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Step1 Lead-in

    Why do you think so many Chinese people want to learn English?

    Answer: learn foreign culture / surf the Internet / trade / entertainment / pass the exam ......

Step2: Look at the title of the passage and guess what it is about?

    the development / history of English

Step3: Fast-reading

    Skimming: ;匹配?

    1. Read the text quickly and make a topic sentence for each paragraph. 1. Today, more people speak English as their first, second or foreign language than ever before. 2. Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don't speak the same kind of English.

    3. All languages change and develop when cultures communicate with one another.

    th4. Two big changes in English spelling happened in the 19 century.

    5. English is also spoken as a foreign language or second language in South Asia and Africa.

2. What is the main idea of the text?

    English has developed and changed over time.


    Please scan the text by yourself and find out the answers of the following questions.

    th1. How many people spoke English at the end of the 16 century. (5-7million)

    th2. When did English begin to be spoken in many other countries. (in the 17 century)

    3. When was the English language settled? What are the big changes in English Spelling?


Step5: careful reading

    Read the text carefully and fill the blank of the following form.

    time facts

between AD 450 and 1150 English was quite different from English

    spoken taday

from 1150 to 1500 English became more like French than German

    because those who ruled England spoke French.

in the 1600s Shakespeare made use of a wider vocabulary

    than before

some time later Noah wrote the American Dictionary of the

    English Language, giving American English its

    own identity

from 1765 to 1947 English became the language for government

    and Education in India.

since about 1842 English has been used in Hong Kong.

today More people speak English than ever

    before.The number of people learning English

    in China is increasing rapidly.

Ture or false questions

    Comprehending 1

4. Which of the following statements is true? (B) checking

     A. English was based more on French than German between about AD 450 and 1150.

     B. English became closer to the language we are learning now from about 1150 to 1500.

     C. English no longer changed in the 1600s.

     D. Both American English and Australian English have their own identities thanks to Noah Webster.

    5. English is spoken as a foreign or second language in some Asian and African areas because _____. (C)

     A. the goverment officials in these areas were born in England.

     B. People in these areas have a special gift(天赋)for learning English.

     C. These areas were once ruled by England.

     D. People in these areas can not receive education without knowing English. 6. Which of the following is true? (C)

     A.Languages never changed.

     B.Languages change only on modern times.

     C.Languages change when cultures communicate with one another.

     D.Languages seldom change with the development of society.

Step7. Retell

    English developed and changed over time. But it is used more and more today. China has the biggest number of English speakers. However, even two native speakers do not speak the same

    English. That is caused by communication of culture. Besides, English is also used as a foreign or nd2 language in many other countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. In a word, it becomes more important.

Step6. Discussion

    Think about what made English change? (talk about this question with partner within 2 minutes) (history, geography, culture )

Homework 背诵第一段

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