How to design a class assignment under New Curriculum_32277

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How to design a class assignment under New Curriculum_32277

How to design a class assignment under New Curriculum




     Junior high school Mathematics curriculum standards recommended for the evaluation of the students were more scientific, more extensive and more reasonable description of

    a comprehensive study of student learning conditions, encouraging students passion for learning, foster self-

    confidence in learning Mathematics, and promote overall development of students. In Mathematics teaching have both written assignments and exams, but also to examine the

    profound thinking of the students and the situation of cooperation and exchange with others. To this end, in the form of work to be diversified. First, the new knowledge-

    based jobs New classes to teach new knowledge-based, general

    arrangements before the new medium of a preparatory exercise, which is paving the way for the new knowledge into the organization. In the design of such a practice should be putting the focus on inspiring students thinking, stimulate interest and pointing the train of thought to promote the smooth transfer of knowledge. as in learning to use the factorization method for solving a quadratic equation, you can design some polynomial factorization first practice, the slope of this slow thinking, highlighting the focus of teaching

    scattered and difficult, so that students assimilate new knowledge in existing knowledge structure. After the new arrangements for consolidating the practice teaching, teaching content is organized around a specific kind of the same type,

    with the structure of practice, the aim is to enable students to focus on the formation of a knowledge, skills, consolidate and strengthen the knowledge, to really understand and grasp extent that it is a new medium to supplement and extend. is

    surely the new initiatives after the grant. such as: the study circle to prove example of a total of four points immediately after the fourth side of the midpoint of the diamond is given in the same circle? Let the students in the understanding of new knowledge to practice and consolidate the basis of Second, the life form operations The world of Mathematics

    learning is very broad, teachers should be good at guiding students from the familiar daily nourishment, so that students in the social life, family practice to complete math homework for them in real life apply the mathematical knowledge to solve life issues provide an opportunity to build a platform so that they truly feel Life is full of Mathematics, mathematics is everywhere. <<Math curriculum standards>>

    in to give us a good example: Please discard the survey in one day how many plastic bags in your family? Week it? January it? Year? Year students in the class about the number of discarded plastic bags? school students? ... ... these bags is

    equivalent to land cover layers of the motherland? You can focus on plastic bag issue to the environmental protection departments make a suggestion? close contact with these fun and real life math problem students effectively inspired to explore the awareness of students to participate in the process of homework, math and other subjects will also be an effective integration is conducive to improving the overall quality of students. "Everywhere is the creation of the land, every day is to create a time when everyone is a human

    creation." Students have learned their mathematical knowledge and their own lives brings together the environment. As a teacher, should be vigorously tap the potential of students for students to choose and practice the use of the open wings

    of wisdom, so that their math homework into the sky flying potential, giving life and color math homework. Links http:// Research Papers Download Third, practice-based work Hands is

    in line with adolescent mental, physical characteristics of

    the development. Practice exercise is to provide students with hands-on operation, understanding and consolidate knowledge, develop their capacities to develop interest. Such as "learning geometric knowledge," when students make the species of three-dimensional graphics, such as rectangular, cube, cylinder and so on. We all know that practice comes real knowledge, practice can enhance the ability of students to use knowledge to make fun of some of the figures boring, life. through practice, can make the students to books the use of

    mathematical knowledge into mathematical knowledge to solve practical problems. such as learning a rectangle to determine methods, to enable students to use scales and a right-angle

    ruler to judge whether the parallelogram is a rectangle of

    small frame, the students actively involved, hands-on

    practice , high spirits. so let the "study" and into the "do", in "doing" in the deeper understanding, even if students learn

easily, but also cultivate their many capabilities.

    Fourth, cooperative operation Previous math homework, teachers too one-sided emphasis on independent thinking, not the quality of the cooperation as an important to develop. For the job, we should allow students to complete the study according to their own homework to choose the basis of the way and encourage them to communicate, conduct effective cooperation. As the saying goes: Learn to walk before you run. A person's intelligence is limited, one-sided, all-

    round cooperation will think. I have tried to allow students

    to form five-person team to prepare a unit test volume. In the preparation of the process, students first study group led by a long review content of this unit, find focus, outlining, selected response, then a division of labor is too busy. the

    process of the preparation of papers, is the sort of student knowledge process, but also the process of peer cooperation and exchange. preparation of a paper to enable students to more deeply feel that they are the masters of learning, active learning has been stimulated and enhanced awareness. The deepening of reform in the curriculum today, as teachers, we should think students would like to optimize the design of mathematical operations that work in various forms, to avoid those mechanical, repetitive, tedious, inefficient operations, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of student work, so that

    They completed the process of mathematical operations to enjoy learning mathematics, mathematical pleasure. Links http:// Research Papers Download

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