How to create problem situations Mathematics Classroom_52504

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How to create problem situations Mathematics Classroom_52504

How to create problem situations Mathematics Classroom




     Abstract: Mathematics is the real part of the problem and the solution to the problem, the problem is the heart of Mathematics. Mathematical problem should be designed around. A

    good question is inseparable from good problem situation. Mathematical situations created primarily to improve students interest in learning, close student life, promote the development potential of students for the purpose of creating reasonable. Keywords: suspense problem; conjecture verification; contact life; Multimedia Albert Einstein once said: "ask a question is often more important than solving a problem." Mathematical theories and both are the result of mathematical problem solving. As the American mathematician

    Hal Moss said: "The main mathematical reason is problem solving. Therefore, the mathematical problem of the real component of reconciliation, which is the heart of the problem. "Traditional Mathematics teaching teachers to answer

    the questions are pre-designed, machine available to students, a bunch of abstract text symbols, the students feel "Why should I solve this problem, to solve this problem what is the value and meaning?" So, the problem situation is that students can arouse positive emotions scenario, the potential for the development of students so that students to better use their existing cognitive structures and life experience, knowledge of the significance of the current construction of learning, and promote active participation of students. So how do you create problem in the context of Mathematics teaching in it? 1. Let the problem situation creating suspense. "Suspense" from a psychological point of view, mental activities that people miss and a strong psychological tension, this mental

    activity, with very attractive, can arouse strong students, urgent desire of thinking. For example in the "rectangle to determine" this section. to the students staged a Questions: Xiao Ming does not care to have broken the glass class, go to

    the store to buy a piece of glass, with only a tape measure to go, would you rectangular glass how to test whether the

    standards? This leads to the rectangle to determine the contents of this section. the students after watching eager to

    find ways. Students learn to find solutions to problems through the suspense with ideas and methods, so that the teaching of this lesson ripe . 2. To create situations verified by conjecture. In teaching Mathematics teachers that meet the cognitive level of students, inspiring issues, the use of classroom teaching model validation conjecture create the problem situation, students can actively promote the effective participation of classroom teaching, students heightened interest, the initiative to conjecture and

    verification, from perceptual knowledge to theoretical knowledge, continue to try to explore and solve new problems. For example, in studying the "triangle median line", the teacher Bian Jiangbian scene images with multimedia presentations, Xiao-Ming to measure can not directly reach the A, B the distance between the two places, he measured how the program design? students to start thinking positive, think of ways to find a solution to solve the problem in the process of gradually understanding the nature of the median line of the


     Links to Research Papers Download http:// 3. Contact the creation of real life situations. Knowledge comes from life and reaction to life, mathematics classroom teachers to students living close to the appropriate problem situation,

    contact students have been Some life experiences and the things students are familiar with the introduction of learning, students feel at home, feel that math on the side, so as to stimulate the students interest in learning and help

    students better understand math. For example: the introduction of a function application, I designed this to say: Students, do you know why the frequency of traffic accidents are now so high? traffic police Why do they always remind you to slow? this point, some students are thinking: This is a math class with our What is the relationship? to the students puzzled when I use the multimedia functions to produce a braking distance and application problems. students to learn the contents of the clear, but also with the eagerness to know the

    answer, inevitably positive thinking, with teachers ideas go, the class received a very good effect, teaching efficiency be enhanced significantly. 4. Use of multimedia creation of scenarios. The rapid development of modern information

    technology, the value of teaching mathematics, philosophy, objectives and teaching methods have had a significant impact.

    Through the media to create situations that can of static to dynamic, technology simply can not do anything, of the

    abstract intuitive, so that students feel mathematics from multiple perspectives, and explore problems, and to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, initiative, and improve learning efficiency. such as learning a "second function for image and nature of" the use of multimedia presentation and the parabolic symmetry of translation and rotation nature, to enable students to directly experience the important properties of the parabola, the abstract is intuitive, as the action of static, conclusions at a glance, learning well.

    Short mathematics teaching is a systematic project, "there are ways to teach, teaching is not fixed." Cultivate the ability of students is the ultimate goal, the creation of mathematical problem situation is an important means of creating learning

    situations on the subjects has a significant role, especially such a highly mathematical discipline of logical thinking. create situations so that they have a beginning stage of the formation of intention and perception, a keen interest in

    learning and desire for knowledge, to gain more with less. As Confucius said: "Those who know better the good, good of the person not the Music. "In short, as long as we are good at mathematics teaching in the student's" good "and" Music "in stimulating their interest in learning, our teaching will be more effective, well received effect. Links to Research Papers Download http://

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