How pharmacy from the -lack of doctors a lot of medicine- grab a slice of reality_26424

By Jean Matthews,2014-11-03 12:38
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How pharmacy from the -lack of doctors a lot of medicine- grab a slice of reality_26424

    How pharmacy from the "lack of doctors a lot of medicine" grab a slice of reality




     Medical and pharmaceutical services, the operation was originally integrated, but with the Medical and pharmaceutical community to the changing demand and bring more and different performance between the two social, Medical and pharmaceutical systems deepening of the environment from large can be seen that the two will have their own completely independent of the survival and development, and the reality is that both are in

    run-in area, have both co-isolation, so the results from the

    current perspective, medicine and health care is a result of competition from guide the development of the national level, the pattern of Medical service and Medical services back to

    break new ground, will return to do the medical treatment, medicine to do rehabilitation, health is such a process. In fact we actually see people in China so far, a general disease or medical treatment is not the lack of basic medicines,

    except for incurable diseases, people are not missing drugs, but medical care, the medical program, is to give patients way to provide real health care and programs not much, or little choice of channels for medical counterparts, few options for medical treatment program, which leads to queuing for medical treatment, medical triage is a bottleneck, if the medical institutions to continue to monopolize the resources of the environment need to take medicine can not break the pattern of consumer groups, as is the integration of medical treatment and medicine. This This is the first pharmacy medicine market to bear pain is more apparent. Operating difficulties at the

    core of pharmacy

     In such an environment, the pharmacy is facing two major problems, one is the community health care institutions, we call the community hospital, the other is the structure of consumer groups. Medical institutions is a state-backed

    efforts to promote investment in an unprecedented, both sites possession, to give health insurance coverage, and other


     Also, some chain drug stores are also carrying out large-

    scale health management, to data obtained from the value of

    health spending increase and promote sales promotion, this is a misunderstanding, medical institution or a pharmacy, health management to do a serious lack of basic support, a the service, one is the environment, no patient needed pharmacy services, with some of the most simple Zuotang doctors and blood pressure, blood glucose test or something, do not really understand the needs of patients, other health management did not complete the social ideology, basic medical care also improve them, do not have the health management of the

    conditions, so many domestic professional health management company has not done, most of the grafted some of the so-

    called insurance companies, as an insured item, simply can not do the actual management of health Demand up, such as with family doctors, family health education compulsory conditions, immune basis, pension, etc., are vacant, and hence, a pharmacy

    wishes to develop or expand, the core of the problem depends on practical needs.

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