Market Study China

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Market Study China




    Medistat Country Profiles

    July 2002

    Author: Brian McLean

     Date: December 20, 2002 商品引进管理规定售后服务系统企业运营报告分行业综合评分城市带发展的研究报告国有企业基本状况企业综合实力行业研究报告管理流程手册组织架构与岗位职责采购系统管理流企业调研问卷生产行业计划实施进展行业监测访谈记录


    Table of Contents

    Executive Summary 4

    Introduction 6

    Background 6

    Geography 7

    Population. 7

    Economic Status 9

    Health Care Expenditure 9

    Organization and Administration 10

    Ministry of Health Regulations 11

    Medical Regulations 11

    Hospitals 12

    Hospital Beds 14

    Military Hospitals 15

    Medical Personnel 15

    Traditional Chinese Medicine 15

    Health Care Development 16

    Health Insurance 16

    Rural Healthcare 17

    Community Based Healthcare System 17

    Commercial Medical Insurance 18

    Market Access 18

    Importing 18

     BUSINESS RESEARCH Report Title: China: Medistat Country Profiles Author: Brian McLean

     2 Date: December 20, 2002


    Market for Medical Equipment and Supplies 19

    Second Hand Equipment 19

    Domestic Production 20

    Multinational Producers 20

    Exports 21

    Imports 21

    Tobacco Usage 23

    Trade Fairs 23

    Chinese Holidays 24

    Appendix A (Map of China) 25

    Appendix B (Hospitals and Hospitals Beds by Region) 26

    Appendix C (Export Statistics) 29

    Appendix D (Import Statistics) 30

    Appendix E (Balance of Trade Statistics) 31

    Appendix F (Tariffs and Duties) 32

     BUSINESS RESEARCH Report Title: China: Medistat Country Profiles Author: Brian McLean

     3 Date: December 20, 2002



    China: Medistat Country Profiles


    The Chinese Communist Party founded the People’s Republic of China in 1949. After many years of isolation, the doors to the Chinese market were opened. Today, China is one of the largest, yet most difficult, markets to manage. With a population around 1.3 billion people, China makes up almost 20% of the world’s population. This figure alone displays the magnitude of this market in terms of customer base.


    By using Medistat, the intent is to determine the current and future state of the Chinese medical equipment market. This included a general review of China’s population base, healthcare spending, medical regulations, medical facilities, and foreign influences on the medical market.



    o 1.3 billion people;20% of the world’s population

    o Important to differentiate between urban and rural population

    o 2/3 rural residents

    o 1/3 urban residents

Healthcare Expenditure

    o China spends 6% of GDP on health care;estimated US $70 billion

    o 1993;spent 3.8% of GDP

    o 2010;predicted to spend 10% of GDP

    o By comparison, the United States spends about 13% of GDP

Government Control

    o Principal authority within the Chinese health care system is the Ministry of Health


    o Recently implemented policies in an attempt to control hospital spending

    o The State Drug Administration (SDA) is responsible for regulating medical



    o Currently, there are approximately 66,500 hospitals;23% of which are at the

    county level and above

    o Focus on these hospitals because they are willing to spend money on

    medical equipment

     BUSINESS RESEARCH Report Title: China: Medistat Country Profiles Author: Brian McLean

     4 Date: December 20, 2002


    o 300 to 400 military hospitals

    o Very little data about these hospitals, but known to be major purchasers of

    advanced medical equipment

    Current Market Status

    o Best to describe the market as a collection of small markets;each major city

    represents a market

    o Each city can establish its own regulatory policies aside from the central


     Three options for best market access: o

    o Sell through a distributor

    o Establish a joint venture;Most popular option

    o Establish a wholly owned venture

    o Forced to import most of its high-tech equipment because very few domestic

    manufacturers have those capabilities

Market Barriers

     Size of the country