Transportation between Prague Ruzyne Airport and Prague Centre

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Transportation between Prague Ruzyne Airport and Prague Centre

    Transportation between Prague Ruzyne Airport and Dejvická station (several meters to the venue), eventually Prague Centre

Prague has only one international airport - Praha Ruzyne Airport - that is located to the north-west of

    the city, about 17 km from the city centre. The airport has no metro or train connection with the city centre and is only served by buses.

    1 Public transport buses

    Two busses connect the airport to metro stations

    ; No. 119 goes to Metro Dejvická - green line A (24 min) (close to conference venue)

    ; No. 100 goes to Metro Zlicin - yellow line B (18 min)

    The public transport buses operate between 4.20 and 24.00, approximately every 20 minutes and cost CZK 26 (CZK 30 if bought from the driver).

Public Transport Ticket Sale

    ; Public Transport counters in Arrival Halls of Terminals 1 & 2 (from 7 am to 10 pm),

    ; Slot machine placed at bus stop (cash required),

    ; From a bus driver (cash required).

    ; (You can also by the ticket by your cell phone via sending SMS with text ‘dpt’ to +420 90206. Then

    you will receive the sms-ticket back).

    Types of tickets in the public transport

    Ticket for 26 CZK is valid 75 minutes and you can change the means of transports (bus, tram and metro or even train).

    Ticket for 18 CZK is valid 20 minutes in bus and tram and 30 minutes or 5 stops in metro. However, you cannot change the means of transport with this ticket.

2 Bus AE (Airport Express)

    Prague Airport - metro Dejvická (20 min, 30 CZK)

     - Prague Main Railway Station (35 min, 50 CZK)

    Travel cost is paid directly at the bus (tickets for Prague Public Transport are not valid). Operates every 30 minutes.

3 Minibus Cedaz

Prague Airport Dejvicka (CZK 90)

    Prague Airport V Celnici street in the city centre (CZK 90)

    These buses run roughly from 7:30 until 19:00 every 30 minutes. More information can be found at

4 Taxi

It is recommended to use only an official Taxi of the airport.

    More info at

    Transportation between city centre and Dejvicka station (several meters to the venue)

    The conference venue Masarykova kolej in the campus of CTU in Prague can be accessed easily from the city centre or whatever place in Prague by public transport and especially by Prague Metro (Subway)

Prague Metro has three lines

    A green

    B yellow

    C red

    Dejvicka station is the terminal station of Line A. You can change from B to A at Mustek station and from C to A at Museum station. After you get to Dejvicka station, continue in the direction to the station exit of with elevators (there are ordinary stairs at the other exit) and go in direction to Evropska street if you want to walk (300 metres to Masarykova kolej, see the map below). You can also take a Tram from Dejvicka Tram station (at the exit of Dejvicka Metro station) to Thakurova Tram station, which is just in front of Masarykova kolej.

    You can find an optimal connection to Dejvicka/Thakurova station by public transport at

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Map of the neighbourhood of Masarykova kolej the conference Vennue

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