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By Samantha Coleman,2014-11-03 12:38
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How to break mobile phone brand new terminal_22663

How to break mobile phone brand new terminal




     Famous military commander, said Li Jing Tang: There are three potential soldiers: the underestimate the enemy, who battle music, Li Zhi Yun, gas and other Piaofeng, that the momentum off the narrow mountain road, gut the dog door, Kazuo keep it, thousands of people, however, that the terrain , because the enemy neglect, labor hunger, half the military after the economy, it means that because of the situation. Therefore, any potential use of forces, such as Jun Sakamoto take pills, very hard and successfully to micro-blog as well.

    The terminal is now the battle for the mobile phone industry is also true, to come to the fore, must pay attention to these three potential, do these three potential can often be more

    effective, "very hard and successfully to micro-blog": First

    of all make a good momentum. End rally, usually for the following: 1, brand listing conferences, use of brand communication can be very good conference, corporate culture,

    demonstrate brand strength, build the confidence of dealers, to channel development to lay a solid the basis of .2, a lot of ground information, the use of road shows, single-store

    promotions, etc., in the end put a lot of publicity materials,

    on the one hand can make a good store atmosphere, increase sales, on the other hand enhance the retailer's degree of concern and on cooperation with other end retailers have a positive impact negotiations .3, high-end media in television

    and print publicity, you can achieve very good results short-

    term, on the one hand affect consumers, more importantly, to retail customers and .4 confidence in the terminal sales, channel incentives, based on market conditions to develop appropriate incentive policies to guide retailers to shift the

    focus of the brand to me, "the world hee hee, are all benefits to, the world Rangrang, are all benefits to the" combined sales channels give the incentive of interest can often get good results, but in the process of policy formulation should

    pay attention to two points, one is attractive incentives, one is not too high volume of tasks, be realistic. 5, staff

    incentives, to make "persons music war" must "Li Zhi Yun", on the one hand to give to people of honor, on the other hand should be given incentives, sales contests for employees, good selection of promoters, staff, awards the first day sales staff are all very good incentives .6, training of personnel. training is the combat effectiveness of protection, business and marketing personnel training is an important magic weapon for winning the terminal, but the training should pay attention to the standardization of training and actual combat the terminal to Note that a lead to the enemy, not procrastination long, a mere formality.

     Second, better accounting for terrain. Good terrain in three: 1, core terminals, each region has a core of 2-3

    stores, these core terminal is the terminal highest point of the battle to occupy the highest point has a triple significance: the first First, the influence and help of the

    local shop in the terminal image of the brand among consumers of local feeling, and the second, larger terminal volume production, and the third, establish a benchmark for other retail customers and potential customers have a positive

    impact. 2, the core of the counter position, the terminal position within the counter sales of the terminal is very large, occupy a larger flow of people, target groups more concentrated area, can often be "man guards the pass, Wan Fu Mo open", the successful completion of the brand .3 terminal block, the core of the advocacy position. Each store has a core of information bits, such as the entrance plaza, the first door, passage, light boxes, etc., these positions are limited resources, must be "couch dispute every inch", so that to promote their own against opponents.

     Finally, because of potential attack, surprise,

    unexpectedly. In the end the object of attack are the following three: 1, Attack pride "slack" in conflict with the end of the brand. Some brands count on big brand influence, compared arrogance towards end customers, often in conflict, or even Chegui, and this time is often a good time to take advantage of, because the big brand position is relatively good, a larger proportion of sales, it is easy to obtain a

    better end position, while access to the main push, to fill the sudden loss of the brand generated sales of vacuum .2, attack "labor hunger" in the recession of the brand, some brands to enter the market earlier, but due to various

    reasons, into the "labor hungry," the recession, the resources

    to support these brands decline, gross profit point reduction, manufacturers concerned about the low, other causes, the terminal operators have already exhausted their lazy sense of interest in the terminal is relatively easy to seize their resources, we focus on the object of attack .3, attacks lack of resources, " half after the military economy "emerging brand. Some have fewer resources to support emerging brands, and the reaction is slow, we maintain a relatively high

    investment, rapid speed it is easy to get the upper hand in the competition, not to put down roots in the local opportunities.

     Well above three points, from the situation will soon end, the terminal once the momentum, will form the inertia, various factors influence each other, forming a virtuous cycle, resulting in a strong market effect.

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