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    My favorite works in American literature

    Hello everyone ,today I will talk about my favorite works in American literature ,and it is "Gong with the wind ", and now it has been made into a movie, I also extremely like this movie ,Now the time has come for me to say that I am feeling after watching this movie,Perhaps my opinion will different with you.But I also want to share and Exchange it with you. As time goes by, the filmGone with the windis forgotten by most

    teenagers, but it's still my favorite film. I admire Captain Rett, he is really a gentleman, and really knows what's true love. So smart, interesting, handsome and strong. Most important is: he really knows how to protect and take care his wife: Scarlet. Different from most other girls, I don't like Scarlet very much, not because of her selfish and cool, just because I really think she is a poor fool woman, though she is good at negotiating (谈判) with customers and good at attracting guys, she even doesn't know who's her true love, doesn't know Rett is the one who really fit for her, I think that she doesn't know herself at all, she is that kind of person who never like literatures, doesn't have any romantic dreams. That's why she misunderstands herself loving Ashley but it's not true. I think another problem lead to their divorce is short of communication. Both of them are good at attracting others, so, for their experience and pride, they don't like to show love to their partner, just pretend I don't love you, and hope

    their partners shows his/her love at first. This kind of game only works

    for chasing(追逐) each other and having fun, but when they marry, it will terminates(终止) their relationship upgrade(升级),So as time goes by,

    their love faded, their marriage became a tragedy(悲剧). This inevitably

    ?不可避免地?leaves us regrets.Let it remain in our hearts for a long time.

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