My life in ten years

By Rhonda Perez,2014-09-30 15:55
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My life in ten years

    My life in ten years

     My name is Iris, Im 13 years old, Im a middle school student .In 10 yeas, I think Ill be a reporter. Ill live in Beijing. Because I think Beijing is very beautiful and can fall in love with it. As a reporter. I think Ill

    meet lots of interesting people. I will so to visit the Museum I think Ill

    live in an apartment with my friends, because I dont like living alone, Ill

    work hard and save money let my parents be happy. Ill have pets. I cant

    have any pets now because my father hates them. So in ten years. I’ll

    have many different pets. I might even keep a pet parrot. I want to be a

    reporter. I have to learn Enslish French and so on. I have to study hard. And for my desire hard . I’ll have a happy life. I believe myself.


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