Lesson 45

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Lesson 45

    Lesson 45 :Li Mingˋs Favorite Festival教案设计

    Teaching design

    1. Teaching content:

     1. new wordssweatershakenervousfunnyanyoneguess


     2A dialogue about Li Mings favorite festival.

     (3). Adjectives indefinite pronoun..

     (4)It is ones turn to do sth.

    2Teaching goals

    (1). Knowledge and ability:

    AUnderstand the meaning of the text.

    BRemember and use the mastery vocabulary and know some important sentences for your favorite festival.

    CWrite and talk about your favorite holiday.

    2The process and the method.

    AListen and read, understand the text preliminarily perception. BThrough studying the sentence accumulation of difficulty of grammar. CPractice speaking, training and become a problem.


    A(Love humanity's common positive traditional cultural heritage. B. To improve English expression of interest and ability. 3.Teaching difficult

1. It is oneˋs turn to do sth.

    2Adjectives indefinite pronoun..

    3!、Write and talk about your favorite holiday. Teaching methods. 4.

    Objectives to guide teaching method.

    5 Research method instruction

    AListen, say, want to practice

    BWrite -- -- -- accumulation. Expression evaluating

    Teaching preparation 6.

    the courseware, card. Recording. Real.

    7. Class: the new grantl

    8Class design: one period

    二(Teaching Process

    1Class opening(5 MINUTES)

    1. Greeting.

    2. Duty report.

    3. Play “I see Something” to review adjectives.

    2Understanding, analysis of the text (15 MINUTES) Step 1: Check to see if the students have previewed the text as required.

    Ask if they have any questions concerning the meaning of the reading.

    Encourage other students to try to answer the questions. You may also ask

    the students if they have ever gone on a picnic.

    Step 2: Play the audiotape. Have the class follow the audiotape. Use your own discretion to decide whether to discuss any of the new vocabulary with the students.

    Step 3: Divide the class into small groups. Ask the students to discuss the reading in English around the following topic:

    Questions: What do you like about Spring Festival?

     How much money do you usually get in your red envelope?

     What does Li Ming give to Jenny?

     After the students to think and participate in the table, the collective appraisal and summary.

    三(Training, difficulty breakthrough.20 MINUTES

    Shake , hang. Funny, nervous.

    Step1: Presentation.

    Teacher: (shaking hands )My hands are shaking. I’m nervous.

    Step2: Practice

    1. Drill

    Teacher: shaking./

    Students: Shaking.

    Teacher: My hands are shaking.

    Students: My hands are shaking.

    2 Difficulty studying sentences.

    Students after speech.

AIt is LiMings turn to speak.

    turn----以为“轮流”,句型It is ones turn to do sth.意思是“轮到某


    BLiMing holds something else in his hand. else意思是“别的,其他的,”常修饰不定代词和疑问代词,并放在


    CDivide the class into small groups. Ask each group to make up a

    dialogue about Spring Festival.



    Are you ()Do you need some (手套)

    It is (圣诞卡).

    I have (红包)It has ..

    This is you.(这个灯笼是给你的)

    BStudents' practice, some classmates on the topic, the evaluation and


    4(Class closing and homework5 MINUTES

    Will do(basic)1. Finish off the activity book.

    2. Practice the dialogue in this lesson.

    3. Preview Lesson 46.


    Write an article about your favorite holiday composition

三、Writing on the blackboard

     Lesson 45 :LiMingˋs Favourite Festival Phrases: something else It is oneˋs turn to do sth. e.g

    talking about your Favorite Festival: Spring Festival:




    Sun Dance:

    四;Teaching Reflection:

    1 Many practice talking .

    2 Practice speaking is important.

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