slovenly Records USA

    (Reigning Sound, Black Lips). The studio recording was done in Die Tonmeisterei Studio,

    Germany. Until now, Low Point Drains have played over a 130 shows varying from

    squatted trains to venues and festivals around The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

    Still, we like to play live as much as possible.


    Mr. Point



Low Point Drains - Bottle 'O' Whiskey 7" After the Primitive festival I went to a free open air concert in another part of Rotterdam and saw these fuckers. After 3 days of well behaved garagerock (except for Black Lips) it was refreshing to see this chaotic, obnoxious but highly entertaining combo. People either loved them or hated their guts, haha. It's basically fucked up blues punk'n'roll with a lotta slide strummin' and reverb, Crypt style. Fuckin' awesome, made my pink torpedo stand up and salute! The best kept r'n'r secret of the Netherlands. Some of the 4 songs are also on their full length album.(If you dig: Revelators, Oblivians, Cramps (Jens, Lowcut Magazine) <STOMPBROTHERS> To be honest I thought the year started off kind of lame. But hell was I wrong !!! A few days ago I got a package in my mailbox and man....been french kissing my mail man ever since! All out of tha blue I found Tha new demo by the LOW POINT DRAINS on my doorstep. Mr postman... you made me see the light, again, when I was wandering out there in the dark. Man, I was impressed with their previous one. But this one even steps up the gas a little further. Hopefully these guys wear crash helmets while rehearsing. Cause they come flying through the corner in a way even Will Hartog would wet his pants!!! Who cares about the splitting up of the Oblivians when it only takes two guys from Holland to write songs like "Drunken Man"? What to expect from this record in a nutshell? We'll take your personal favourites like Jon Spencer, Oblivians, Bantam Rooster, the Revelators and even a bit of the Dirtys and step it up a gear! These guys sound like their favourite records without being fucking copy cats! And in my opinion that's what making music is all about. Play the music you like, your own way. And that's exactly what these guys are doing. And if you don't get the message yet: listen to their song: "I don't wanna be on Stardump" maybe then you'll hear the difference between wanna be tha Ramones and wanna sound like tha Ramones. It's only the first month of the year and it could be so that the best record of the year is already made. LOW POINT DRAINS that's the word for now. Buy the goddamn record !! (Stompbrother Ray on <MAXIMUM ROCK’N’ROLL (USA)> You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at the inconspiciously happy stick drawing on the cover of this record that inside is some fucked up, trashy rock and roll. Truly great, over the top, messy, noisy, reverb-filled garage punk that makes me happy. Turn it uploud. (CK) (maximum rock'n'roll, august edition 2005) Low Point Drains: The meanest Dutch 7inch The Low Point Drains have started spreading around their reputation for being one of the wildest garagerockbands from the Netherlands. And as they deserve, they are often praised at DfD. Only a few months ago, the Kuriosa-label issued a four track-single by the duo from HELLevoetsluis. Unlike the other releases on the small label (The No-Goods, Miracle Men, Green Hornet etc.), the 'Drains' have no distinctive 1960's -sound, although the added distortion probably makes it the meanest 7”-record from Holland that will appear this year. The Low Point Drains may only have two members, they make more noise than a pig farm. The recording was done by Peter Kroes (The No-Goods, Miracle Men) and he drowned the music of the 'Drains' in the same syrup that was used for The No-Goods’ debut-EP. It sounds like some extra distortion is added, to make it sound even more ‘DIY’ and obscure. Personally, I like that kind of sound, that is what rock and roll is supposed to be. The vocals are handled in a half-scream, half-sing-manner, but if you listen very closely to the lyrics, it amazes that Mr. Point has no Dutch accent. ‘Bottle-o-whiskey’ is the first track on the vinyl and guess what the story is..? In ‘Merchandise’ they offer everything they have in store, or they try to make you believe they have all sorts of merchandise. The first track on side two is my favourite: ‘Birthday Party’. Especially the screams in the catchy chorus makes this an anthem. Final track is called ‘$+%=?!’ and, indeed, has no lyrics at all! Except for some ‘over the top’ -screams. Musically, the Drains are very close to the better days of the Oblivians. Maybe this is caused by the instruments they use: Mr. Point hits and chops on the guitar, while Mr. Drain provides the beat on a back-to-basics drumkit. When listening to side two of the 45 rpm-7” EP, you are able to imagine with a little fantasy, that this could be a great lost treasure from the 1960's. But if so, ‘Birthday Party’ would have been an underground-garagerock-anthem like The Sonics’ ‘Psycho’. Anyway, it sounds very obscure, just like The No-Goods did on their first disc. Later material showed that the band had smoothened their sound, and I wish this is not going to happen to the Low Point Drains. Chances are small that there will be another Dutch record released this year, which sounds more mean and dirty than this one! (Sideburner, Diggin4Dirt/ September 2005)

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