I came to study in the United States a year ago

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I came to study in the United States a year ago .Yet I did not know the real American society until I was injured in a car accident because after the accident I had to see a doctor and go to court. After the accident,my roommate called a doctor for me. I was very grateful and determined to repay him one day. But the next day, he asked me to pay him $200 for what he..

    I came to study in the United States a year ago .Yet I did not know the real American society until I was injured in a car accident because after the accident I had to see a doctor and go to court.

     After the accident,my roommate called a doctor for me. I was very grateful and determined to repay him one day. But the next day, he asked me to pay him $200 for what he had done. I was astonished. He had good reason to charge me, he said. And if I wanted to collect money from the person who was responsible for my injury, I‟d have to have a good lawyer. And only a good doctor can help me get a good lawyer .Now that he had helped me find a good doctor, it was only fair that I should pay him.

     But every day I went to see the doctor, I had to wait about 50 minutes. He would see two or three patients at the same time, and often stop treating one so as to see another. Yet he charged me $115 each time .The final examination report consisted of ten lines, and it cost me $215.

     My lawyer was all smiles the first time we met. But after that he avoided seeing me at all. He knew very well the other party was responsible for the accident, yet he hardly did anything. He simply waited to collect his money. He was so irresponsible that I decided to dismiss him. And he made me pay him $770.

     Now I had to act as my own lawyer. Due to my inexperience, I told the insurance company the date I was leaving America. Knowing that, they played for time…and I left without getting a cent.

     66. The author‟s roommate offered to help him because________.

     A. he felt sorry for the author

     B. he thought it was a chance to make some money

     C. he knew the doctor was a very good one

     D. he wanted the author to have a good lawyer

    67. A good doctor is essential for the author to __________.

     A. be properly treated

     B. talk with the person responsible for the accident

     C. recover before he leaves America

     D. eventually get the responsible party to pay for his injury

    68. The word“charge”in the third paragraph means_________ .

     A. be responsible B. accuse C. ask as a price D. claim

    69. Both the doctor and the lawyer in this passage are very__________.

     A. friendly B. selfish C. professional D. busy

    70. What conclusion can you draw from the story?

     A. Going to court is something very common in America.

     B. One must be very careful while driving a car.

     C. There are more bad sides in America than good sides.

     D. Money is more important than other things in the US.

2.When I was about 12, I had an enemy, a girl who liked to point out my shortcomings(缺点). Wee

    k by week her list grew: I was very thin, I wasnt a good student, I talked too much, I was too

    proud, and so on. I tried to hear all this as long as I could. At last, I became very angry. I ran to my father with tears in my eyes. He listened to me quietly, then he asked. “Are the things she says true or not? Janet, didn‟t you ever wonder what you‟re really like ? Well, you now have that girl‟s opinion. Go and make a list

    of everything she said and mark the points that are true. Pay no attention to the other things she said.”

    I did as he told me. To my great surprise, I discovered that about half the things were true. Some of them I couldn‟t change (like being very thin), but a good number I could—and suddenly I

    wanted to change. For the first time I go to fairly clear picture of myself. I brought the list back to Daddy. He refused to take it.“That‟s just for you,” he said.“You know better than anyone else the truth about yourself. But you have to learn to listen, not just close your ears in anger and feeling hurt. When something said about you is true, you‟ll find it will be of help

    to you. Our world is full of people who think they know your duty. Don‟t shut your ears. Listen to them all, but hear the truth and do what you know is the right thing to do.”

    Daddy‟s advice has returned to me at many important moments. In my life, I‟ve never had a better piece of advice.

    56. What did the father do after he had heard his daughter‟s complaint?

    A. He told her not to pay any attention to what her“enemy” had said.

    B. He criticized (批评) her and told her to overcome her shortcomings.

    C. He told her to write down all that her“enemy” had said about her and pay attention only to

    the things that were true. D. He refused to take the list and have a look at it. 57. What does “Week by week her list grew” mean?

    A. Week by week she discovered more shortcomings of mine and pointed them out to me. B. She had made a list of my shortcomi ngs and she kept on adding new ones to it so that it was growing longer and longer.

    C. I was having more and more shortcomings as time went on. D. Week by week, my shortcomings grew more serious. 58. Why did her father listen to her quietly? A. Because he believed that what her daughter‟s “enemy” said was mostly true.

    B. Because he had been so angry with his daughter‟s shortcomings that he wanted to show this by keeping silent for a while.

    C. Because he knew that his daughter would not listen to him at that moment. D. Because he wasn‟t quite sure which girl was telling the truth.

    59. Which do you think would be the best title for this passage? A. Not an Enemy, but the Best Friend B. The Best Advice I‟ve Ever Had

    C. My Father

    D. My Childhood

3 Mr.Clinton and his 13-year-old son Tony are basketball fans. Last October 10th was Tonys

    birthday, so Mr.Clinton decided to drive him to New York, for the first game of the World Series.

They had no ticket but hoped to buy a pair from scalpers.

     It was a two hours ride. After they arrived, they walked in the street for two hours, carrying a sign(牌子) that read, We need two tickets. There were many scalpers around, but the cheapest

    ticket was $200. They were about to leave when suddenly a man stopped them. He took out two tickets and handed them to Mr. Clinton.

     “How much do you want?”

     “Just a present,” said the man. “Enjoy the game.”

     Mr. Clinton wouldn‟t accept, so the man explained, “I‟m Jackson. Hans is my boss. He and his wife haven‟t missed a World Series in 18 years. But he is ill and can‟t watch the game this time. So he told me to give the two tickets to people who I thought would actually enjoy the game. A lot of people looked as if they might just take the tickets and sell them. Then I saw you and I followed you for a while. You seemed very disappointed. You made me think of my dad and me when I was a chi ld. I dreamed of going to a World Series game with my father. But my dream never came true.”

     How do you suppose this made Mr. Clinton and his son feel? Here is what Mr. Clinton said: “This is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to us. My boy and I must have turned to each other over 30 times and said, „I can‟t believe this.‟ We still never forget Jackson and Hans.”

    54. The underlined word scalpers in the first paragraph means ______.

     A. people who buy tickets at a reasonable price

     B. people who sell tickets at a reasonable price

     C. people who buy tickets at a high price

     D. people who sell tickets at a high price

4 The sun was shining as Kevin walked to the old bench(长凳) where he met Mike every

    afternoon after school. They were good friends and loved to play football. They didnt have

    enough money to buy a real football, but Mike had made a ball out of old socks covered with a piece of plastic. It wasn‟t beautiful, but it worked well. The two friends didn‟t stop kicking and running until very late.

     The next afternoon, Mike and Kevin met again at the old bench. Soon the home-made ball was spinning(旋转) across the grass as the boys laughed and shouted happily. The ball was stopped by a boy wearing a nice pair of sneakers(运动鞋). Kevin was upset when he saw it was Steven.

     The next morning, Kevins mother gave him an envelope(信封). Your uncle sent you a

    birthday present, she smiled. Kevins eyes grew big when he saw the $100 bill. Later that day,

    a pair of new sneaker lay next to his chair, and in the corner, a real football.

     The next afternoon, Steven invited Kevin to play football on the field next to the library. Steven did not want Mike to join them only because Mike‟s sneakers were dirty and he was not good at football. When the game was over, Kevin and Steven walked past the old bench where Mike was sitting. Steven picked up a stone and threw it at him. Kevin, holding his new football in his hands, walked on and did not look back.

     One afternoon, as Kevin walked past the old bench, he saw something lying under it. He looked closer and saw it was the home-made ball. Kevin was full of sorrow at the sight of his old home-made ball, and he let out a sad sigh(叹气). As his sadness turned to anger, he picked up his

    new football and kicked it into the air. Kevin kicked it so hard that it flew past the library and over the school gate. Then Kevin walked to the bench and picked up his home-made ball. Holding it in

his hands, Kevin sat down and waited.

     57. The best title for this passage is ______.

     A. A Home-Made Football B. Playing Football

     C. Two Close Friends D. A New Football

5 ;河北省唐山一中高一月考, Remember that people on line may not be who they seem,

    because you can't see or even hear the person. It would be easy for someone to misrepresent himself/herself. Thus someone who says that she is a 12-year-old girl. could really be an old


    58. The underlined word misrepresent means _____.

    A. making a wrong judgment about B. understanding somebody wrongly

    C. giving a wrong description of D. forming a wrong opinion about

    Climbing attracts people because it‟s good exercise for almost everyone. You use your whole body,

    especially your arms and legs. This sport gives your body a complete workout. When you climb, both your mind and your body can become stronger.

    59. The word workout underlined in the last paragraph most probably means________

    A. settlement B. exercise C .excitement D. tiredness

    According to a report published on the British medical magazine, The Lancet, a study of 10 German mobile phone users found that when they turned on their phones, their blood pressure goes up by 510 millimeters of mercury (水银柱).

    60. The word “The Lancet” is probably ______.

    A. the name of a magazine B. the name of the research team

    C. the name of a hospital D. the title of a medical report

6 ;河南省方城县月考, We often hear people talking about a generation gap (代沟). The name

    is new, but the idea is

    old. Young people and their parents don‟t understand each other. The world has always kept changing. During the second century after Christ a wise man said, “Bury me on my face because

    in a little while everything will be turned upside down.”

     There has always been a gap between generations, but more people talk about it now. Old Mr. Ellis thinks he understands what has happened.

     “When I was a boy, I thought the world was a beautiful place. My life was very pleasant. But

    when I was older, I learned about people who were treated badly, people who didn‟t have enough to eat. I wanted to help them, and I married a girl who wanted to help them, too. We went to meetings and talked a lot, but it didn‟t seem to make much difference. ”

     “Our children grew up in a world at war. They didn‟t know when the fighting would stop. They wanted their children to have nice clothes and toys. They didn‟t want to think about the future. They thought nothing could be done about it.”

     “Now I have grandchildren, and they have their own ideas. They are trying to make the world better. They are trying to help other people. They‟re making people listen to them. I am proud of their generation.”

    36. The wise man mentioned in the text told people to bury him on his face so that when everything is turned upside down he will _____.

    A. lie on his stomach B. lie on his back

C. stand quietly D. sit in peace

    37. Which generation did NOT want to do anything to make the world a better one?

     A. Mr. Ellis‟ generation B. His children‟s generation

     C. His grandchildren‟s generation D. None of the above.

    38. Which generation is/was more efficient in making the world better one? A. Mr. Ellis‟ generation. B. His children‟s generation.

     C. His grandchildren‟s generation. D. None of the above.

    39. What is the writer‟s attitude towards the generation gap?

     A. Unacceptable. B. Awful. C. Funny. D. Common. 3639 B B C D

    7 ;河南省信阳二高中高二月考, Jean Driscoll can go faster in her wheelchair than the world

    s best marathoners(马拉松运动员) can run!

    In April, Jean finished the Boston Marathon in 1 hour 34 minutes 22 seconds. That‟s about 33 minutes faster than the winning male runner! She competed on the track, too. She was second in the 800 meter wheelchair race at the 1992 Olympics.

    Jean doesnt like to be told shes brave. Im in sports because Im a competitive person!

    Jean was born with spina befida(脊柱裂), a birth illness that damages the spine;脊椎,. She began

    to use a wheelchair to get around in high school. Then she tried wheelchair race and was amazed.”

    Players crashed into each other and fell out of their chairs,” she says, “It was fun.”

    Jean tried other wheelchair sports. At the University of Illinois, her wheelchair basketball team

    won two national titles.

    Now Jean coaches and teaches. She tries to get people to set goals. When I sign my a utograph

    ;亲笔签名,,says Jean, I write, dream big and work hard.