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By Rose Edwards,2014-09-12 10:15
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Tuesday,September 4,2013,rainy

     Thats an really unlucky day!Today i got up earlier due to my sleeping was bad last night.So I was not a little tired,because i have already attended classes all the morning.From the first lesson to the last lesson.So i was come back home as soon as finish my classes.

     At noon I also feel uncomfortable,my mother told me no matter I must go to the hospital in the afternoon,but i have to go to school because i have one class in the afternoon.i have no choose that i was really uncomfortable.Owing to my mother have some classes,so I hope my brother went to the hospital with me.Thats surprise ,he was agree. Unfortunately suddenly rain began to pour down in the road,though we dressed raincoat still wet.And we foud that hospital has no excellent doctors on duty in this afternoon,oh,get off my back!In the end we made appointment with a doctor on duty,we went to the doctors

    office,my brother rang the doorbell at a moment,nobody, after a long time a nurse told us doctor will be late,oh,shit,I have a no time to wait.We were angry and went out the hospital.My brother went to the health club by bus and I must go to school in hurry.

     Things hasnt over yet.An unpleasant smell spread out when

    i went to the classroom,one student have diarrhea and nobody was willing to close her, i must be call her parent take her to home,the whole class was a mess.its not so bad that not the

    first.i insisted on have my english class.

     This is my black Wednesday.

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