Transportation Council

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Transportation Council



    Friday, April 9, 2010; 7:30 to 9 a.m.

    Council Boardroom, The Chamber Building

    I. Call to order

II. Approval of March 15 Minutes

III. Action Items:

    a. Priority Now transportation package

    b. Road Projects HB 5332, 5333

    c. Assign Task Force Members for KCTA Transit Oversight Committee Input

IV. Informational Items

    a. Airport Funds Secured (an additional $8.5 million for the new terminal)

    b. I-94 Construction ad campaign proposal efforts

    c. Recruitment / Task Groups - Update

    d. HB 4839: Alamo and Kz Township objections to the Oshtemo Township Truck Ordinance

    e. High speed rail Status

    f. Tracking the Current Status of Bills, Projects and Top Ten Legislative Priorities:

    Tracking the Current Issues:

    I-94 Westnedge Project Updates on construction provided on chamber website

    HB 5768-70 / TF2 Report Supporting gas and diesel tax increase though bills HB 5768, 5769, 5770 HB 4839 Truck Ordinance Bill Awaiting results of lawsuits or a legislative correction to the typo in the law Business Loop I-94 Gateway Plan Continuing process of applying for grants, have secured match from City of Kz & Kz Township

    Top Ten Legislative Priorities for Transportation Council: Status: Support the development of a sustainable, stable funding mechanism for state and local

    transportation needs that allows us to secure critical state and federal funding.

    Completion of the I-94 project widening to six lanes throughout Kalamazoo and Calhoun Phase II I-94 Westnedge potion

    Counties funding is secured Support full funding of the Kalamazoo/ Battle Creek International Airport’s new terminal. Funding has been secured

    V. Other

    a. Updates

VI. Adjourn

VII. The next Transportation Council Meeting is Friday, May 7, 2010



    Friday, March 5, 2010; 7:30 to 9 a.m.

    Council Boardroom, The Chamber Building

Present: Dennis Berkebile, CMS Energy; Kay Chase, Railroad Assn.; George Cochran, Kalamazoo Township; Lotta

    Jarnefelt, Kalamazoo County; Frank Lucatelli, Personal Intelligence; Michele McGowen, Friends of Transit; Jack

    Mekemson, KCTA; Cliff Moshiginis, Kalamazoo BC Int’l Airport; Pete Pfeiffer, MDOT; Dave Reid, Kalamazoo BC Int’l

    Airport; Bill Schomisch, Metro Transit; Larry Stehouwer, Prein & Newof; Andy Wenzel, The Hinman Company; Chamber

    Staff: Marty Dodge, Jamie Wierenga

Call to Order: the meeting was called to order at 7:30 a.m.

Approval of Feb. 5 Minutes: Input for KCTA oversight committee overseeing human services

    coordinated plan oversight of the coordinated plan not of public transit itself -- fix in the minutes

See changes on the draft. Approved as amended, approved.

    At Northside Business Assn. membership meeting Paul Spaude, CEO of Borgess, did a presentation on the federal healthcare bills on senate edition of bill, house bill, and Obama proposal. May call him to get details on his presentation, it includes a good summary of the bills.

Action Items:

    Support of Diesel Fuel Tax

    Senate Bills 862-3, House Bills 5768-70 motion to support these bills approved.

    The House Transportation Committee is meeting at KVCC on March 22 at 10 a.m. The Chamber will be have a representative there and will present a letter of support for the House Bills 5768-70. Bobbi Welke, MDOT will be speaking on taking care of the revenue for bridges and roads. Pete Hoekstra and anti-tax advocates will also be there. The meeting will be on the KVCC Texas township campus.

General Fund Allocation to Road Projects House bill 5332-3

    It will be hard to pass these bills because there is not enough in general fund to support state services. Transportation funding has been diverted to the general fund for a long time. These are currently stuck in committee Marty will check with Jase on the status of these bills. We could invite Jase and Larry to attend a meeting to discuss transportation issues. The meeting could be during a Transportation Council meeting, a Legislative Breakfast or before the 10 a.m. meeting on March 22, or at one of the Quarterly membership meeting. We will send a letter to our legislative delegation to urge their support for the gas and diesel tax increase.

Mattawan Exit I-94 Open House

    There is congestion on the exits and bridge in Mattawan during the shift changes at MPI. Usually MDOT would add lanes to ease congestion would need to raise bridge and redo the ramps. The Mattawan exit is unique, so a solution has been proposed to build a roundabout at the end of the ramps. Widening the bridge wouldn’t address the problem for the long term. The pot of funds from CMAQ Grants would fund a good portion of it. The Village of Mattawan is on board with the plan; MPI has been working with them throughout this process and has weighted in on this solution. Paul South is the contact person at the

    Coloma MDOT office, we will contact him for details on the proposal. The City of Portage and the KCRC is putting in a roundabout at the Wedel’s intersection in 2011.

KCTA Transit Human Services Plan Oversight Committee:

    A sub-committee from this Council is being considered for the task of reviewing the plan in-depth and determine the input for the Committee. The main concern is that we didn’t want to create public solutions

    where private business already provide services, and that tax funded initiatives are operating efficiently.

The Oversight Committee’s next meeting is in July. Our sub-committee can review the January

    Oversight Committee meeting minutes to discuss how they are watching the process on the objectives. Private sources should be part of the solution to identified transportation problems. Lotta will get info in June on the progress. Also looking for problem areas

    An adopt a shelter program is being considered to connect businesses with a bus shelter to shovel snow and provide other maintenance. Participants would receive a plaque on the shelter and plaque in the lobby of the sponsoring business. The program is being piloting now to work out any problems. A map of where the shelters are to get businesses to sign up is being developed. Kalamazoo and Alamo townships have already signed up.

Walk Michigan grants might be able to put in sidewalk to bus shelter at the corner where the Mich.

    Commission of the Blind is located.

I-94 Construction Ad Campaign

    Worked with retailers and developers to fund an ad campaign but difficult to secure the funding. We are updating the Chamber’s Website and MDOT is providing construction updates. The City of Portage is committed to post signage to help people find ways around construction. Retailers can advertise individually. MDOT has a list serve of emails that will receive press releases on the work. March 29 is week of prep work painting and lane closures on bridge at night. About April 5 big shift and ramp closures. Late March 15 or 22 week of updates on website and press releases. MDOT Twitter and YouTube and face book traffic updates on crashes during the winter have become very popular.

Recruitment Task Groups

    Draft letter updated and emailed to everyone, then council members will send the letter and follow-up.

Osthemo Township Truck Ordinance

    Marty spoke with the attorney working with Aggregate that attorney felt that they would rule against

    Oshtemo based on the questions the judge asked. Lawsuit is only for Drake ave and G ave not on the whole ordinance footprint.

High Speed Rail

    Stimulus money has been received for the Chicago structural problems.

    Frank prepared a proposal for a market study to gauge the public reaction to having the ability to go into Chicago and to Detroit using Battle Creek and Kalamazoo as a mid-way hub. For this idea to work Kalamazoo and BC would need rail barns to house trains overnight. Putting the hubs at the ends of the lines in effect restricts service. There could be problems caused by shift changes Amtrak already has

    their shift changes happening in Battle Creek. Amtrak doesn’t need to increase speed to improve service.

    Advocacy of where the hub should be located to be most efficient is a role where the Chamber could assist. The next step is to take this information to Battle Creek Unlimited to see if we can put together public interest. Relocating the hubs should increase ridership multiple times. The point would be to get

    the trains where people need them. Tiger grants went to Detroit public-private development of light rail on Woodward. If you could get to Detroit or Chicago at these times would you be interested in this instead of driving? The change could provide more revenue for Amtrak.

(MDOT survey professor at MSU doing a survey of the line Bill sharing with Frank and Marty may be

    able to include info on this. Dr. Eva Kazans Global Urban studies program)

    Kay is going to a meeting tomorrow for Rail magazine in Chicago to discuss new equipment. Single level cars are old, and don’t function well in winter. Amtrak has put together an ambitious equipment

    acquisition plan that would improve reliability.


    Jack Mekemson, KCTA

    Will start on Monday, March 8 in Vicksburg begin process to levee the 0.4 mills or less. There will be a public hearing in April. KCTA is also going to local government units within the County with an annual report on last year’s accomplishments.

Cliff Moshoginis, Airport

    The Airport thanks the Chamber for the support on the Top Priorities for the terminal project. All of the federal funds will be allocated, they are finding out last dollar amount today. Kalamazoo air traffic is up in January a lot of travel restrictions have been lifted. Delta is increasing flight frequency and Direct Air is selling out and has been adding more flights to their schedule. Conversations are happening next week with five other airlines.

Dennis Berkebile, KCRC

    KATS amended the current Transportation Plan for MDOT to do the preliminary work at I-94.

Bill Schomisch, Metro Transit

    Comprehensive draft plan is on website this afternoon for short range and long range planning. Implementation will begin this summer. Metro Transit is purchasing 70 new shelters for the area with stimulus money. They will have a black frame and red roof. Ridership was down in January, awaiting the results from February to see if this is a trend.

Marty Dodge, Kalamazoo Regional Chamber of Commerce

    We would like to create an inventory of expert speakers on each of the BQLA topics. We need to be ready when reporters call on these topics so we are looking for business leaders first then non-profit and government members. Amtrak connectivity Frank is willing to be the expert for rail / high speed rail


    Stabenow on Monday, March 15; Roll Call is in Lansing on March 16 from 11 to Noon lunch is optional. March 24 Legislative Banquet reception 5:15 to 6:15 p.m. looking for sponsors to sit at the table, package deal.

Census middle of month fill it out and send it in.

Adjourn, the meeting was adjourned at 9 a.m.

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