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    Programme - Overview

    Conference Venue:

    Hotel Métropole

    Place de Brouckère- Plein 31 1000 Brussels

Wednesday, November 22

10.00 18.00 Doctoral seminar on Entrepreneurship and Small Business

    Chairmen Poul Rind Christensen and Friederike Welter

    17.00 20:30 Registration Ground Floor

    Walking guided tours departures 17:00 17:15 17:25 17:35- 17:40

18.30 20.00 Welcome drink

Thursday, November 23

    08.30 - Registration cont‟d – Ground Floor 09.00 - 10.30 Opening Plenary Session

    10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break

    11.00 - 13.00 Parallel sessions (1a 1g)

    13.00 - 14.15 Lunch

    14.15 - 15.45 Parallel sessions (2a 2g)

    15.45 - 16.15 Coffee break

    16.15 - 17.45 Parallel sessions (3a 3g)

    19.30 - 23.00 Conference Gala Dinner

     Gate2Growth 2006 Best Paper Awards Ceremony

    ('Palais de la Bourse' - Place de la Bourse - 1000 Brussels)

    Guest Speakers :

    * Dr Reinhard Büscher

    Head of Unit - European Commission - Directorate General Enterprise and


     Presentation of 2006 Gate2Growth Best Papers Awards

    * Dr Lieven Danneels

    CEO of Televic, Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 most promising enterprise.

Friday, November 24

    08.30 - Registration cont‟d – Ground Floor 09.00 - 10.30 Parallel sessions (4a 4f)

    10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break

    11.00 - 13.00 Parallel sessions (5a 5f)

    13.00 - 14.15 Lunch

14.15 - 15.30 Symposium and round table discussion on ' Looking forward: The future of

    entrepreneurship as a field of research' (moderator: Roy Thurik)

    15.30 - 16.00 Coffee break

    16.00 - 17.30 Closing Plenary Session

RENT XX Programme

Thursday November 23

08.30 - Registration cont‟d – Ground Floor

09.00 - 10.30 Opening Plenary Session

     * Welcome by the chairpersons of RENT XX :

    Professor Hans Crijns (Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School) and Professor

    Eddy Laveren (Universiteit Antwerpen)

    * Opening address by Professor Paul Coughlan, University of Dublin, President

    of EIASM

     * Keynote speeches

    ‟Looking back at 20 years of research in entrepreneurship: what did we learn?‟

    by Professor Per Davidsson (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane


     'Highlights of the RENT conferences over the past 20 years'

    by Professor José Veciana (Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, Spain)

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break

11.00 - 13.00 Parallel sessions (1a 1g)

Session 1a: Transition economies Chairperson: Zoltan Roman

    Entrepreneurs in a transition country: how different are they? Glas Miroslav, Sasa Kotar

    Determinants of early new venture performance in the transition economies: a conceptual model

    Schwarz Erich J., Malgorzata A. Wdowiak, Ana Kuntaric Enterprising households in a cross-border context

    Welter Friederike, David Smallbone, Anton Slonimski, Olga Linchevskaya, Anna Pobol, Marina


    SME development in Albania -an empirical investigation of business growth Xheneti Mirela

Session 1b: Family firms Chairperson: Uhlaner Lorraine

    Psychological ownership and family businesses identifying the common ground through discriminant


    Markku Ikavalko, Iiro Jussila, Timo Pihkala

    Transgenerational entrepreneurship: untangling characteristics and dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation in family firms

    Nordqvist Mattias, Timothy G. Habbershon, Leif Melin

    Ownership, governance and financial performance in small and medium-sized family firms Steijvers Tensie, Wim Voordeckers, Sigrid Vandemaele

    Involvement of accountants and bankers in SME transfers: perspectives and witnessed difficulties Van Teeffelen Lex

    Session 1c: Innovation and technological entrepreneurship Chairperson: Groen Aard

     Determinants of innovation in new firms: linking absorptive capacity to the performance of start-ups

    Delmar Frédéric, Erik Wetter

    Innovative behaviour and performance in the SMEs in peripheral areas

    Garcia Zamora Evelyn, Muñoz Gallego Pablo

    Innovation in the micro and small KIBS firms: an empirical analysis

    Pietikäinen Petri, Jukka Siikonen, Jarkko Pellikka

     Early formalization : a study of entrepreneurial organizing at early stages of high technology


    Sölvell Ingela

    Session 1d: Entrepreneurship and policy issues Chairperson: Miettinen Asko

     An assessment of the efficiency of government funding of business angel networks: a regional


    Collewaert Veroniek

    Explaining nascent entrepreneurs‟ goal commitment: an exploratory study De Clercq Dirk, Teresa V. Menzies, Monica Diochon, Yvon Gasse

    Public policy and success of business start-ups in Germany

    Gross Verena, Michael Rothgang, Frederike Welter

    The effect of business regulations on nascent and young business entrepreneurship Van Stel André, David J. Storey, A. Roy Thurik

    Session 1e: Emergence and entrepreneurial orientation Chairperson: Hytti Ulla The contribution of emergence to entrepreneurship theory : a review

    Fuller Ted, Lorraine Warren, Friederike Welter

    Sustaining competitive advantages: conceptualising and measuring the impact of market orientation

    and entrepreneurial orientation on innovation

    Kocak Akin, Temi Abimbola

    Developing entrepreneurial orientation. The role of dynamic capabilities and intangible resources Madsen Einar Lier, Alsos Gry Agnete, Odd Jarl Borch, Bjørn Brastad, Elisabet Ljunggren

    The link between cognitive styles, entrepreneurial orientation and perceptive firm performance Vermeulen Sabine, Hans Crijns

    Session 1f: Entrepreneurship and special interest groups Chairperson: O'Gorman Colm An exploration of early stage entrepreneurial activity within different female ethnic minority groups Brooksbank David, Dylan Jones-Evans, Caleb Kwong, Piers Thompson

    Profiling grey entrepreneurs - an Irish perspective

    Laurincikova Lucia, Thomas M. Cooney

    “Venture survival of immigrant vs. Local entrepreneurs in the Basque country” Peña Iñaki, Nahikari Irastorza

    Determinants of self-employment preference and realization among women and men in Europe and the

    united states

    Verheul Ingrid, Roy Thurik, Isabel Grilo

    Session 1g: Social capital and gender Chairperson: Paasio Antti Social capital: does gender matter?

    Co Mary Jesselyn

    The role of social capital in microfirm management:: an approach by French manager‟s ethics Courrent Jean-Marie, Katherine Gundolf

    The History and Herstory of the Field of Entrepreneurship: Gender in Focus and Production in the Core


    Watkins David, Whysni Basuki

    Gender differences in entrepreneurship in a transition context: evidence from Bulgaria Yordanova Desislava, Tsvetan Davidkv

13.00 - 14.15 Lunch

14.15 - 15.45 Parallel sessions (2a 2g)

    Session 2a: New venture creation Chairperson: Raffa Mario Spinning-off new ventures in Catalonia: a comparison with incubation strategies in European research


    Serarols Christian, Andrea Bikfalvi, David Urbano, Yancy Vaillant

    Creating new ventures in contrasting environments

    Smallbone David, Xiao Jianzhong, Meng Li, Richard Hyde

    New firm growth paths explored and explained

    Stam Erik, Petra Gibcus, Jennifer Telussa

    Session 2b: Entrepreneurial Finance and venture capital Chairperson: Landstrom Hans

     Venture capital and the investments of new technology based firms

    Bertoni Fabio, Massimo G. Colombo, Annalisa Croce

    Informal investment, regional prosperity and entrepreneurial activity

    Brooksbank David, Dylan Jones-Evans, Thompson Piers

    Perceptions of venture capital as a barrier to innovation: the characteristics and performance of „needy‟


    Freel Mark, Paul Robson, Sarah Jack

    Session 2c: Innovation and technological entrepreneurship Chairperson: Surlemont Bernard No patents needed: innovation protection by SMEs

    Mol Mischa C.

    The adoption of innovation in Ghana

    Robson Paul, Helen Haugh, Bernard Obeng

    Adoption of digitally enabled marketing by smaller manufacturing enterprises: conceptual integration and empirical examination

    Vanyushyn Vladimir

    Session 2d: SME success and business performance Chairperson: Rebernik Miroslav The role of market orientation and learning orientation in enhancing small firm business performance Bard Ulla

    Entrepreneurial dimension behind business performance: an empirical investigation Cassia Lucio, Alessandra Colombelli, Stefano Paleari

    Entrepreneurial and management teams: comparative analysis focusing on SME performance Tihula Sanna, Mika Pasanen

    Session 2e: Entrepreneurship education Chairperson: Kirby David How to Support Learning of Entrepreneurs? A study of training programmes for Entrepreneurs in Five

    European Countries

    Akola Elisa, Jarna Heinonen

    How do you react to entrepreneurship education? An examination of the role of predispositions in an

    enactive mastery experience of entrepreneurship

    Delmar Frédéric, Régis Goujet

    Learning Processes in Entrepreneurship Education

    Fayolle Alain, Benoît Gailly, Narjisse Lassas-Clerc

    Session 2f: Entrepreneurship and human capital Chairperson: Christensen Poul Rind “Been there, done that” - exploring the influence of industry and functional work experience on

    opportunity recognition

    Gabrielsson Jonas, Diamanto Politis

    The Role of Work Experience in Entrepreneurial Career Choice

    Paasio Kaisu, Tommi Pukkinen

    Prior start up experience as a source of learning: a comparison of novice and habitual entrepreneurs Politis Diamanto

    Session 2g: The role of universities in fostering entrepreneurship Chairperson: Thurik Roy The characteristics and performance of businesses started by recent university graduates Mason Colin, Sara Carter, Stephen Tagg

     When do university-based knowledge spillovers influence the growth of NTBFs? Piva Evila, Massimo G. Colombo, Diego D’adda

     Student and/or entrepreneur? Managing multiple identities among emerging university student


    Sørensen Suna, William B. Gartner

15.45 16.15 Coffee break

16.15 17.45 Parallel sessions (3a 3g)

    Session 3a: International entrepreneurship Chairperson: Mason Colin

     The role of inward foreign direct investment on domestic entrepreneurship Barbosa Natalia, Vasco Eiriz

    Direct and indirect effects of entrepreneurial and market orientations on international performance of

    Spanish and Belgian international new ventures

    Blesa Andreu, Diego Monferrer, Ysabel Nauwelaerts

    The role of social and business ties in the internationalisation of new ventures Evers Natasha, Colm O'gorman

    Session 3b: Family firms Chairperson: Veciana José Agency problems and dividend policy in private family firms

    Lybaert Nadine, Vandemaele Sigrid, Wim Voordeckers

     Financing and growth behavior of family firms: differences between first- and next-generation-managed firms

    Molly Vincent, Eddy Laveren, Ann Jorissen

    The link between family orientation, strategy, and innovation in Dutch SMEs: lagged effects Uhlaner Lorraine, Sita Tan, Joris Meijaard, Ron Kemp

    Session 3c: Entrepreneurship and regional development Chairperson: Jones-Evans Dylan The geography of new firm formation: evidence from independent start-ups and new subsidiaries in the Netherlands

    Bosma Niels, André Van Stel, Kashifa Suddle

    How different are the regional factors of high-tech and low-tech start-ups? Evidence from the Japanese manufacturing industries

    Okamuro Hiroyuki

    Linking entrepreneurial climates to entrepreneurship and the opportunity-necessity divide Tamvada Jagannadha, David Audretsch

    Session 3d: SME success and business performance Chairperson: Klandt Heinz Constitutive elements of strategic planning and their relation towards SME success Kraus Sascha, Rainer Harms, Erich Schwarz

    The effect of mediating mechanisms on IS planning in SMEs

    Kyobe Michael

    Comparison of the informational bases of Merton type models and accounting models to assess default within small and medium sized enterprises

    Lin Shu-Min, Jake Ansell

    Session 3e: Entrepreneurial learning Chairperson: Torres Olivier Examining entrepreneurial learning and real options: empirical test of successful and failed


    Bratnicki Mariusz, Agata Austen

    Entrepreneurial learning in high-tech start-ups: a conceptual framework and an empirical study Chiesa Vittorio, Alfredo De Massis, Marco Giorgino, Diego Viviani

    Understanding the entrepreneurial process: what can we learn from anthropology? Lauring Jakob, Poul Rind Christensen

Session 3f: Entrepreneurship and human capital Chairperson: Brännback Malin

    The hunt for the Heffalump continues: who is the Flemish entrepreneur? Cools Eva

    The influence of human capital and domain definition strategy on early business performance Isaksen Espen John

    Modeling and analyzing entrepreneur role stress

    Wincent Joakim, Daniel Örtqvist

Session 3g: The role of universities in fostering entrepreneurship Chairperson: Urbano David

    On the role of academic staff as entrepreneurs in processes of commercialisation - case studies of biotechnology firms in Norway

    Spilling Olav R.

    Entrepreneurship and the "theory of planned behavior" - empirical implications for promoting students' entrepreneurial activity

    Tegtmeier Silke

    University industry relationships - what academics actually do and think about it Wahlbin Clas, Caroline Wigren

19.30 23.00 Conference Gala Dinner

    Gate2Growth 2006 Best Paper Awards Ceremony

    ('Palais de la Bourse' - Place de la Bourse - 1000 Brussels)

    Guest Speakers :

    * Dr Reinhard Büscher

    Head of Unit - European Commission - Directorate General Enterprise and


     Presentation of 2006 Gate2Growth Best Papers Awards

    * Dr Lieven Danneels

    CEO of Televic, Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 most promising enterprise.

* Gate2Growth Nominee for 2006 Best Paper Awards Competition

Friday November 24

    08.30 - Registration cont‟d – Ground Floor

09.00 - 10.30 Parallel sessions (4a 4f)

    Session 4a: Business incubation and new venture strategy Chairperson: Voordeckers Wim Business model development in emerging industries: approaches of new technology-based ventures Andries Petra, Bart Van Looy, Catherine Lecocq, Koenraad Debackere

    A comparative analysis of the start-up motives among micro entrepreneurs in Poland and Sweden Saruckij Mark, Birgitta Eriksson, Patrik Larsson

    Why do they use financial bootstrapping? A quantitative study of new business managers Winborg Joakim

    Session 4b: Entrepreneurial Finance and venture capital Chairperson: Limère Arthur SME financing in Europe: cross-country determinants of debt maturity

    Hernández-Cánovas Ginés, Johanna Koeter-Kant

    The entrepreneurial finance gap - a case study of ethnic minority graduates in the west midlands, UK Hussain Javed, Jonathan Scott, Cindy Millman, Paul Hannon

    Testing certification effect of venture capitalists

    Lehtonen Oskari

    Session 4c: Entrepreneurship and regional development Chairperson: Mugler Josef The absorptive capacity of SMEs as a barrier to regional development

    Rebernik Miroslav, Tadej Kroslin, Barbara Bradac

    Community entrepreneurship and social capital - how can new business ventures benefit? Rønning Lars, Elisabet Ljunggren

    The role of innovativeness in the growth and success of existing firms in eastern Finland Virtanen Markku, Tomi Heimonen

    Session 4d: Social entrepreneurship Chairperson: Watkins David Keeping [social] entrepreneurship hybrid: towards a dangerous research agenda? Dey Pascal, Chris Steyaer

    Who do social entrepreneurs think they are?

    Howorth Carole, Caroline Parkinson, Christine Coupland

    Emergency Entrepreneurship - Creative Organising in the Eye of the Storm

    Johannisson Bengt, Lena Olasion

Session 4e: Human resources management and Entrepreneurship Chairperson: Mussati Giuliano

    Human resource practices in franchise systems: company owned versus franchised units. Brand Maryse , Evelien Croonen, Liesbeth Kneppers-Heijnert

    The recruitment and selection policies in ambidextrous organizations: exploration versus exploitation Bratnicki Mariusz, Tomasz Ingram, Janusz Struzyna

    Smallness of firm and HRM: the key role played by proximity

    Torres Olivier, Frédéric Delmar

    Session 4f: Entrepreneurship and human capital Chairperson: Fuller Ted Exploring entrepreneurial passion: a study of lethargic intentions and passionate opportunity


    Brännback Malin, Alan Carsrud, Jennie Elfving, Norris Krueger

    Escalation of commitment in investment decisions

    Brundin Ethel, Veronica Gustafsson, Holger Patzelt, Dean Shepherd

    Identification of entrepreneurial propensity: an empirical investigation of the Bolton and Thompson


    Galloway Laura,William Keogh, Steve W. Kelly

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break

11.00 - 13.00 Parallel sessions (5a 5f)

    Session 5a: Corporate entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship Chairperson: Pichler J. Hanns Corporate entrepreneurship: The relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance

     A configurational approach

    Frank Hermann, Alexander Keßler, Matthias Fink

    The effects of psychological contracts on corporate entrepreneurship: a study of employee-firm interaction

    Holmquist Carin, Karin Folkesson

    The ethical understanding of entrepreneurs ethics in small sized companies Raich Margit, Claudia Müller

    Resource acquisition self-efficacy and the pursuit of opportunity

    Thorén Kent, Terrence E. Brown

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