kzwbGetting to Know the World Outside the Campusyfrz

By Philip Garcia,2014-10-25 04:22
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kzwbGetting to Know the World Outside the Campusyfrz


    Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of students selecting their lecturers. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:

1. 大学生了解社会的必要性。

    2. 了解社会的途径(大众媒介、社会服务等)

    3. 我打算怎么做。

    范文 1

     Getting to Know the World Outside the Campus

     It is necessary for college students to know the world outside the campus. This is because in this "Information Age" the society is developing so fast that we should keep pace with the progress of the outside

    world. Therefore, without knowledge of the outside world, it will be difficult for us to ensure an ideal job after graduation; it will be more difficult for us to succeed in the fierce competition.

     How to know the outside world? First of all, we should be well-informed about what is happening around us

    with the help of mass media:radios, televisions, newspapers, the Internet, and so on. Moreover,we should do some practical social services so as to cultivate our social skills, widen our horizon and enrich our social


     As for me, I plan to know the outside world in two ways. I am going to do a part-time job in this summer

    vocation. In addition, I hold the idea that getting knowledge from books is a better method to know the outside


    范文 2

     Getting to Know the World Outside the Campus

     Most Chinese students go to college with the idea that they can obtain sufficient knowledge and ability in the "Ivory Tower" so long as they work hard, while the fact is, it is far from enough. Studying without knowing the world outside the campus will make the study of the book knowledge itself aimless. Therefore, we may surely find it hard to adapt ourselves to the society when we graduate. So it's absolutely necessary for college students to learn about the society.

     There are various ways to do so. We may positively get to know the society by taking part in social services, such as being a tutor or working part-time in a company; we may travel around and see the nation during

    holidays with financial support; or we may be well-informed of what is on in the outside world without stepping

    out of the campus with the help of mass media.

     Since knowledge and experience weigh equally to me, my plan is to concentrate on my study during the semester,getting to know the world mainly by reading newspapers or watching TV; while I'll take a part-time job

    to support my traveling around the country during the holidays.




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