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By Lisa Robinson,2014-11-03 12:39
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How to create win-win vendor_41747

How to create win-win vendor




     In recent years, the Chinese kitchen closet industry, the rapid development of markets, with the rise of the real estate industry and the adjustment of living standards, coupled with the financial crisis, the export market was a serious blow to the development of many companies go to increase domestic sales. In The warlords from the war, when many manufacturers in order to expand the domestic market, high-profile access

    channel operations. precisely because of this excessive

    growth, leading to widespread low quality of dealers, lack of knowledge of marketing theory, concepts and methods behind marketing, transportation any ideas for the model and inconsistent with the objectives of corporate development and

    other issues. Even the old distributor, is also the case, which largely restricts the performance of the rapid growth of dealers. So now many companies will face the critical thinking is to teach our dealers the ability to survive, to the market,

    the ability to profit in order to achieve business and distribution of win-win situation. This is a major problem

    many businesses face, is the so-called "leopard keep playing

    hard," the truth. to Like a lot of cases this year in terms of business investment (in Mao's company who are now speaking, the new distributor for the brand more than 70% are operating. This reflects a very simple reason, the dealer can choose to change the brand this year , if not with each other in this operation into a win-win, then there is no guarantee it will

    not switch brands next year? That is the reality of the current and very real problems. So, how to effectively let dealers with business activities and market operation, improve the quality of dealers, distributors and companies to achieve

    common development between each win it. 1, to help dealers establish a business philosophy Ideas determine, ideas, decided to act. Business direction and philosophy is a matter of principle, the concept behind the business and operating

    results of the error will inevitably lead to the lower distributor. Many distributors operate sit there thinking,

    lack of development of awareness, on the fierce market competition exists to avoid and fear of hardship, companies must abandon backward ideas to help dealers and establish a

    peddler concept, take the initiative to meet the challenges, and actively compete in the market and establish a strong sense of competition, the development of consciousness. this company to strengthen the dealer communication and exchanges,

    and constantly improve service quality, to their own culture (the spirit of enterprise, business philosophy, strategic goals and brand), product and brand, continue to be taught to dealers, so that dealers realize a strategic partnership with

    Enterprise relations and realize the importance of common development, the initiative to accept the business philosophy, to establish the confidence to grow and eventually get the recognition and support of the largest distributors.

     2, to provide guidance and help

     Improving the quality of dealer needs a long process, but also a greater emphasis on modern marketing resources between firms complement each other, the establishment of strategic partnership. So rely on their own strength is difficult to

    complete the task of market development, companies must give dealers a powerful support and assistance in personnel management, market positioning and planning, terminal management, to help dealers make the market, when necessary personnel stationed in terms of helping to actively support the dealers operations.

     3, to strengthen the exchange of learning among dealers

     Simple oral preaching often weak, the reality is often the case convincing. Do you want to rely on companies and distributors of advanced concepts in close cooperation with the more successful examples of doing as a model to determine, organize site visits of other dealers, held a forum Dealers described the market to do better experience, their own experiences. Seeing is believing, in reality the most

    convincing, and accompanied with strong operational experience, a strong reference, easy to be accepted and effective implementation of other distributors, for improving the quality of dealers is very effective.

     4, increase the practical training

     Many manufacturers have set in the form of training is. Effective training for improving the quality of dealers is very important. How to make training more effective, one must thoroughly study the needs of dealers to determine the training content. The training content should include the corporate culture , marketing policy, market situation and outlook, dealers situation analysis, advanced marketing concepts, marketing skills, etc., on the other hand to select the mode of training distributors like to accept. reducing

    school classroom training, more open forum for the exchange of training and communication methods. In the training content should be diversified, such as business leaders to keynote corporate culture and business philosophy, Market Situation

    and Outlook, so marketers speaker market skills, make

    marketing theory marketing expert speakers, so good distribution Business speaker market operations. Such training not only macroscopic but also microscopic in nature, not only broadened the vision of dealers to improve their thinking, but also to obtain a practical method of operation, the training effect will be good.

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