Climate change

By Ethel Moore,2014-10-22 22:46
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Climate change

Climate change is a global issue that will impact every aspect of the UK economy, society and

    environment, threatening our well being and that of our children. We have already seen more extreme weather events such as dangerous heat waves; floods and coastal erosion; storms; droughts; and severe declines in several species. Unless we take action to reduce CO2 emissions now, these effects will become more likely and have a greater impact when they occur.

    Climate Energy is an award winning, multi disciplined energy agency which provides innovative advice and funding solutions to local authorities, registered social landlords, homeowners and businesses.

    We can provide free and impartial advice through our energy advice centre where trained and dedicated staff are available to offer guidance on heating and insulation initiatives and help which may be available in your area, and according to your personal circumstances. Whether you are a homeowner, registered social landlord, local authority, private landlord, business or tenant we aim to offer you professional advice and assistance with regard to reducing your carbon footprint, saving money on fuel bills, and installing the correct energy efficiency measures for you.

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