How to carry out education campaign for moral education_50725

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How to carry out education campaign for moral education_50725

How to carry out education campaign for moral education




     Abstract: The patriotic Education is the theme of moral Education, Educational activities and the theme is the main way how to conduct a more in-depth student of the contents of

    the heart, more effective, richer flavor of the times, you need to think about moral Education. Keywords: moral; thematic Education; quality Patriotic education is the theme of moral education, education is the theme of the primary means of how to conduct a more in-depth student of the

    contents of the heart, more effective, richer flavor of the times, you need to think about moral education. The investigation discovered Some students do not like the theme of education. The reason is mainly incompatible activities and

    student age, the form of rigid, students do not feel happy, feel the breath of life. years of education practice made me realize that to give full play to The role of traditional moral education, moral education must be to inject new

    vitality into the traditional. I held the school in October 2009 "we are successors of communism," the idea of theme educational activities, forms, effects, were specifically addressed. First, the background theme of education 1. "Young Pioneers scarf is the symbol of a red corner is the Xianxue Ran into a revolutionary martyr, the scarf is an honor." But now the hearts of children in times of peace, the sacred and solemn scarf seems to have been insignificant, so it is necessary to understand the Physics

    and Chemistry students, enhance sense of honor education; love red scarf, stronger sense of responsibility education. 2. At present the whole country is in-depth study and practice

    the scientific concept of development, as educators, we have a

    responsibility to the reserve army of the Chinese Communist Party - Pioneers, organized education, ideals, beliefs. 3. Of the Republic had a great 60 years, while construction of the Chinese Young Pioneers team has also been 60 years.

    Second, the purpose of education campaign The patriotic education activities, and firmly grasp the two main lines of

    the Young Pioneer organization of education. Recalling the history of the Young Pioneers, ideal for students, faith education, for them to establish a correct outlook on life and values laid a solid foundation. Third, the theme of education in the form of 1. The 60-year history of the Young

    Pioneers team is very heavy and must identify the entry point. We have 60 year history is divided into four chapters. Were: Footprints, difficult process, Eagles wings, think about the future. 2. Attention to detail design. All before the start of each chapter with a small opening and inspiring. (Attention to detail design) 3. With students like the song,

    dance, speaking, singing and other forms. 4. Teacher-

    student interaction, students interaction, the audience interaction, highlighting the activities of each student is the subject, not a passive participant, so that both solemn

    and warm atmosphere of the meeting, which greatly enhance the effectiveness of moral education. Fourth, the process of theme activities Overture October is the day of harvest, the birth of the great motherland; October, is a glorious day, glorious establishment of the Young Pioneers. With this dazzling day, clear and crisp October to become hot; bright golden in October to become red; Campus jubilant October, were looking forward to more, more copies of blessing. Today, we are a collection of several generations of young pioneers

    torch under the banner of the stars, review the history and spend a memorable and meaningful day team! Links to Research Papers Download tracks the growth of the first chapter http:// A: In the land revolution, for national liberation, freedom

    for the people, we are united in communism under the banner of Children's Troupe, guard, sentry, take information, send Ji Maoxin, with our soft shoulders, shared prosperity of the nation. B : the journey of the revolution in the country, have

    our children's footprints in the magnificent art gallery in the revolutionary history, leaving the children's posture, together: they are our example, we will never forget. Difficult process of Chapter II A: When the Japanese aggressors wantonly trampled on Chinese territory, the cruel, our predecessors with blood and body to defend the motherland's dignity and honor. B: Anti-Japanese War, Japanese

    Children's Corps to participate actively in the anti-Japanese

    struggle for national salvation. A: Japan to play the

    patriotic propaganda, surveillance enemy to catch traitor; B: stand sentry to send letters, distinguished Japanese officers and soldiers. A: Anti-Japanese War history, the history of the

Chinese nation a great shame century bloodbath, began the

    great rejuvenation of the cause of national liberation war, is one of the Chinese nation In the struggle towards liberation in the song. Chapter Eagles wings A: With the founding of new China, the Chinese youth team set up the first peak, we

    and the Republic of the same age, we grow in the Young Pioneers organization! B: fathers footprints behind, we are mighty young pioneers, CYL flag behind closely with our bright red scarf to keep up. A: Our logo - a red scarf, like a flame,

    like floating in our chest; B: Star Torch - is our team

    pennant, which leads us to prepare for the communist cause . A: Our team at the - (salute), on behalf of the people's

    interests above all else. B: We are a new generation of socialist construction, followed by the Communist Party,

    followed by the Communist Youth League, riding cross-century

    Chinese children Eagles action Treasures - Total: temper their

    wings, fly toward the sun brave! A: 60 years, our sun and rain in the party, in the embrace of the Young Pioneers thrive,

    several generations of leaders, the Young Pioneers care epitaphs for our proposed eager. Mao President teaches us -

    all students: study hard, every day! B: Grandpa Deng direction for us - all students: developing ideals, morality, knowledge,

    discipline successors to the cause of proletarian revolution. A: Jiang Grandpa clear that - all students: self, self, self-

    discipline, self-improvement, self-protection, so qualified

    builders and successors of socialism. B: Grandpa Hu inculcate - all students: study hard, have grown up. together: We 21 Century Small Eagles Or live up to expectations of the people, for the red scarf to add more dazzling brilliance! V. effects of thematic activities Education activities by theme, so that teams understand the history of the Young

    Pioneers, and enhance the Young Pioneers of civic pride, responsibility and mission; through the theme of education, training students the ability to improve the quality of students; through the theme of education activities for children They left unforgettable memories of childhood, encouraging young pioneers to make progress and grow up

    healthily! Links http:// Research Papers Download

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