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In This Issue… Message from the President Message from the President ........................ 1

    Welcome New Members ............................. 3 Elizabeth Arnold Member News ............................................. 4 Tips & Techniques: Web Spotlight ............. 4 Welcome to the newly re-launched NJ SLA Bulletin. Free SLA Consultation Services ................. 5 You may be aware that we’ve been without an editor, and Chapter Calendar & Events......................... 6 thhave missed several issues. Thanks to Melissa Brown, March 11 Dinner Meeting ......................... 7

    Jeannine Creazzo, Cheryl Erenberg, Kristen Fitzpatrick, and In Memoriam ............................................... 9

    No Boundaries.No Limits. ........................ 10 Caroline Geck for taking on the responsibility of producing Leadership Development Institute ............. 11 the Bulletin again. Our Bulletin is a way to share best NJSLA Board Meeting Minutes ................ 13 practices, find out what’s going on at Headquarters, and Chapter Officers ........................................ 17 learn about new chapter members. If you have news to

    share or an idea for an article the editorial staff would love Bulletin Information

    The New Jersey Chapter bulletin is published to hear from you. thfour times a year. Deadline for copy is the 15 of April, July, October, and January. Members The New Jersey Chapter is experimenting this year new receive the Bulletin for free. Items from the

    publication may be reproduced, provided the meeting formats, times, and locations, partnerships with New Jersey Chapter Bulletin is cited. other library and information associations, and new ways to reach out to members. Our President-elect, Jeannine Special Libraries Association assumes no

    responsibility for the statements and opinions Creazzo, and her programming committee have put together advanced by the contributor to this publication. an impressive list of meetings (see Editorial views do not necessarily represent the Our joint meeting official position of the Special Libraries

    Association. Acceptance of an advertisement with New Jersey ASIST and the Princeton Trenton Chapter does not imply endorsement of the product by in September featured Christine L. Borgman, who spoke on the Special Libraries Association. “Digital Libraries Recent Research.” In November we

    Director of Communications sponsored the SLA Virtual Seminar, “The Visible Carol Feltes Librarian: Asserting Your Value Through Marketing and Advocacy” given by Judith Seiss. Our December meeting

    Business Manager combined the SLA virtual seminar, “Business Planning: Henry Gozdz Building the Plan and the Buy-In” given by Jane Dysart and

     Rebecca Jones, with our annual holiday party and

    Bulletin Committee community service project. These meetings provide Liz Arnold wonderful professional development and networking Melissa L. Brown

    Jeannine Creazzo opportunities, and I thank Jeannine and her programming Cheryl Erenberg committee for all of their hard work in making sure these Kristen Fitzpatrick events go smoothly. I encourage you to attend some of the Caroline Geck

    activities coming up; if you would like to become more involved in the chapter just let me know. (Continued on page 2)

     In January we launched our survey of NJ Chapter members in preparation for developing our strategic plan. We want to make sure that programs and activities meet your needs, so your input is

    important in planning the direction the chapter follows over the next few years. We’re using the

     web-based survey tool, Survey Monkey, provided by Headquarters to gather the data and are looking forward to sharing the results with you soon.

     I am very happy to announce that the NJ Chapter Board has voted to join the Princeton Trenton

     Chapter and the Health Sciences Library Association of New Jersey in co-sponsoring the New Jersey State Library’s Super Librarian campaign (see Susan Kaplan’s article in this issue). In recognition of our support chapter members will receive promotional materials to help market their

    own libraries and information centers. This will be a great way to remind your clients and your

     organizations of your value. SLA has posted the new vision, mission, and core values statement of our organization at The new

    mission states that “The Special Libraries Association promotes and strengthens its members

     through learning, advocacy, and networking initiatives.” The NJ Chapter Board, the various committee members, and I hope that we are meeting your needs and fulfilling this vision with the programs and initiatives we have planned this year. Please contact me at with any questions and comments.

     A happy, healthy New Year to all! Liz Arnold

     p.s. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me anytime at

     Also, please check out the Chapter website at

     A brief reminder from the President: Please check your SLA Membership Record Online and update your contact information.

Visit the SLA Web Site ( Members Only section, to check your profile that is on record and make

    any changes needed.

To access your record you will need the PIN number that appears on your membership card. If you do not have a

    membership card you can contact Lolita Smith at or call her at: 202-939-3686. Be sure to provide her

    with your complete postal mailing address.

    Welcome New Members

    Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our new and returning New

    Jersey Chapter members. If you are a new member, we’d love to hear from

    you. Just e-mail our Membership Chair, Sheila Fitzgibbon at Anne Marie Clift I will be completing my MLIS degree from the Palmer School in May 2004, and I am currently looking

    for a part- or full-time library position in New Jersey or New York City. In my former career, I was a

    content manager and web designer for a major book publisher. My graduate coursework includes

    database training on Dialog, Factiva, Nexis, and Medline, among others, and I am also completing a

    certificate in Archives and Records Management in conjunction with my MLIS.

    Kristen Fitzpatrick I am a former financial public relations writer coming out of retirement with an English degree, MBA and

    in 2005, an MLIS. I have a penchant for reference, instruction, gov docs, and John Ganly's anecdotes. I

    work part-time for the School for Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers-Newark. I am torn

    between serving freshmen or CFOs.

Jeff Grau

    I recently rejoined SLA after a ten year hiatus. I earned my MLS from Columbia University in 1982 and

    accepted my first job as an information specialist with the ABC News Information Center. Later I moved

    into the telecom field working first at AT&T and then at Bell Labs. In 1996, I left the library field to

    become a competitor analyst at Lucent Technologies. In July 2001, I volunteered for an early retirement

    package. Soon after, I enrolled in the Fordham University part-time MBA program. I am close to

    completion and now looking to reenter the job market. I rejoined SLA because I enjoy information

    research and want it to be a part of my future work. I am looking forward to meeting other information

    professionals to discuss ideas, compare experiences, and just make new friends.

    Joanna Maleski I have just started my first semester of MLIS studies at Rutgers University where I received my BA in

    English and American Studies in the Spring of 2003. Currently, I am a corporate library intern at Johnson

    & Johnson in New Brunswick. I am very excited to be joining the field of librarianship. Although I am

    currently learning the "ins and outs" of the corporate library, I have a strong interest in history and the

    humanities and am eager to learn more about archives and special libraries.

New members also include:

    ? Kathy Burgess

    ? Joyce-Ann Davenport

    ? Samantha Francisco Deutch

    ? Kevin Glacken

    ? Elizabeth Marcus

    ? Joanne Murphy

    ? Rebecca Rhodes

    Member News

    Share your good news with your Chapter. New job? Promotion?

    Relocation? We’d love to hear from you. Just e-mail our Membership

    Chair, Sheila Fitzgibbon at

Cheryl Erenberg

    Cheryl Erenberg has recently joined the staff of Morristown Memorial Hospital's Shinn-Lathrope Health Science

    Library as a reference librarian reporting to Mary K. Joyce (NJSLA Director of Administration, 2003-2004). Cheryl

    is new to medical libraries having worked at corporate libraries at PSE&G and the American Institute of CPA's

    (AICPA). She is a graduate of Rutgers SCILS and has served NJSLA as Business Manager. She has recently joined

    the Bulletin Committee. Contact Cheryl at 973-971-5657 or

    Tips & Techniques: Web Spotlight

    Kristen Fitzpatrick

    How can you keep up with all of the new websites and information services constantly

    cropping up? These useful web sites are librarian-friendly ways to stay up to date.

The Informed Librarian Online

    edited by Arlene L. Eis, InfoSources Publishing

    January was “Refer a Colleague” month at The Informed Librarian Online, and I’m happy to take up their cause. This free monthly e-newsletter covers more than 200 journals relevant to the information professional, and provides

    access to journal table of contents, and article abstracts, and often, full text. Each month includes a guest article, a

    featured article and a featured book (they kicked off the new year with The Skeptical Business Searcher: The Information Advisor's Guide to the Evaluating Web Data, Sites, and Sources, by Robert Berkman. (Discounts are available through the site). Unfortunately, some of the resources listed as available (Business Alert, Business

    Review) aren’t currently accessible.

The Scout Report

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

    The Scout Report, published since 1994, might be considered the “grande dame” of Web-based information services, growing more sophisticated and dignified as the years go by. The professionals powering The Scout Report research

    new or newly discovered Internet sites, and deliver annotated links to those they deem most valuable to educators,

    librarians and other researchers. It is worth noting that The Scout Report is part of the National Science

    Foundation's National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Project.

    The Scout Report for Business and Economics ceased publication in May 2001, but can be searched, along with the

    other Scout weekly and bi-weekly newsletters, by keyword in the Scout Archives. Of course, business topics

    continue to be profiled, just not in a dedicated publication. Included in the January 23rd issue was an article on

    Nanodot: Nanotechnology News and Discussion of Emerging Technologies ( (continued on page 5)

    Midnight at the Internet Café

    Central California Library System

    In addition to a catchy title, Midnight at the Internet Cafe has some decent depth to its resources. While few entries

    target the professional concerns of special librarians, a fairly recent revision, Business Ethics, covers a lot of ground

    underneath issues of corporate accountability, social responsibility and stakeholder rights and interests. Midnight is

    published quarterly and updated on a regular basis.

    SCILS Placement Website

    Rutgers University SCILS has an active Placement website that can help you find

    a new job or fill an opening in your library or information center. Visit:

    The site allows employers to post their openings. It offers job seekers:

    ? the ability to search the hundreds of postings by geography and type of job

    ? links to dozens of other sites with library and information science job postings

    ? links to many sites with career development and job-hunting advice.

    For more information, contact Karen Novick, Director of Professional Development Studies at SCILS, at (732) 932-

    7169 or e-mail

Free SLA Consultation Service

    Janet Weiss

    specialization is required. Planning libraries is a full-time One of the lesser-known services provided by Special occupation. It is the job of a professional library consultant. Libraries Association (SLA) is its consultation service.

    SLA members who are special librarians and/or library The focus of SLA's free consultation service has changed. consultants provide this service. Upon receiving a request Although we no longer plan full-scale libraries free of for advice from an institution, the chapter’s Consultation charge, we have an excellent opportunity to help the Chair identifies an appropriate chapter member who agrees profession grow and help create new opportunities for to meet with a representative of the institution for a employment. maximum of one half-day at no charge to the institution. Today the purpose of SLA consultations is to provide The SLA member assigned to the case also provides a management with strategic guidance on whether to brief needs assessment to the inquiring institution as a establish a special library/information center, whether to follow-up to the meeting. abandon an existing one or whether to change an existing In 1956 when the Special Libraries Association began its one. The consultation focuses on the strategic issues free consultation service, there were few full-time necessary for operating a library. We hear and discuss both professional library consultants. In the beginning, most problems and solutions. In most cases, we set the stage for consulted with large academic or public libraries. step two--hiring the information professional. Today the field has changed. Special libraries/ information Consultation service is available for one half-day free of centers have become very sophisticated operations. They charge anywhere in New Jersey. This can be arranged by use expensive computers, buy costly software, use contacting Janet Weiss, Consultation Chair for both the NJ automated catalogs and circulation systems, run expensive and Princeton-Trenton Chapters of SLA at 732-274-4268 databases, and maintain automated files and more. or

    As a result, library planning is no longer a simple task. It .takes many hours. In many cases a high degree of

    Chapter Calendar: Local & National Events

For more information about chapter programs or to get involved with event programming contact

    Programming Chair Jeannine Creazzo at

NJSLA Chapter Dinner Meetings Visit our schedule online at:

    for full program information and registration forms.

    March 11, 2004

    “State of the Profession and Future Trends”


    Piscataway, NJ 5:30 - 6:00 Networking Open House

    6:00 - 7:00 Dinner Local "Dine Arounds" 7:00 - 9:00 Presentation

    We’re hosting several regional informal get-Featuring: Melissa Young, Lucent; Joanne P. Roukens,

    HRLC; Anne Caputo, Factiva; Diane Goldstein, InfoCurrent togethers. Network with your colleagues, (see page 7-8 for more info) share your thoughts about programming, ask questions about the Chapter or just come to April 20, 2004 socialize! 2004 Alice Rankin Dinner Meeting: "What a Tangled Web We Weave" 2/11/04 Molly McGuire's Irish Pub & Guest Speaker: Anne P. Mintz

    Restaurant, Central Avenue, Clark. 6:00-7:00 Director of Knowledge Management at Forbes Inc

    Woodbridge Hilton Networking Social; 7:00-? Dinner (optional)

    Woodbridge, NJ Molly McGuire's is off Exit 135 on the May 17, 2004 Parkway, and Wednesday night is karaoke Annual Business Meeting night. Please contact Liz Arnold, Rutgers Club or Claudia New Brunswick, NJ

     Cuca, if you plan to

    Other Events join us. March 10-12 2/26/04 El Meson Mexican Restaurant, Computers in Libraries West Main Street, Freehold 6:00 pm Washington, DC Dinner. April 22, 2004 Please contact Miranda Scott at International Special Librarians Day for directions.

    April 25 - 27 If you would like to help coordinate an event Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Division (DPHT) in your area please contact Liz Arnold at 908-Spring Meeting 2004 423-5805 or Philadelphia, PA Members have expressed interest in more informal Dine-Arounds, especially in the June 5-10, 2004

    Morris, Essex, Bergen and Hudson County 2004 SLA National Conference

    Nashville, TN areas.

     New Jersey Special Libraries Association Chapter Bulletin ~ February 2003 Page 6

     New Jersey Chapter New Jersey Chapter

    State of Libraries and Librarians and Future Trends

    Thursday, March 11, 2004


    445 Hoes Lane

    Piscataway, NJ

    (732) 981 0060

     5:30 - 6:00 Networking Open House

     6:00 - 6:45 Dinner

     7:00 - 9:00 Presentation on State of Libraries and Future Trends

A panel of speakers from various types of Library institutions discussing the current

    profession/Libraries and what trends they see for the future. What should we be doing to continue

    to be employed now and in the future?

    Our panel of speakers:

    ? Melissa Young, Lucent Technologies, Manager of Electronic Information

    ? Joanne P. Roukens, Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, Executive Director

    ? Anne Caputo, Factiva, Director, Knowledge and Learning Programs

    ? Diane Goldstein, Manager of NYC office, InfoCurrent (library placement firm)

* all attendees must show drivers license for ID

    Dinner will be a traditional Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, or a vegetarian option

    Please let us know if you are vegetarian or have any other special dietary requirements ----------------------------?--------------------------------?--------------------------------?-----------------?-----

    Please return this form with your check (made payable to NJ SLA) as payment must accompany reservations. Paid

    reservations must be sent no later than March 5, 2004 (due to security) to:

    Attn: Arda Agulian

    Information Specialist

    Engelhard Corp.

    101 Wood Ave.

    Iselin, NJ 08830-0770

    Phone: 732-205-5271


    NAME ______________________________________________________________________________________

    COMPANY __________________________________________________________________________________

    PHONE ____________________ FAX _____________________EMAIL _______________________________

    ? NJSLA Member $15 ? Student/Retiree $12 ? Non-Member $17

Please check the following, if appropriate:

    ? I am an NJSLA student member and will make this my free dinner meeting for ’03 - ’04.

    ? I am currently between jobs and will make this my free dinner meeting for ’03 – ’04.

    Directions to IEEE - 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway NJ - (732) 981 0060

     New Jersey Special Libraries Association Chapter Bulletin ~ February 2003 Page 7

    th Dinner Meeting Guest Speaker Panel March 11

    Anne S. Caputo Diane Goldstein Director, Knowledge & Learning Programs Manager, NYC office FactivaInfoCurrent

    Anne Caputo is Director of Factiva’s Knowledge & Learning Diane Goldstein developed the New York City InfoCurrent office in Programs where she is responsible for the planning and January 2000. Since then, she has established InfoCurrent has one

    development of learning initiatives for Factiva product training and of the top library placement firms, handling corporate, academic and for marketing and strategic alliances to information professionals. special library assignments in NY, NJ and Connecticut. The Her role includes management of the eLearning and classroom Washington DC InfoCurrent office has been handling library initiatives for internal and external users of Factiva, and for the staffing needs for over 35 years. Under Ms. Goldstein’s InfoPro Alliance Program, which provides outreach and professional management, the New York office of InfoCurrent has grown from services to assist knowledge workers increase their effectiveness in a staff of one to four full-time employees. It includes an active the workplace. Additionally, she acts as liaison with key information temporary staffing service that provided librarians and related professional associations such as the Special Libraries Association personnel to many of the top organizations and schools in the area

    and serves as an advisor for the development of new information for short-term and long-term projects. The two InfoCurrent offices professional tools and products within Factiva. manage permanent placements throughout the United States.

    Between 1976 and 1998, she served in various positions with The Ms. Goldstein has a BA in Biology, an MLS and 29 years of library Dialog Corporation, most recently as Director of Dialog’s Quantum experience. She has worked in academic, public and special information professional program and the Classroom Instruction libraries. Her last position prior to joining InfoCurrent was as a Program, where she was responsible for strategic planning and Project Coordinator/Grants Administrator for a New York State marketing to information professionals and academic and public Library cooperative agency. In this position, she had the libraries. During her time with Dialog she served in customer opportunity to work with area hospital and medical school services, training and as the Senior Business Information Specialist. librarians, as well as many academic librarians and government

     officials. During her career, Ms. Goldstein has been Head of Ms. Caputo is a member of the Special Libraries Association where Circulation Services at the Morris County Library in Whippany, she serves as the immediate past President of the Washington, DC NJ.; developed and managed a small solo special library; and was a Chapter, the American Library Association and the American medical librarian in NYC and Philadelphia. She is an active Society for Information Science and Technology. She is listed in participant in both the Medical Libraries Association and the Special Who's Who in Library and Information Services, and Who's Who in Libraries Association. American Women. Contact Anne directly at Tel.(202) 289-2103 or

    Joanne P. Roukens Melissa Young Executive Director Manager of Electronic Information

    Highlands Regional Library Cooperative (HRLC)Lucent Technologies

     Melissa Young has been with one employer for the past 23 years, Joanne P. Roukens is the current Executive Director and former

    but with four companies. Starting in 1980 with AT&T (and Bell Program Coordinator for the Highlands Regional Library

    Labs), she then moved through subsidiaries (ATT-Information Cooperative (HRLC) in Denville, NJ. Highlands provides

    Systems), divestiture (stayed with AT&T, Bell Labs), trivestiture resources, services, expertise and continuing education programs to

    (moved to Lucent Technologies), and is currently a manager with nearly 1,000 member libraries in a seven-county region in northern

    the Integrated Information Solutions (IIS) group, the "library" New Jersey. Before coming to the Region, she was with the Morris

    network for Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies. County Library (Whippany, NJ) for 14 years and served as their

     Coordinator of Public Education.

    Ms. Young began as a reference librarian, and has managed

    libraries, cataloging, intellectual property, research, publications and Joanne conducts workshops on presentation skills and customer

    electronic content groups at various times over the last 20 years. service, and with her colleague Robert Lackie of Rider University,

    She has worked in the United Kingdom and in New Jersey in South how to power up your library instruction, teaching methods and

    Plainfield, Holmdel, Lincroft, Middletown, Whippany, and Short facilitation skills. She has earned a Certificate in Training from the

    Hills. For the past 10 years, she has been the manager of the New Jersey Department of Personnel. Joanne is the Co-coordinator

    Electronic Information Services (EIS) group based at Lucent’s of the New Jersey Train-the-Trainers Group and is an active

    Murray Hill, NJ office. The EIS group develops and maintains member of the New Jersey Library Association’s Professional

    intranet-based electronic content services. InfoView, the main IIS Development Committee. She is also a member of the ALA

    web site, contains over 30,000 web pages and has an average of over Continuing Library Education Network & Exchange Round Table.

    3,000,000 accesses monthly. Contact Joanne directly at Tel. (973) 664-1776 or

     New Jersey Special Libraries Association Chapter Bulletin ~ February 2003 Page 8

In Memoriam

The Chapter would like to remember a few of our friends and members who passed away last year:

Monica McKenzie

    Monica McKenzie, librarian at Schering-Plough Corporation, died suddenly on Wednesday, May 28, 2003. Monica

    was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and migrated to the United States in 1980. She worked at Schering-Plough 15 years

    and had previously been employed at the New York Public Library. Surviving are her husband, Delroy; her mother,

    Zena Pringle; her mother-in-law, Alice McKenzie; devoted sons Kurt, Marc and Troy; step-children Suzette, Simone,

    Dane and Neil; and sisters Daphne Nelson and Myrel Moss of Jamaica. (from the Courier News, 6/2/2003)

    The Chapter made a donation to Missionaries of the Poor (Delray Beach, FL) in memory of the deceased.

    Normand Varieur

    Normand L. Varieur, age 76, a longtime Denville resident, died on Tuesday, July 1, 2003. Born in Pawtucket, R.I.,

    on March 15, 1927, son of the late Wilfred E. and Rosalda Varieur, he is survived by his companion of 26 years,

    Albert P. Lahndt Jr. of Denville; as well as his brother, Wilfred S. Varieur of Navarre, Fla.; his sister, Constance F.

    Pugliese of Westerly, R.I., and numerous nieces and nephews. Normand donated his body for medical research to

    the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. (from the Star-Ledger, 7/20/2003)

    The Chapter made a donation to the Haiti Fund of St. Catherine of Siena Church (Mountain Lakes, NJ) in memory

    of the deceased.

    Peter Ocker

    Peter W. Ocker, 37, of Warwick, N.Y. died Saturday, July 5, 2003. Peter had been president of Ocker & Trapp,

    Emerson. He was president and a member of the American Library Association, and a member of the Library

    Binding Institute and the Association of Graphic Communications. (from The Record 7/7/2003)

     From the Editors’ Desk…

    This year, the NJSLA Bulletin is being run by the Bulletin Committee rather than a single editor. We hope that this will add variety and new ideas to the publication of the bulletin. We welcome your submissions and feedback.

Please e-mail us your:

    ? Announcements - job changes, promotions, relocations

    ? Interesting events or happenings in library science

    ? Summaries of recent meetings and conferences that you’ve attended

    ? Tips or technique that make your job easier

    ? Original articles on any topic that you think is relevant for the Bulletin


    The Bulletin Committee

    Elizabeth Arnold Melissa L. Brown Jeannine Creazzo

    Cheryl Erenberg Kristen Fitzpatrick Caroline Geck

     New Jersey Special Libraries Association Chapter Bulletin ~ February 2004 Page 9

No Boundaries. No Limits. Know Your Library

    Susan Kaplan

    unanimously agreed to endorse the Super Librarian “No Boundaries. No Limits. Know Your

    campaign.” Other library association sponsors Library”

     include the New Jersey Library Association, the That’s the rallying call to all who live or work in Health Sciences Library Association of New Jersey, New Jersey. The concept of the first ever statewide and the Virtual Academic Library Environment marketing campaign for New Jersey’s libraries was consortium. developed by marketing consultant Parker & Partners of Absecon, NJ, and began its rollout in late

    September. At its center is Super Librarian: “With

    help from your librarian, you can do just about

    anything. The library is your local knowledge

    resource and your librarian is your expert tour guide.”

    Norma Blake, State Librarian, described the

    surprisingly easy choice from three creative concepts

    developed by Parker & Partners. “Super Librarian

    was selected for its eye-catching graphic novel look

    and its unexpected character for a library image,

    which we hope will cause the public to look at

    libraries and librarians in a new way.” It is a

    powerful, fun brand icon for a TV spot, companion

    posters, in-house handout materials, an optional library card design, and other forms of What’s next? communication. You can see the TV spot, which began airing last fall on cable stations, at the In addition to the initial branding initiative, a three-campaign website The website year marketing plan was adopted by the Statewide features a library finder to easily connect state Marketing Committee, whose members represent all residents to their local library’s website, as well as types and sizes of libraries and library groups. The campaign Resources for Librarians. plan encompasses a variety of campaigns and tactics

     to highlight various library services, and target

    diverse groups of potential library users. These SLA joins this exciting program

     marketing activities will be implemented as funding A priority of the first stage of the campaign is to from sponsors becomes available. To that end, an reach out to New Jersey’s specialized library ongoing sponsorship program has been developed to communities so that the campaign reaches even more gather leads from the library community to of the state’s residents. The New Jersey and businesses and individuals whom they believe would Princeton-Trenton chapters of SLA are our newest support the effort to spread the word about libraries. sponsors. Benefits of this joint sponsorship include Many SLA members have submitted sponsor leads, widespread publicity about SLA’s generous support which we are pursuing, and we welcome your help to of this initiative, ongoing promotion to public and identify still more leads. academic librarians about special librarianship in New Jersey via the Super Librarian and SLA The Marketing Steering Committee includes Susan websites, and customized print promotional materials Kaplan (Chair), Cheryl O’Connor (INFOLINK to enable SLA members to bring the Super Librarian Regional Library Cooperative) representing the New campaign to their employer organizations. Liz Jersey Library Network, and Arlene Sahraie (Bergen Arnold, President of the New Jersey Chapter, noted, County Cooperative Library System), representing “This collaboration with other New Jersey library the New Jersey Library Association. For more associations will benefit our members by supporting information or to tell us about potential sponsors, the Special Libraries Association’s mission to contact Susan Kaplan at

    promote its members through learning, advocacy and networking initiatives. The Chapter’s board

     New Jersey Special Libraries Association Chapter Bulletin ~ February 2004 Page 10

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