Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

英语短剧?Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    旁白?Once upon a time, there was a queen. She had a pretty daughter named Snow White. Soon after the child was born, the queen died. The queen married another queen. The stepmother was very jealous. She dressed Snow White in rags and forced her to do the housework all day and all night, such as sweep and mop the floor, do some cleaning, carry water and so on. 白雪?( Sweep and mop the floor, do some cleaning, carry water and so on.)

    皇后?Im the new queen. Im very beautiful. you see. If anyone is more beautiful than me, I’ll

    kill her. I have a magic mirror. If I want to know something, It will tell me surely. Now, mirror, mirror, come here!

    魔镜?Yes, Im coming. Your Majesty! What do you want to know?

    皇后?Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest of the all?

    魔镜?Yes. Your Majesty! You are the fairest of all, I think. But there is a young lady. She is as white as snow, as red as rose and as black as ebony. She is much more beautiful than you. 皇后?She is much more beautiful than me? Who is she? Tell me quickly.

    魔镜?Yes. Your Majesty! She is Snow White.

    皇后?Snow White? No, Im the most beautiful in the world. Oh, hunter, come here, come here! 猎人?Yes. Your Majesty! Im here now.

    皇后?Hunter! Take Snow White to the wild forest to pick some flowers. Find a lonely place and kill her.

    猎人?But she is the princess.

    皇后?No, Kill her. Bring her heart to me. I dont want to see her any longer.

    猎人?Yes. Your Majesty!

    皇后?Here is a box. You must put her heart in it and bring it to me. Otherwise, I will punish you. 猎人?Yes. Your Majesty!

    白雪?( Pick some flowers. ) Oh! How many flowers! How beautiful!

    猎人?( Draw his Knife slowly but hesitated ) Oh! My God! She is so lovely and pretty! I can’t! I

    can’t kill her!

    白雪?( Cry exhaustedly) What are you doing? What’s the matter? Why do you kill me?

    猎人?Your Majesty! Im very sorry. Someone wants me to kill you.

    白雪?But who?

    猎人?The queen.

    白雪?The queen! But why?

    猎人?You are more beautiful than her. So she wants to kill you.

    白雪?My dear hunter. Dont kill me. I will run into the forest and never come back again. 猎人?Ok. Run away, the poor child. The wild beasts will soon eat you.

    白雪?Thank you, my dear hunter.

    旁白?At this time, a young bear was running by. The hunter shot it and took the heart to the queen. Snow White began to run into the wild forest until it was almost evening. She saw a little cottage. 白雪?Oh, my God! The queen cant find me now, I think. How I am tired! How I want to have a rest! Ah, here is a cottage, there are seven small beds. They must be the beds of seven children. Here are their names: Doctor, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy, Dopey. Oh, how I want to sleep!

    旁白?When it was dark, the owners of the cottage came back. They were seven dwarfs. They were digging treasure in the mountain.

    老学究?Im the Doctor. I know a lot of things.

    开心果?Im the Happy. Im the happiest person in the world.

    喷嚏精?Im the Sneezy. If I sneeze, the earth will shake.

    害羞鬼?Im the Bashful. Im a shy man.

    老顽固?Im the Grumpy. Im not so easy to believe a stranger. The next one is Dopey. He can’t

    talk like us.

    老学究?Look, the lamp in our house is on!

    开心果?Who is it?

    喷嚏精?Perhaps its the ghost!

    瞌睡虫?Lets go into our cottage silently.

    害羞鬼?Oh, someone has cleaned our house.

    老顽固?Perhaps its the witch.

    旁白? When Dopey was holding the candle and let the light fall on little snow-white. They all cried out with astonishment.

    老学究?What a lovely child!

    开心果?How beautiful!

    喷嚏精?Who is she?

    瞌睡虫?Dont wake her up.

    害羞鬼?Why is she coming here?

    老顽固?Kill her.

    白雪? ( Wake up ) What a nice sleep! Oh, who are you? Oh, I know. You are Doctor, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy and Dopey.

    七矮人?But why are you in our house?

    白雪?The queen, my stepmother wants to kill me. So I ran to your house. Dont drive me away.

    Let me stay with you.

    老学究?If you take care of our house.

    开心果?If you do some cooking for us.

    喷嚏精?If you make the beds for us.

    瞌睡虫?If you do some washing, you can stay with us.

    害羞鬼?But you must be careful.

    老顽固?Dont go out. Dont let anyone come in. Your stepmother will find you and kill you. 白雪?I know. I know. Thank you.

    旁白?From then on, Snow White kept the house. When the seven dwarfs came back, she had everything prepared. On the other hand, when the wicked queen ate the heart, she took out the mirror and asked.

    皇后?Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?

    魔镜?Your Majesty! You are the fairest of all. But Snow White is still alive and well. She lives with the seven dwarfs. No one is more beautiful than she.

    皇后?No! Snow White must die. I must finish her even if it costs my life. 旁白?The queen made a poisonous apple and dressed herself like an old woman. She came to the cottage .

皇后?Good things to sell. Pretty things to sell. Cheap. Very cheap.

    白雪?Hi, good day, my good lady. What do you sell?

    皇后?Apples. Very delicious apples! You can have a taste. This one, please! 白雪?OK! Thank you! ( Having a small piece, dead )

    皇后?Now Im the most beautiful in the world.

    旁白?When the seven dwarfs came from work. They were greatly surprise to see Snow White dead

    七矮人?Whats the matter?

    老学究?Snow White is dead.

    七矮人?Oh, my God! Who did it? It must be the wicked queen. Now lets pick some flowers and

    place around her

    旁白?Although Snow White had been dead a long, long time. She looked as if she was living. She looked as white as snow, as red as rose and as black as ebony. However, one day, it happened a prince came to the seven dwarfs house. When he saw Snow White, he fell in love with her. 王子?Please, let me have Snow White. I love her. I want her to be my wife. 七矮人?Ok! Carry Snow White with you to your palace. Be sure to be kind to her. 王子?Yes, I will. I will love you forever, my dear! ( Kiss her.)

    旁白?As soon as the prince kissed Snow White, Snow White came to her life, as was written in the magic book of the wicked queen.

    白雪?Oh, my heaven! Where am I? What had happened?

    王子?You are with me, my dear. I love you. I love you more than everything in the world. Please be my wife, will you?

    白雪?Yes, I will, my dear!

    七矮人?Oh! Congratulations! Congratulations!

    旁白?The prince took Snow White to the palace. Their wedding was held with great show 白雪?Good Bye!

    七矮人?Bye-bye! May you Happy Forever!

    白雪、王子?Thank you. Good Bye. See you later.

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