Criterion for using qaupdate in PTG

By Jonathan Fisher,2014-06-21 17:22
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Criterion for using qaupdate in PTG

    Criterion for using qaupdate in PTG

    In this document, only the qaupdate used for nls testing is expatiated, which does not guide the Performance testing. This document will be maintained by the NLS testers, any update will be posted.

    qaupdate - Update qatrack product libraries with sdstest audit files

For NLS testing, the qaupdate command line below is used in PTG

qaupdate -targetdept ptg -targetprod nls -targetdvd xxx -stage xxx -owner xxx notify xxx


    -targetdept valid value is “ptg”

    -targetprod valid value is “nls”

    -targetdvd <dvd> Selects an alternate target dvd for the data in the audit file. Qaupdate then maps this target dvd into a corresponding product library using the dvd-to-product map. If this option is not specified, the dvd in which the sdstest table resides is used to map to the corresponding product library.


    It should follow these formats (more formats will be added as needed):








    1. nls must be specified

    2. The valid values for languages are (more value will be added as needed)

    zh fi fi_compat fr ja pl zt ko hk ar he utf8

    3. The valid values for engine/driver/provider are (more value will be added as needed)

    Mysql db2 oracle Sybase firebird sasts sqlserver teradata access excel

    odbc_sqlserver odbc_oracle ole_db2 ole_oracle ole_sqlserver local iom share


    4. The valid values for platform are (more value will be added as needed)

    dnt w32 w32_v32 w32_v64 wx6 w64 wnt s64 h64 h6i r64 lax lnx sax mvs alp slx vmi

    wxc wxp aix_6.1 lnx_rhel5 lax_suse10


    The valid values for owner need to be decided in late time, currently user id is used -notify

    Notify is optional

For more details about qaupdate and qatrack, please refer to Appendix 1 and Appendix 2

Appendix 1 - QAUpdate

Appendix 2 - QATrack

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