Tengchong County

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Tengchong County

Tengchong County

    Tengchong County is a county of Baoshan City, western Yunnan province, Southwest China. It is well known for its volcanic activity.


    Tengchong County has a subtropical highland climate (Köppen Cwb), with mild temperatures year-round, an annual mean temperature of 14.9 ?C (58.8 ?F) and rainfall of 1,480 millimetres (58 in). Winter is dry and features abundant sunshine, and the days remain mild, though the lows at night can drop below freezing. The daily mean temperature in January is 7.8 ?C (46.0 ?F). Summer is extremely humid, with sustained periods of rain that sometimes turns heavy. August, the warmest

    month, averages 19.8 ?C (67.6 ?F).

    Local products

    The famous local products include jade articles, Chinese medicine, 'xuanzhi" paper, dried rice noodles, tea oil, small

    hats of split bamboo, preserved vegetables, articles of rattan work, etc.


     - Total 620,000

    2 - Density 106.1/km (274.7/sq mi)

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