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    Teaching plan book


    title Unit 5 The power of nature Period 1

    Teaching 1. knowledge and skill To help students master the new aim

    words and expressions in this unit.

     To encourage students to talk sth.

    about the power of nature, which aims

    to train students ability to speak.

    2. emotion and attitude To cultivate students a good emotion

    of loving nature and pay more

    attention to the environment


    Emphasis 1. New words and expressions.


     2. How to have a thorough understanding of the power of nature. difficulty


    material Textbook blackboard slides cassette

    Teaching NO. Teachers Students


     Show some pictures The students discuss what they see in

    Step about volcano by the pictures, which will make them

    1 using the multimedia. interested in this topic.

    Guide them to talk

    about this topic.

    Step Try to guess the meaning of theses In order to talk

    2 new words and expressions. Then

    about what volcanoes read after the teacher. Students

    should be guided to imagine other are and how they are

    words which are related with the

    formed, students new words.

    need to learn some

    new words.


    Step To explain the new Students must be encouraged to

    3 words to students. To

    make sentences by using the words help students learn

    how to use these new we have learned.


    Step Prepare some Do the exercises by themselves or

    4 exercises about the discuss with their partner.

     words for students to

    practice. Meanwhile,

    go through the class

    to see if any student

    wants help.

     Step Homework 1. Copy down the new words and

    5 expressions.

    2. Make sentences by using some

    key words and phrases.

    Teaching compare with/to impressimpressive---impression design

    evaluate---evaluation make one s way to

    exciting --excitedexcitement make an effort to do sth.


    Teaching The students are active in class, and most of them want to know

    reflection more about the nature.


    Teaching plan book

title Unit 5 The power of nature Period 2

    Teaching 1. knowledge and skill To help students master the new aim

    words and expressions.

    To make students know sth about


    To cultivate students a good reading

    habit and skills.

    2. emotion and attitude Help students set up a sense of loving

    our nature and a sense of work.

    Emphasis Make sure that students can understand the passage thoroughly.


     Some key language points, especially the ing form. difficulty


    material Textbook blackboard slides cassette

    Teaching NO. Teachers

    steps Students

     Pre-reading. Students could do this activity

    Step Read the questions and as a survey by asking others in

    1 make sure students know their class these questions.

     what to do. Then, ask Students should be put into

     students to guess what kind groups to discuss.

     of things a volcanologist

     might do.


    Step Do the first reading to find out While-reading.

    2 the main idea of this passage.

    Ask students to read Then do the further reading to

    find out answers to the through the passage

    questions in Page35.

    quickly to check whether

    the guesses they made

    about the work of a


    Step Check the answers with the Ask the students to read the

    3 students. Then ask

    sentence containing the students to tell what words

    they are still unsure about. unknown words and ask the

    rest of the class to suggest the


    Step Post-reading. Read after the tape, and underline

    4 Play the tape for the key phrase and sentence.

     students to listen.

    Teaching key words: be amazed at


    evaluate, unfortunately be enthusiastic about

Teaching The students read the text and get some main ideas of each

    reflection paragraph ,from which the students improve the reading ability.