March 5, 2009 - Presque Isle Community Mens Club

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March 5, 2009 - Presque Isle Community Mens Club ...

    Presque Isle Community Men’s Club

    March 5, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Call to order by President Jerry Broad at 9:00am for 19 members.

     Jay Kettler led the opening song

     Bob Haarer led the Pledge of Allegiance and the prayer

    The scheduled speaker for the day, Steve Harris, was not able to be present. Bill

    Valentine gave an update of the Presque Isle community development corporation

    activities and his recent Boyce, Louisiana power plant trip.

    Presque Isle Community Development projects:

    ? Jobs are being built 1 or 2 at a time

    ? Hentkowski funeral home-4 jobs created when it opens

    ? Another food processing business is ready to start building soon.

    ? An aircraft repair business is looking at the airport

    ? Airport upgrades will be 95% financed by Federal & State governmentsa 2nd

    runway and fuel farm will be added

    ? Millersburg trailhead Depot area will be enhanced. Snowmobile, biking, hiking

    ? Shovel ready proposals were submitted for grants to the state & federal


    ? 40 Mile Point trail improvements and Ocqueoc Falls improvements will employ

    many local construction workers

    Louisiana Power Plant visit

    ? Site in Louisiana has 2 pre-existing generating plants on a 6000 acre site

    ? All fly ash is not waste, rather it is sold to contractors for road construction

    ? Security concerns were addressed by Louisiana officials

    ? Traffic management is an issue that must be addressed; contractors hired local

    Law enforcement to handle all the issues

    ? School impact was minimal, workers tend to rent local housing and then return to

    their families on weekends

    ? 2/3 of the available jobs were locally sourced

    ? Bill answered many questions for the members


Business meeting was held.

    Minutes of last meeting were accepted as printed.

    Treasurer’s report given by Bill Fay and approved. Kellogg/Castro

    Ford Money market accounts have had multiple problems changing the

    signatures to the new officers. Hopefully all problems will be solved after our

    meeting today by phoning the business offices of the Ford Money market. Set-up for February will be Karl Pupos and Jim Gregus

    A thank you card was received from Alpena High School Masquers Club for stage

    curtainsa plaque will be placed in the Auditorium with our club’s name on it. A thank

    you was also received from the Huron Humane Society for the donation we made to


Committee Reports

    ? Motion to give Parks association $100.00 for a summer evening program at the

    lighthouse. Miller/Cameron PASSED

    ? The proceeds from the directory must be spread over a 3 year period. The

    website also makes it much easier for groups to find us. Many requests are

    coming in from new groups that should be evaluated carefully. ? Jerry Broad reviewed the mission statement in the Bylaws. It lists our priorities,

    but may be in need of revision to include activities we have traditionally


    ? Health & Family - no report

    ? Directory Morley Kellogg reported that the directory is in good shape. The

    committee has been through 4 proofs so far. They should be available at the end

    of March.

    ? April speaker will be Pat Pokorski, the new township supervisor on his plans for

    the township, as well as the PI cemetery—which is designated one of PICMC’s

    major projects.

    New business: None


    Knights of Columbus fish dinners start this Friday

    Alpena Civic Theatre production of ―Inherit the Wind‖ is opening.

    Next Meeting is April 2, 2009 at the PIHA clubhouse. Speaker will be our new

    township supervisor, Pat Pokorski.

Business meeting adjourned at 10:06am.

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