How to allow students to learn physics_52453

By Melvin Wilson,2014-11-03 12:38
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How to allow students to learn physics_52453

How to allow students to learn physics




     Abstract: This paper describes how some of the ways students learn Physics. Keywords:: concentration; review; carefully Physics is a basic subject, involving all aspects of life as we understand the world, an indispensable tool to change the world. Efforts to improve the beneficial interest to learn the physical make our Physics more with less efficiency. So how in the interest of enhancing the students learning? talk about my views on the following points.

    Physics is a basic science. It is for agricultural, industrial, technology and national defense modernization, has an important role. Put our country into a modern and strong country, physical in the secondary school must study the

    basics. How to learn Physics? First, focus on thinking of a good lesson to listen to Listen lesson is to improve the quality of learning an important part. Lectures, we must concentrate and eliminate interference, the thoughts on the teacher to explain the issue, positive thinking, while also lectures while taking notes, this can deepen the understanding of knowledge , but also can reduce the extra review time. I saw a lot of excellent academic performance of students, whether in any case, is from beginning to end, concentrating on lectures, and after-school teachers to acquire basic spoken in the classroom content, revision and only with a small amount of time, we received good results. they do after school their interest in the laboratory experiments; in the library

    of their favorite books, or engaging in sports activities in the sports arena. learn, lively and enjoyable. Second, carefully review the text Read the text is an important measure to study physics. Many students read through the book

    only slightly, to meet the little knowledge, so that reading is not satisfactory. Better reading solution is to read a text, put this the rough idea and the main issues, written in the text of the side, so after reading this section, you can

    clear the contents of this section. in the text of some of the difficult issues can be understood by combining lectures, in

    the text one side, to comment or explanation. After learning a chapter, but also to write the outline of this chapter. under such a hard work, understanding of the text to further deep and comprehensive, and at the same time their ability to lay the self- good foundation. Any review of this approach by the students, to the final exam, as long as one side of the feed to see the text, the entire text can be remembered. review the time spent even less, the effect is just fine. Third, careful thinking, to work independently Do exercises to strengthen and deepen the work learned, can check their level of knowledge and understanding, for improving the ability to

    analyze and solve problems, but also to a certain extent. To do exercises right, must carefully think independently, writing Bixu clear, not scratchy, such habits must start from the lower grades. After the operation, after marking must look

    over, pay attention to that mistake, carefully revised. revised exercise operations, in order save. until the end of each chapter, but also To sum up this chapter review exercises work.

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    attention to doing physics experiments Physics can help students understand and consolidate the knowledge of physics, we can train students to analyze and solve problems. So to study physics, you must pay attention to physical experiments to learn skills. Do high school physics experiments, physics experiments should start with the basic operation. Because these experiments services for other experiments. must request done accurately and skillfully done. basic operation experiments easy to learn, but difficult to do. as in when to

    take items gently, pay attention to the security of goods in the original place after use Department. But students often do not require it, is often filled in the bench experiments supplies, affecting the conduct of experiments. So cultivate

    good habits experimental attention is very important. high school physics experiment content, in part, is of qualitative experiment. do these experiments before the first experimental guide to read textbooks and write the test prep outline in the

    outline of the instruments used in the experiment, items and experimental procedure. This will make their own before the experiment, on the experiment the content and procedure, is very clear, very familiar with the experimental results must be good. There is a part of the experiment is the quantitative experiments. such experiments it is required, skillfully learn to use scales, spring and other equipment approach. experiment

    must be carefully and strictly according to their test requirements to operate, accurate access to data, computation, so that fewer errors. V. Actively Participating in extra-curricular activities Curricular and extra-curricular

    activities are a continuation of learning, which enables deeper and broader knowledge development. Extra-curricular

    activities can carry out special studies; according to their own interest, three to five-member team, guided by teachers

    read the material, write test plans, experimental study in the laboratory, and finally concluded to write their own

    experiences; also read some of the physical books, write their feelings and experiences. All these activities can increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons and is conducive to improving the quality of the physical learning. Links to Research Papers Download http://

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