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    1. The American writer, in Europe, is released.It is not untilproving that he is just a regular

    guy that he realizes how crippling this habit has been.

    Key: In Europe, an American writer has no need to find reasons or excuses to explain why he is a writer. In America a writer gets into the habit of displaying his strength to defend himself or to avoid being attacked; and he is always trying to prove that he is an ordinary person, same as any other person. This habit makes him unable to act or function effectively. He realizes all this only when he gets rid of this habit in Europe.

    2. Whatever the Europeans may actually think of artistsand as persistent-as rain, snow, taxes

    or businessmen.

    Key: They all exist and are real and will never disappear. No matter what the Europeans may actually think of artists, they have killed off enough of them to know by now that artists are real people and there will always be artists just as there will always be rain, snow, taxes or businessmen.

    3. He probably has been a regular fellow”…and it is not easy for him to step out of that

    lukewarm bath.

    Key: The writer, for much of his adult life, has probably been trying very hard to appear and behave like an ordinary person and it is not easy for him to change his habit now. 4. In short, the freedom that the American writer finds in Europe brings him.with the

    responsibilityin his own hands.

    Key: In short, the pursuit of freedom is like a full circle: the American writer travels to Europe and finds freedom there, but the love for freedom brings him back to himself, because he is the only one who is responsible for his personal development. That is to say, freedom is not elsewhere, but with himself. Personal development is also promoted with himself. /personal development is not

    decided by others, but by himself.(最后一句有点不一样?不过都差不多。绿色部分是玛丽她们


    5. A European writer considers himself to be part of an oldand his choice of a vocation does

    not cause himwill cost him all his friends.

    Key: A European writer considers himself to be a part of an old and honorable profession. He is a man of letters. In following this profession he doesnt need to worry whether or not he will lose all

    his fiends.

Lesson11 The future of English

6. The real English, who are different, who have inherited Englishnessrepresenting the

    accelerated development of our whole age.

    Key: The real English are different. They have inherited Englishness and have lost those qualities that go together with Englishness and which have been handed down generation after generation. The English are different because they do not feel comfortable living in the world today, where all kinds of development are taking place at a faster and faster rate.

    7. Now Englishness, with its relation to the unconsciouscannot break its links with the past:

    it has been long roots.

    Key: Englishness depends upon instinct and intuition and is connected to the unconscious. Therefore it cannot break away from past tradition. This link with national customs, beliefs, etc.

goes a long way back in history.

    8. These men believe that if there is a Good Life going, then its high timeBut some

    remaining Englishness in them whispers that there may be a catch in it.

    Key: A section of English workers, together with their union bosses, believe that if there is a Good Life available, then they should certainly get some share of it without delay. But some remaining Englishness in them tells them privately that there must be some trick of deception in it. 9. They can be found, too--- though notamong crusty High Tories who avoid the City and

    directors fees.

    Key: They can be found too---though there are not many of them now because these kind of people are dying out---among the curt, bad-tempered, extremely conservative politicians who refuse to accept high posts in big commercial enterprises.

    10. They make the rest of us feel that either they should be.their own business. As it is they are

    like a hippopotamus blundering in and out of a pets tea party.

    Key: At present they only create disorder and confusion (like a hippopotamus going and out of a tea party held by small tamed domesticated animals).红色部分未找到?只找到蓝色部分。

    11. In my necessity to find the terms on whichI proved, to my astonishment, to be as American

    as any Texas G.I.

    Key: Baldwin found it necessary to find out the conditions or ways in which he could relate his experience to that of other people, Negroes and whites, writers and non-writers. In this process he found, to his surprise, that he was as patriotic an American as any Texas soldier. 11. But there are not many of these men, either on the boardsome cancer in their character has

    eaten away their Englishness.

    Key: There are not many snarling shop towards in the workshop, nor are these many cruel wealthy employers on the board of managers. These people no longer behave like typical Englishmen because some disease has warped their character.

    12. It is between Admass, which has already conquered most ofto receive vast subsidies of

    dollars, francs, deutschmarks

    Key: The future of the English hangs upon the outcome of the battle between Admass and Englishness. Admass has won in most countries in the Western world such as the United States (dollars), France (francs), Germany (Deutschmarks), etc. In most Western countries Admass gets huge grants of money from the government to improve public relations and mount big advertising campaigns; whereas Englishness is sick and poor and receives no subsidies.

    13. Recognized political parties are repertory companies pretend to be astounded and shocked

    and bring in talk of rain.

    Key: Accepted political parties are like permanent theatrical companies acting out unreal political campaigns. The only thing real about them is the arrangement for one set of people to be in power, occupying the posts of ministers; while another set of people act as the opposition, pretending to be surprised and shocked by the accession to power of the other side, and talk about the country going to ruin because of the policy of the other side.

    The accepted political parties are like theatrical companies with their permanent repertories. Their performance is unclear and unreal. The only real thing between them is a kind of agreement, that is, when one party gets into power and takes its turn to hold those ministerial posts, the other should pretend to be surprised and shocked and point out that te party in power is bringing the country to ruin because of their false policy.

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