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    A word that has changed the world

     Today ,my topic is a word that has changed the world .I am

    so glad to make a speech on this English speaking contest .It is really a great honor to introduce myself to all of you .Firstly ,my name is QWQ .I am a confident ,active and shining boy .Though ,I am 19 ,what I want to say is that I am growing up and on the way to becoming mature and bearing burden from parents ,schools and the society .Actually ,my major is mining .By all accounts ,it is an extremely hard job ,but I suppose ,no matter how hard it is ,I have made up my mind to overcome all the difficulties .Just like all of you ,I have my own dream ,and I am working hard for it .

     Then, something else I want to say is that my topic is a word

    that has changed the world”. When I first heard the topic, I felt a

    little confused -how can a word have this power to change the big world? I can’t imagine .But one day I went to the library, and I came across a similar sign which read knowledge is power”. it

    suddenly light up my eyes .After thinking for a while ,I believe it is truly right ,so knowledge is the word that has changed the

    world .As is well known to all , lu xun is famous as a thinker ,he had changed part of the world china .Some people like 爱因斯

    坦;牛顿;林肯;富兰克林;some others like 毛泽东;胡锦涛;

钱学森;钱三强;钱伟长;they have much knowledge ,they have

    made great contributions to the society ,they have changed the world .

     Knowledge is the base of all things .Because of knowledge, something that used to be impossible can be made

    possible ;because of knowledge ,we have created many useful tools the telephone in your hand ,the computer ,even the comfortable desks .With enough knowledge ,we know more about the world and ourselves .Knowledge gives us a vision of better future ,it keeps us going .As college students ,all of us should try our best to learn more knowledge ,though we are often questioned by the society, but please remember the word “knowledge”. Maybe, one day, one of you, some of you or all of you can have a chance to change the world .you may become a scientist ,a professor or an officer .It is hard to say ,but if we have enough knowledge ,we can change the world .At last ,wish you good luck .

     That's all .Thank you.



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