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Advanced ChineseAdvancAdvanc


    Advanced Chinese

    T Course

    Type 2

    Written under the Accredited from 1 January 2009 31

    Languages Course December 2013

    Framework 2007.


    Type 2 Course Accreditation/Adoption Form

    Choose one of the following:

     adoption of Type 2 course

    B S S S adoption of additional units AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY

    Scope: The college is entered on the National Register to award Certificates delivered by this course

     Yes No (Adoption of V courses only)


    Course Title: Advanced Chinese

    Classification: A ; T M V

    Framework: Languages

    Course Area: 5213 Course Code:

    Dates of Course Accreditation: From 1 / 1 / 2009 To 31 / 12 / 2013

    Unit Prefix Unit Title(s) Value Length Unit Codes


     CHI_ADV The Individual’s Experience 1.0 S

     CHI_ADV The Individual and Family 0.5 Q

     CHI_ADV The Individual and Surroundings 0.5 Q

     CHI_ADV Society and Community 1.0 S

     CHI_ADV Community and Entertainment 0.5 Q

     CHI_ADV Community and Health 0.5 Q

     CHI_ADV The World Around Us 1.0 S

     CHI_ADV Travel 0.5 Q

     CHI_ADV Education and Environment 0.5 Q

     CHI_ADV Lifestyle and Traditions 1.0 S

     CHI_ADV Festivals and Customs 0.5 Q

     CHI_ADV Tradition and Culture 0.5 Q

Accreditation: The course and units named above are consistent with the goals of the Course

    Framework and are signed on behalf of the

    Course Development Coordinator: Panel Chair:

     / / / /

OR (delete box that does not apply)

    Adoption/Alteration: The adopting College has the human and physical resources to implement the

    course. Written Evaluation for small changes, and details of and reasons for Adoptions, Extensions,

    and addition of units are outlined on the Supporting Statement.