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By Yolanda Lopez,2014-11-03 12:38
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How to be a brave pioneer of sales_47566

How to be a brave pioneer of sales




     "Courage to reduce the blows of fate", which is the ancient Greek philosopher's famous Little Democrat. For a salesperson who will be brave and often because they do not encounter many of the sales of combat, but also missed a lot of times sales opportunities. to make a brave salesperson is not an easy task. bravery can not be genetic, people are not born with the gene brave, brave is the need to nurture received, acquired learning, is a little bit on the wisdom of life accumulated. A successful salesperson is certainly a brave salesman. As brave, he would seize the opportunity to sell again and again, as brave, he will create sales opportunities time and time again, as brave, he will win again and again Sales miracle.

    Then how do the sales, a brave troops for? Sales do a brave pioneer, you must understand the sales impact, destroying three major reasons for sales of the brave, so brave to keep the sales of durable, in order to create a great marketing


     First, the effect of destroying the largest sale of the brave reasons: fear of annoying customers

     In the fierce marketing world, repeated visits and telephone marketing is a required course for salespeople, and salespeople have the only ways and means of the order. But it is the salesman but the most feared moment. Because at this moment, if customers do not, your call, your phone, and he will be very offensive, even very cold and unhappy, which are deeply hurt a fragile heart of each salesperson.

     Because of fear of these, the salesman gave up the courage and perseverance first, losing the final success chance of a millimeter. But know that all sales staff, sales staff must be brave to overcome this weakness, so as to create a brilliant

    performance. But to So far, 99% of the sales staff did not find an effective way to stop that haunt my heart, and some even left a permanent sales front, sales of abandoned done

before the original intention and ideals.

     Seller to destroy "fear customer care" of the big problems and achieve effective protection of the purpose of their own brave heart, that must be found "customer care" reasons, and his solution?

     Why bother Seller clients, usually for two reasons:

     First, when a bad mood or the time is not convenient

     Seller first time visiting customers, product introduction has not yet started, customers have driven away and feel so tired you mean, 99% are not very good mood because it was customer caused or was not convenient, because normal people

    do not A stranger will somehow bored. so encounter this situation, the solution is: his bad mood today, or inconvenient, another visit tomorrow.

     Second, there was no need to buy

     If you introduce your product or visit many times, customers

    tired of the emotions shown, that mainly because he felt the selling points of your product can not meet her needs.

     Solution to this problem is: to re-strengthen the Products

    and customer needs mining.

     Second, the effect of destroying the second leading cause

    sales courageous: fear of losing face

     Many salespeople too sensitive because of their lack self-

    confidence, care about other people's eyes, can not correctly understand the benefits of themselves and their products, and products will not develop their own strengths. Is always

    living in someone else's world. These problems exist because the salesman In visiting customers to keep their face to see the most, does not fit profile, leading to customer and sales staff do not want further communication, sales staff it is

    difficult to understand the real needs of customers, so sales success rate is extremely low.

     To resolve this problem, the salesman must know who to honor and face their own?

     As the saying goes good: "face is given by others, his face

    is lost." Salesman in a strange front of the customer, he is no honor, no matter you are a little more good or not good, does not matter. Because he do not know you, since you have to know the identity or no identity.

     Solution to this problem is: you win the customer, the

    customer will think that you and capacity, you have a face. Not win, do not you worry about losing face, because you can throw people called in front of him.

     Third, the effect of destroying the third largest sales brave reasons: fear of clients not

     Seller biggest impact on sales brave heart attack and the biggest enemy is: visiting customers, the final customer or not. Because of the failure experience, so when salespeople visit customers do not always worry about our customers. Are

    concerned that there will be a fear, a fear there will be a concern, with worries will affect the confidence of the confidence to be brave. without the brave, it is difficult to create a good sales performance.

     That should solve the "fear of clients not to" this issue.

    Salesperson must have to understand that customers are willing to buy the same products, why?

     Customer was willing to buy a product, mainly because products can meet his needs and give him the products to create greater value.

     So to solve this problem: salespeople need to establish strong confidence in their products.

     Products to build strong self-confidence, the salesman must

    start in two ways: first, the sales staff must be familiar with all the selling and selling products to give customers

    the greatest value and benefits, and the second, the salesman must tap the customer a clear demand.

     Jen was invincible, no doubts wise, brave fearless. If you can master and use the above method of establishing sales brave, then you will be able to be a good sales houses.

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