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    Part? Listening Comprehension (15 minutes) 高等学校英语应用能力考试 考前训练

    Section A Part? Listening Comprehension (15 minutes)

    1. A) In a restaurant. B) In a hospital.

    C) At a post once. D) At a railway station. Section A

    1. A) A teacher. B) A doctor. C) A secretary. D) A salesman. 2. A) He will go to the concert. B) He has been to the concert. 2. A) Visiting a company. B) Meeting with the new manager. C) He is not interested in the concert. D) He can’t go to the concert.

     C) Looking for the meeting room. D) Showing a newcomer around. 3. A) $2. B) $12. C) $7. D) $14.

    3. A) In an office. B) In a restaurant. 4. A) He’s going to find a job. B) He’s going to go abroad.

     C) In a department store. D) In a library. C) He’s going to study for a degree. D) He’s going to do a part-time job.

    4. A) To attend a conference. B) To work in a firm. 5. A) Husband and wife. B) Nurse and patient.

     C) To do some sightseeing. D) To visit an exhibition. C) Teacher and student. D) Boss and employee. 5. A) The rise of costs. B) The drop of sales. Section B

     C) The decrease of production. D) The increase of pollution. Conversation 1

     6. A) To be a teacher. B) To take care of animals.

     C) To work as a secretary. D) To further her study. Section B Conversation 1

    6. A) All staff. B) Young workers. C) New employees. D) Department Manager. 7. A) To work in an office. B) To be an animal doctor. 7. A) 1 week. B) 2 weeks. C) 3 weeks. D) 4 weeks. C) To go abroad. D) To be a salesman. 8. A) How to operate machines. B) How to use computers. Conversation 2

    C) How to collect information. D) How to be a manager. 8. A) She lost her data.

     B) She broke the disc. Conversation 2

    9. A) Because there was no access to the Internet. C) She bought a computer of a wrong model.

     B) Because the traffic outside was too noisy. D) She couldn’t get her computer working.

     C) Because the air conditioner was out of order. 9. A) Buy a computer for her. B) Go to the store with her.

     D) Because there was no hot water in the bath. C) Lend her some money. D) Replace the disc for her. 10. A) Room 201. B) Room 203. C) Room 204. D) Room 206. 10. A) To show the receipt. B) To call the store first.

     C) To pay some more money. D) To bring the instruction manual.

    Section C Section C

    11. What’s Peter Johnson’s position in the company? 11. When was the customer survey conducted?

    He is the ___________________________________________ Manager. It was conducted _____________________________. 12. What places will the visitors see in the company? 12. How did customers feel about the products of the company? ____________________________________________ and the laboratory. The products were quite_________________________. 13. How long does it take to look around the laboratory? 13. What did customers complain in the survey? About ______________________________________________ minutes. It took_________________________ to settle their complaints. 14. What measures are taken to ensure the visitors’ safety? 14. How did customers feel about the service staff? The visitors are required to wear protective hard hats and _____________. The service staff were not always__________________. 15. What is not allowed to do during the tour? 15. When should the Customer Service Department come up with a plan to improve ___________________________________________________________. their service?



    Part? Listening Comprehension (15 minutes) Part? Listening Comprehension (15 minutes)

    1. A) The man can have a room with a shower. C) The man should come tomorrow. 1. A) Clean the bedroom. B) Pack up for traveling. B) The man cant have a room at present. D) The man booked a double room. C) Water flowers. D) Cook the meal. 2. A) At the post office. B) At the bank. C) In the street. D) In the office. 2. A) She doesn’t live far away. B) She won’t buy a car this year.

    3. A) Go camping. B) Go sightseeing. C) Go shopping. D) Go skating. C) She hasn’t made up her mind. D) She doesn’t like to drive.

    4. A) Frozen food. B) Sports goods. 3. A) Travel on business. B) Fly to New York.

     C) Office equipment. D) Household appliances. C) Prepare some documents. D) Have a holiday. 5. A) Complaining about the mobile phone. 4. A) She was making a phone call. B) She was working in the office. B) Asking about the price of the mobile phone. C) She was going to the airport. D) She was having a meeting. C) Comparing the models of the mobile phone. 5. A) She is busy at the moment. B) She is Diana’s friend.

    D) Inquiring about the functions of the mobile phone. C) She has an appointment with Diana. D) She wants Diana to do her hair. Section B Conversation 1 Section B Conversation 1

    6. A) A job related to computers. B) A job related to designing. 6. A) To the hospital. B) To the beach. C) A job related to marketing. D) A job related to advertising. C) To his university. D) To his hometown. 7. A) Ask for an interview. B) Look for a well-paid job. 7. A) She visited her middle school. B) She was busy working. C) Write an application letter. D) Try some advertising companies. C) She was ill and had to stay at home. D) She was back to her hometown. Conversation 2 Conversation 2

    8. A) She has forgotten the mans address. 8. A) Sofas. B) Tables. C) Beds. D) Bookshelves. B) She cannot meet the man this afternoon. 9. A) On Main Road. B) In front of the Central Park. C) She has suddenly fallen ill with a bad cold. C) Near the terminal of Bus No.6. D) Next to a discount store D) She cannot attend the training course this week. 10. A) 10%. B) 20%. C) 30%. D) 40%. 9. A) Visit an important client. B) Go to a department store. Section C

    C) Attend a sales meeting. D) Move to a new office. 11. At what time of day did the fire start?

    10. A) At 1 p.m. tomorrow. B) At 2 p.m. today. In the early ___________________________.

    C) At 3 p.m. tomorrow. D) At 4 p.m. today. 12. Which floor of the building did the fire destroy? Section C The ______________________of the building.

    11. What does the speaker think of his working conditions? 13. Who lived in the building at the time of the fire?

    He thinks that the working conditions are_____________________. Only a few ____________________________.

    12. How many hours does the speaker work every day? 14. When was the Geller House built?

    _________________________. In the year of __________________________.

    13. How does the speaker spend his holiday in winter? 15. What was the probable cause of the fire?

    He usually takes one week to _________________________. Most likely a burning __________________________. 14. What system did the company introduce last year?

    It introduced a flexible __________________ system.

    15. When can the speaker start his work in the morning?

    Any time between _________________________________.


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