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    Media Literacy Education in the Age of Web 2.0: Cultivating Multiple Thinking Skills

    - Dr. Alice Lee, Department of Journalism, Hong Kong Baptist University


    Paper Presentation

    Using Mobile Text Message to Stimulate Students’ Interest in Learning

    - Dr. Susanna Shuk Ying Ho, School of Accounting and Information Systems, Australian National University; Dr. Kevin K. W. Ho, School of Business and Public

    Administration, University of Guam


    Paper Presentation

    Training on New Media Culture

    - Dr Raymond C.M. Szeto & Mr Tarloff S.W. Im, College of Life Sciences and

    Technology, HKU SPACE


    Paper Presentation

    Design of Applied Learning Aviation Course Diverse Learning for NSS


    - Dr Raymond C.M. Szeto & Dr S.M. Lam, College of Life Sciences and Technology HKU SPACE


    Paper Presentation

    Studies on Film Education

    (Studies on the Teaching Principles, Pedagogy, Learning Method and Outcomes, and

    Social Demands of Manpower of Film Education from New Secondary Curriculum to Tertiary Education under the 3+3+4 Education Reform in Hong Kong nowadays) - Dr. Sobel Ka Lok Chan, Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University



    Paper Presentation

    Fostering DL through Web-based Collaborative Inquiry Learning - An

    Action Research

    - Mr. Eric Jun FU, Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University



    Getting learning resources from iTunes and i-Devices

    - Mr. Vincent Hung, Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology, Hong Kong

    Institute of Education



    Application of Mobile Device in Early Child Education - Flash Card

    Educational Platform

    - Mr. Peter Lau, FIT



    校園電視台 培育未來領袖

    - 俞戩駿先生, 沙田循道衛理中學




    - Mr. Mike Hin Leung Chui, Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology, Hong Kong

    Institute of Education




    - Mr. Wing Fai LEE, 香港媒體教育資源網