By Sally Black,2014-06-21 11:30
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    V. Lets Talk


    Hello, everyone. Today I invite you to join me in an exploration off the causes of depression. There ate many factors involved, but I believe some deserve special attention.

    Heredity certainly plays a role. .The tendency to develop depression may be inherited; there is evidence that this disorder may run in families.

    Physiology is another factor related to depression. There may be changes or imbalances in chemicals which transmit information in the brain called neurotransmitters. Many modern antidepressant drugs attempt to increase levels of certain neurotransmitters so as to increase brain communication. While the causal relationship is unclear; it is known that antidepressant medications do reliever certain symptoms of depression.

    Researchers also study psychological factors. They include the complex development of ones personality and how one has learned to cope with external environmental factors, such as stress. It is freeqently observed that low self-esteem and self-defeating thinking are connected with depression. While it is not clear which is the cause and which is the effect, it is known that sufferers who are able to make corrections to their thinking patterns can show improved mood and self-esteem.

    Another factor causing depression is ones early experiences. Events such as the death

    of a parent, the divorce of the parents, neglect, chronic illness, and severe physical abuse can also increase the likelihood of depression later in life. Some present experiences may also lead to depression. Job loss, financial difficulties, long periods of unemployment, the loss of a spouse or other family member, or other painful events may trigger depression. Long-term stress at home, work, or school can also be involved.

    It is worth nothing that those living with someone suffering from \depression experience increased anxiety which adds to the possibility of their also becoming depressed.

Depression-causing Problem Description Solution


    Heredity It is inherited and run in families.

    Physiology changes or imbalances in Antidepressant drugs

    chemicals called relieve certain symptoms

    neurotransmitters, which transmit of depression.

    information in the brain

    Psychological Factors Low self-esteem and Sufferers who make

    self-defeating thinking are correction to their

    connected with depression. thinking patterns can

    show improved mood

    and self-esteem.

    Early Experiences Event like the death of a parent,

    the divorce of parents, neglect,

    chronic illness, and severe

    physical abuse can increase the

    likelihood of depression.

    Present Experiences Job loss, financial difficulties,

    long periods of unemployment,

    the loss of a spouse or other

    family member, or long-term

    stress may trigger depression.

    Living with somebody This causes increased anxiety,

    with depression which adds to the possibility of

    their also becoming depressed.


    V. Lets Talk


    Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I hope youll find it interesting how to be

    fashionable without spending too much money.

    Sure, some famous stars always look stylish. They have unlimited clothing budgets that put the latest looks at their fingertips! But you can also look amazing without spending lots of money on your wardrobes. Simple try the following suggestions on for size.

    First, you should make seasonal purchases; that is, you should buy winter coats, leather jackets, bathing suits, ad summer dress at the end of the season. Youll get

    major discounts as you stock up for the next year.

    If you want clothes to wear right now, you can go to discount stores. They may not be the place to buy an expensive evening dress, but theyre perfect for buying things like


    There is yet another cheap way of you to buy stylish clothes. Many department stores have a store brand. It means they offer current styles but are much cheaper than big-name brands.

    To save money, an important principle for you to follow is to not buy outfits. With

    the exception of suits, interchangeable piece are more affordablebuying clothing in


    Wear-with- anything pieces are always a good buy. For example, you can almost always wear a pair of black trousers and a white dress skirt; you can wear them several times a week, paired with different accessories.

    If you cant afford expensive clothes, you can spend money on accessories such as

    nice shoes and fashionable bags. Such extras make even the simplest outfit look polished.

    Finally, a great haircut always helps. When you hair looks fabulous, you look more stylish and fashionable.

Money-saving Methods Detailed Description

    seasonal purchases You should buy things at the end of the

    season. Youll get major discounts, and

    you’ll be stocked up for the next year.

    discount stores Theyre perfect for buying things like


    A store brand Stores offer current styles that are much

    cheaper than big-name brands.

    Dont buy outfits Buying separates is much more


    Wear-with- anything pieces You can almost always wear a pair of

    black trousers and a white dress skirt; you

    can wear them several times a week,

    paired with different accessories.

    spend money on accessories Examples are nice shoes and fashionable

    bags. Such extras make even the simplest

    outfit look polished

    a great haircut You look more stylish and fashionable

    with a nice haircut.


    V. Lets Talk


    A natural disaster is the consequence of a hazardous event, occurring when human activities are affected by adverse natural phenomena such as flood, drought, hailstorm, heat wave, forest fore, hurricanes or typhoons, tornado, tsunami, landsides and mudslides, or volcanic eruption. The resulting deaths or property damages depend on the human ability to resist the disasters.

    Sometimes two seemingly different disasters may be related to each other. For example, an undersea earthquake may result in a tsunami. While there is a long dry spell in one area, there may be a great flood in another. It is necessary for human beings to understand and combat natural disasters.

    A drought is a long-lasting weather pattern consisting of dry conditions with very little or no precipitation. During this period, food and water supplies can run low, and other condition, such as famine, can result. Drought can last for several years and are

    particularly damaging in areas in which the residents depend on agriculture for survival.

    A flood follows too much rain or water in a location, and could be the result of many different conditions. Floods can be caused by heavy rainfall from a storm, including thunderstorms, rapid melting of a large amounts of snow, or rivers which swell from too much precipitation upstream, causing widespread damage to areas downstream. Another possible cause of a flood is the bursting of man-made dams.


    Adverse natural phenomena such as

    flood, drought, hailstorm, heat wave, Natural disaster

    forest fore, hurricanes or typhoons,

    tornado, tsunami, landsides and

    mudslides, or volcanic eruption.

    They are related to each other. An

    undersea earthquake may result in a Relationship Between Two Disasters

    tsunami. While there is a long dry spell I

    none area, there may be a great flood in


    During a drought, food and water

    supplies can run low, and other condition, Drought

    such as famine, can result. Drought are

    particularly damaging in areas in which

    the residents depend on agriculture for


    Floods can be caused by long rainfall

    from a storm, including thunderstorms,