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    Shandong University at Weihai

    School of Translation & Interpretation



    Course Leader Professor David Ojah

    Group Sophomores September 2011



    Course Objectives:

    Students will be exposed to the English Language system and writing theories, and the ‘western way’ of communication in writing. This course is

    designed to refine and extend the student’s ability to understand ‘the writing process’ and compose English essays, for example. Reinforcement of

    concepts will be emphasized during practical writing sessions. Students will engage in weekly, meaningful formal and/or informal writing tasks in their Writing class and/or at home. Teaching Sessions including ‘practical work’ performed by the student under the Teacher’s supervision, should be ‘sufficient support’ to allow the student to successfully complete ‘tasks’ set by the Teacher.

    Learning Outcomes:

    At the end of this course, the students will be able to do the following:

    ; Understand, interpret and prepare common English Documents;

    Correspondence and write Essays.

    ; Understand and gain exposure to Academic Research and write their

    own paper.

    ; Develop sound test-taking strategies and study skills.

    ; Understand and follow oral and written instructions. Course Description

    The Course will build on the foundation set in Term II of your academic year [2010-2011].

    Topics include:

    * Writing Essays

    * General Correspondence

    * Letters Personal and Business

    * Resumes

    * Academic Research

    Teaching will include:

    * How to Study English

    * Cultural Differences

    * How to Approach the Study of Writing

    * The introduction and explanation of Writing Theory.

    * Regular ‘Writing Sessions’ to allow students to practice their

    ‘technique’ -



* Exam Technique


    * Textbook - A Basic Course in Writing II

    * Course Supplement

    * Oxford Dictionary of English or similar title


    Class Attendance & Participation: 20% Assignments: 20%

    Test: 20%

    Final exam: 40%

    Students will be advised of Test and Assignments (dates) accordingly.

    Syllabus English Writing II

    Course Schedule (subject to change):

    Week 1: Introduction to the Course

    Week 2: Chapter Six Essay Compositions

    Week 3: Chapter Six Theory

    Week 4: Chapter Six Theory

    Week 5: Holidays

    Week 6: Chapter Six Writing Practice

    Week 7: Test

    Week 8: Test Results Feedback - Chapter Seven Assignment #1 Week 9: Test Results Feedback - Chapter Seven Correspondence Week10: Chapter Seven Letters

    Week11: Chapter Seven - Resumes

    Week12: Chapter 8 - Academic Research - Assignment #2 Week13: Chapter 8 - Academic Research Library

    Week14: Chapter 8 - Academic Research Assignment #2 Week15: Comments Course Review

    Week16: Exam Review End of Course

    Week 17: Exam

    What I expect from students?

    To be prepared for the Lesson Before the Lecture To do the work given by the Teacher Bring your required ‘materials’ to every class

    To participate actively in Class Exercises and

    Assessments During the Lecture To review the material taught To prepare and rewrite their ‘Notes’ accordingly After the Lecture Ideas to Improve you’re Writing Skills


- Form a Writing Study Group, help each other. st- Read widely. [21 Century newspaper]

     Why? For Information on Topics you will write about in the future. - Where and what? Use the resources in the Library.

    Student Responsibilities:

    ; To achieve success in the Course and benefit accordingly, it is in

    his/her interest to prepare ‘academically’ well before the Class,

    during the Class and after the Class in an appropriate manner.

    ; The students are expected to consult the class schedule, given below,

    and do the assigned reading before every class. Students are not

    expected to understand the entire reading, but they are expected to

    make a serious effort to understand it and to bring to class questions

    they have about the text. Each person must do his or her own work.

    ; The students are expected to arrive punctually and attend every class. Any and all

    absences must be approved by the designated authority only. Students with more

    than three excused absences will be reported to the administrative office. Students

    who are absent without an excuse will not be allowed to make up assignments or

    sit tests. Please be guided accordingly.

    University Policy on cheating: Any copied or plagiarized work will receive No credit and the responsible student(s) will risk failing the course.


     th16 Weeks Teaching period Dates: September 5 December 23rd

     thWeek 17 Exam period Dates: December 26 2011

Prepared by: David Ojah

    Shandong University - Weihai

Updated: September 28th, 2011.



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