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By Rachel Olson,2014-11-03 12:39
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How to build a high quality faculty_47135

How to build a high quality faculty




     [Abstract] coming age of technology, the information age advances, to adapt to rapid development of society, based educators train future talent in the shoulder glorious and arduous task of building a 21st century high-quality teachers,

    I learned from the three aspects are described. [Key Words] high-quality lifelong learning science teachers Long-

    term goal, education-oriented, educational plans, teacher-

    centered. Comrade Deng Xiaoping pointed out: "Can a school to train qualified personnel for the community?? Lies in teachers." Modern people need to be modernized to train teachers, workers in basic education train future talent shouldering a glorious and arduous task, therefore, building

    21 primary and secondary high-quality teachers is a priority. A good ethics cultivation training teachers Morality is the basis of the quality of teachers and basic school teachers to develop good ethics, training should be on building the first

    high-quality teachers, organizations of teachers to learn the relevant national laws and regulations, words and deeds of the teachers continue to regulate the real implementation of the "teaching by example than precept "good style, set in the heart of teachers true passion for education, a devotion to the cause of education and determination to uphold the mission and responsibility fulfill their duties, to have a strong ideological and political positions clear ideological and political concept establish a high morality, self-discipline,

    a teacher, to respect the personality of students, as equals, like the students are thinking, anxious students are worried, take practical action to solve the problems of the practical problems of students, colleagues to do the between the honest,

    the overall situation, unity and cooperation. because the teachers say and are directly infected and affected by the moral character of students, the formation of actions, which set strict demands on teachers in terms of establishing a

    correct ideological and moral professional ideals, correct outlook on life, world outlook, values, morality, loyalty to

    the people's education to work as a starting point, the ability and integrity necessary for the training of national personnel as their sacred duty and responsibility. Second, establish the concept of lifelong learning of teachers Coming age of technology, the information age advances, the whole of society has gradually formed life-long learning,

    thinking only to enrich the advanced, advanced culture, and to adapt to the rapid development of society. As a preacher Tuition teachers should constantly update their knowledge, establish advanced teaching model for training future professionals need to establish the concept of lifelong

    learning, lifelong learning intended to do. teachers, teaching methods, teaching art, teaching ability and mastery of knowledge and profound influence on the degree of direct the effect of student education. In the new era, new theories, new points, new technology, new things and so will continue to appear, student interest in learning more and more widely, so ignorant, shallow knowledge of teachers see little difficult to arouse students thirst for knowledge, it is difficult to meet the aspirations of the students is difficult to cultivate a wide range of knowledge required for the State, technically the right people. This requires teachers to life-long learning

    new knowledge, master new skills. do give students drop water, first of all teachers to have a bucket of water practices,

    educate students not just to impart knowledge is more important is attention to the students of various abilities, gave the students an open knowledge base of the "golden key", which is even more requiring teachers to teaching life-long

    learning organization, managing the smooth two-way classroom

    activity, language skills, ability to teacher-student

    interaction, instructional design capabilities, performance, numeracy, writing on the blackboard drawing ability and use of multimedia in teaching of modern teaching methods to make the school work to blog, fine, deep, new teaching. Third, we must attach importance to teachers to participate in scientific Research High-quality teachers is not only impart

    knowledge to students, or good time to sum up the experience of teaching, the teaching summarized the shortcomings of teaching experience, to sum up the advantages and disadvantages that exist in teaching, analyze and summarize the initiative into a Research paper written for everyone

    access, reference, make the teaching process from the "experience" to "Research oriented" transformation, teachers from the "Jiaoshu Jiang-type" to "educator-type." access to

    teachers in the teaching of the object is a vivid, lively and lovely children, each child have their own characteristics, to the full development of the children, teachers should follow the laws of human development, conform to the comprehensive development of the direction of their education to study and explore ideas and teaching methods. Teachers have to society, to the reading room, library, access to nature, to understand the community, in-depth to find the material to practice and explore ways to lay the foundation for their Research success. Links http:// Research Papers Download In short, the

    development of technology by the talent, the training of personnel through education, improved by the teachers. To develop good ethics cultivation is the basis of the quality of teachers, foster the concept of lifelong learning of teachers

    is to adapt to the needs of social development, emphasis on

    teacher participation in scientific Research further improve the teacher's professional level is the embodiment of these views and experiences on building high-quality teachers has

    important practical significance. Links http:// Research Papers Download

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