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By Leslie Stevens,2014-09-12 10:15
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Ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

    Not long ago, when I was serving as a volunteer on the China-LAC Business Summit, I saw with my own eyes that an Argentina’s VIP business man asked his Twitter followers on his iPad if a certain project had been tried before in China. In 15 seconds, his followers replied with Web links to all the information he needed. No e-mail message, no phone call, no any such kind of way, I suppose, could have achieved the same effect in just 15 seconds.

    In case you didn’t notice, the fastest approach of getting to know the latest news in modern society is not browsing reports in on laptop screen anymore. While the TV presenter is about to enter the broadcasting room ready to announcing it, the news has already been bandied about in Micro-blog or in facebook.

    Moreover, those social networking tools, according to Evan Williams, chief executive and co-founder of Twitter, are precisely what you want them to be. They can be business tools, they can be news sources, they can be teenage time-killers, they can be anything. Thus, whether they make sense to you or not completely depends on the way you use it.

    With all these advantages at hand, however, we cannot be blind to the confusion they’ve made. Let alone the leakage of privacy information caused by networking or

    the arousing of society fickleness. Even worse, due to the flexibility as I mentioned before, misfeasors could take advantage of them to spread rumors or anti-government announcements, causing panic among publics and putting pressure on administrations. So, confronted with all the challenges, do we still have the courage to believe them?

    The society as we know is changing in a dramatic rate, and the updating of social networking is even faster than that. From My space made by Nepster to facebook, and from facebook to Google, now google+ has flourished due to the forum held on it between U.S president Barack. Obama and Chinese online audiences.

    A question may be raised through this process: Why do they shift so frequently that the global public could barely keep up? And is it desirable?

    As it happens, it is innovations that make competitions possible, and competitions in its turn boosted innovations. With this compound interest law, social networking’s functions have been increased and improved from time to time. But, it still has a long journey to make.

    Another question now facing humanity is: What is going to be done with all these? As is so often pointed out, this kind of interpersonal networking is a two-edged weapon which can be used equally for good or evil, but the sad truth is that it is now being used indifferently for both.

    So, once again, we have to ask ourselves very seriously, Will we, the human beings, still be capable of controlling it if this twofold communication mechanism continues to grow with its ever-increasing power?

Thank you all!

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