Unit 4 Astronomy

By Harold Gray,2014-09-12 10:24
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Unit 4 Astronomy

     Unit 4 Astronomy : the science of the stars

    Language Points: (part 1)

    1.violent adj.________________________ __________n.暴行,猛烈,激情

     拓展!get/run violent_____________________________

     domestic violence________________ do violence to__________________________ time________________________________

     拓展!ahead of time___________ at a time__________________

     at one time_____________ in no time__________________

     at no time_______________ at the same time____________________

     on time__________________ at times___________________

     at all times_________________ all the time__________________ 3.unlike prep._________________________ 反义词!

     like v.__________ 反义词!

     unlikely adj.______________________ likely adj._______________________

     alike adj._____ adv._________________________

    4.harmful__________ harmless______________ harmlessness______________ harm n._____________ v.______________________

    be harmful to... _____________________

    There is no harm in doing sth.______________________

    do sb. harm(good)=do harm(good)to sb._______________________ 5.multiply vi.&vt._____________________________________

     multiplication table______________

    6.exist in______________ exist on_______________________

     There exists/existed... ___________________

     come into existence______________________ bring intoexistence________________

     be in existence__________________

    7.give birth to__________________ at birth_____________

     by birth______________ be of noble/good birth____________________

     bring it to birth_______________ give sb. a second birth___________________ one's turn_____________________

    拓展!in turn______________________________

     take turns in sth./to do sth.___________________________

     by turns________________ in return___________________

     It's one's turn to do sth.________________________

    9.prevent sb. from doing sth.

     stop sb. from doing sth. _______________________________

     keep sb. from doing sth.

    注意!prevent /stop sb. from doing sth.主动句中from可以省略,被动句中from不能省略。

     keep sb. from doing sth. 主动句、被动句from都不能省略。

    10.puzzle over/about________________ puzzle out_______________________

     in a puzzle_______________________




Language Points: (part 2)

    1.pull_________ push________

     pull on___________ pull off____________ pull down_______________

     pull out__________ pull apart___________ pull through_______________






    2.cheer up_______________________________________

     cheer the victory______________________

     cheer sb. on____________________








3 that____________________________________



since/as/now that:

    for: out (for)______________________

     take care/look out______________

    watch over________________________ watch your mouth/tongue________________

    watch one's step_________________ keep watch_________________ be on watch_____________ look out for________________________

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