How the special needs clinic nurses and patients to establish a good nurse-patient relationship_21068

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How the special needs clinic nurses and patients to establish a good nurse-patient relationship_21068

    How the special needs clinic nurses and patients to establish a good nurse-patient relationship




     [Keywords:] special needs clinic; nurse-patient relationship

     With the continuous improvement of living material level, for medical services is also put forward higher requirements. Special needs hospital out-patient clinics as an important

    window of work is increasingly welcomed by the majority of patients, the hospital won a good reputation, and made certain economic and social benefits. special needs of our hospital out-patient visits per month around 3,000 patients were treated, mostly for foreign patients are attracted medical attention and difficult cases. special needs specialist out-

    patient service models in operation constantly sum up,

    improve, in order to better serve patient services, the details of the services penetrated into the daily work of care, the good relationship between nurses and patients can not only improve patient satisfaction with nurses to achieve a multiplier effect, in order to create a good patient communication and patient medical condition, but also fully embodies the nurses the social value of [1]. Now we need to out-patient on how to establish special relations between nurses and patients were stage experience summary.

     An optimization process of special needs services, strengthening health education

     Constantly improve the convenience measures, reflecting the human services. Through questionnaires, telephone interviews are regularly consulted the patient views. Monthly special needs outpatient, telephone interviews or surveys form of consultation, through the advice of the feedback we have special needs patient work carried out constantly improved, low back pain patients developed a special orthopedic seat, to

    facilitate patient waiting. for the special needs clinic patients with floor to collect specimens, get reports, registration fees and provide a single laboratory by mail business, Wheelchairs. immediate one to one service model to

    provide special needs facilitate the patients. to strengthen health education, special needs patient waiting area on the installation of a touch screen information specialist visits, expert information to facilitate patient check. waiting area placed on the press, missionary information, multimedia

    scrolling missionary health knowledge for patients waiting convenience.

     2 warm reception, thanksgiving education

     Most special needs clinic patients are attracted by the field. Often seek medical treatment outside the hospital after

    several patients with complicated conditions, they look forward with great feeling uneasy and seeking treatment, which also requires special needs more nurses to be patient clinic, the responsibility heart. From the pre-screening reception

    triage to waiting, the nurse should remain groom and makeup appointment, smiling, take the initiative to introduce expert medical expertise and guidance, to eliminate patient anxiety. Thanksgiving through education among nurses to improve nursing treatment patients with compassion, and enhance their sense of responsibility of nurses.

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     3 master the communication skills, respect for patient privacy

     Through verbal and non verbal communication to and between

    patients with a good first impression, treating patients equally, in the communication process with patients learn to be good at listening, more use of soothing, encouraging language, to help patients achieve positive optimistic mood. Avoid scolding language, first sentence of the use of

    Putonghua do Shouwenfuze system. respecting the patients right to information, protect patient privacy. polite term medical treatment for the patient to create a harmonious environment for medical treatment.

     4 focus on etiquette training to improve the overall


     We work continuously to strengthen special needs clinic nurse etiquette training, special needs clinic nurses not only have solid professional knowledge, but also need to have good

    professional training. Nurse once a week business by learning to improve their theoretical knowledge, but also participate in special needs care group etiquette training. through a variety of learning time to enhance quality education of nurses. on a regular basis to open retreat on the potential

    problems that exist in nursing case studies, exchange experiences, strengthen communication, and let the nurse talk to the difficulties of the work to ease the psychological pressure.

     Summary by the above, the special needs patient in order to

    establish good relations between nurses and patients and nurses in addition to have a good professional ethics, but also a wealth of clinical care. Always "from the patient needs, and finally patient satisfaction" to serve the purpose. each patient to achieve a warm reception, and promote effective communication between nurses and patients to improve patient service quality special needs.

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