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By Randall West,2014-11-03 12:39
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How to build an effective training platform to speak_28590

How to build an effective training platform to speak




     Low grade is the best time to learn the language, to seize this period the students language training, the formation of the basic speech and good speech habits, the overall quality

    of students is a good start. So how do we build effective student talk training platform? First, the phonetic alphabet: Reading and the organic integration of speech According to the low grade children Tingjuelingmin, good memory characteristics, student enrollment from the beginning, I have words on them consciously training. Students learn the language first contacts with Chinese pinyin, a lot to learn letter sounds, writing letters shape memory, spelling syllable, tedious monotonous and boring, easily so that they

    have emotional weariness. At this time if we using phonetic alphabet words infiltrate training, the consolidation of the alphabet, but also broaden their thinking, active classroom atmosphere. as in the teaching compound final " ai "a class,

    the first call to the podium on two students stand back to back, guide students to observe the words: who next Who? who more than anyone else high? who is shorter than anyone else? students want to be inspired to speak out, small hands lifted

    high high, then let the students stand up seat with the same gesture while speaking side of practice, and then sum up: you just said, "height" and "dwarf", "next" and "suffer", hair is "ai" sound Finally, to produce "ai" learning. Second, textbook illustrations: Picture stories interwoven with that figure Low-grade language texts Peiyoutailiang

    illustrations, these colorful illustrations and lively novel, full of children, fun, guide students to look at pictures, not only train the students observe, the ability to imagine and

    understand the texts, it is a good opportunity to train students to speak. Such as teaching a grade on the book <<read 5>> of a class, I just show the text illustrations, the students saw that beautiful beach, they can not help but

    exclaim, eyes full of longing for the glory. I immediately let the students observe the screen, the word "(how to really

    beautiful, ah what!" the sentence to practice speaking. the students were full of praise: the blue sea, so beautiful ah! really beautiful golden beach golden ah! seagulls flying in the sea so happy ah! Shell ah so beautiful colorful! Yuehua Jian, student observation, imagination has been training, aesthetic education has been infiltration of the sentence while giving top priority to training, to promote students

    jumping on the good habits into the sentence. And in the "<2008, Beijing !>> teaching a lesson, I will first of all Figure and orderly narrative to guide students, and then let the students just said the words with the text in the

    description of the picture to compare several sections to help students to speak a smooth, complete it, and teach students to learn to make good use of the word a good sentence, imperceptibly training the students specific, accurate, vivid and the ability to express things. Links http:// Research Papers Download Third, the text shows: play with the integration of spoken and written Students, especially low-

    performing students are favorite activities, although time consuming, but the effect is in many ways. I am often

    conscious of teaching students to play a play, actors play the text of a story or some major part of the relevant sections of the guide If students practice speaking and writing. Learning End <<eagle learning to fly>> in this text, I let the students

    free to choose partners, sub-role-playing Kitty Hawk and the

    Hawks, according to the text provided by the language, imagination Kitty Hawk, Atlanta posture, mood, movement, and the tone of the dialogue, and then combine their own experiences to play a speech, talk, proposed a meeting, on the basis of the exercise, organize the students to "learn, never stop," the study contest , after which students write the words of the event as a content faithfully recorded. some of the text is always great for students to leave a space of

    thinking, teachers should not sing "one-man show" to provide

    the standard answer, should respect the individuality of students Learning feeling, "laissez-faire" student thinking.

    Fourth, language practice: life and language inclusive

    Student life experience by doing, watching, listening, reading and other ways to get our students to pay attention to the language of practice, so that life and language training, language applications into one, inclusive. To the newly enrolled first-graders, allowing them to introduce themselves to the students, but also the person can go home to their own schools at home, classes, teachers, students, can also use

    "call", "pass the password", "riddles" and other games, or conduct talk "My Birthday", "my family's happy event," "my favorite animal" and other language practice activities to promote student interest to speak and write. coincided with the spring season, I led the students to the countryside to look for spring. beautiful scene in nature, triggered by the

    children's inspiration, they can not help but reciting poetry <<Chunxiao >>,<< Willow River unmatched >>,<< find Flower "> ... ... to the suburbs after I let them see what flowers are blooming in spring, what kind of color, smell like. plants

    and animals there are any changes in the spring, people in how to work and so on. the students observe the side edge of the exchange, how to say on how to love said. Then, I let them draw the spring and his own observations of most interest to

    draw it. came back, I let the students show their paintings, and describes "our eyes in the spring," speak and write exercises, students all sentiment, a warm and lively classroom atmosphere. Both low-grade students in daily language

    speaking training communication needs, but also reading and writing skills of students, the basis of thinking, we need to build such an effective platform for students to create obedient, speaking opportunities, stimulate their interest and desire to hear to continuously improve their listening and

    speaking skills, enrich their language literacy. Links http:// Research Papers Download

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