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    School of Public Affairs, Pennsylvania State University Capital College, Middletown, PA 17057-4898, 717-948-6649,


    Pennsylvania State University

    College of Health and Human Development

    University Park, Pennsylvania

    Ph.D. in Health Policy and Administration

    Major: Strategic decision making 2005

    Dissertation: Is there a strategic and financial business case for Telehealth in home health agencies?

    Committee: Kathryn Dansky, Chair; Vernon Chinchilli; Diane Brannon; Mel Billingsley

Shippensburg University

    John L. Grove College of Business

    Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

    Masters in Business Administration 1987

    Major: Business Information Systems

    The Ohio State University

    Fischer School of Business

    Columbus, Ohio

    Bachelor of Science 1979

    Major: Production and Operations Management


    Financial Analysis: Developing return on investment models for new health care technologies;

     Investigating the impacts of Defined Contribution on the Health Care Industry;

     Revenue Cycle management

    Strategic Decision Making: Financial model development for Executive Management Systems 2006 - Present


    Assistant Professor of Health Administration

    PSU Capital College, School of Public Affairs

    Graduate Courses include: Finance, Politics and Policy, Management Information Systems,

    and Economics 2007 - Present

    Guest Lecturer Entrepreneurship PSU, Smeal College of Business 2001

    Subject: Entrepreneurship - Developing Effective Business Plans

    Guest Lecturer - Health Care Administration

    PSU College of Health and Human Development 2000, 2001

    Subjects: Effective Management of Time, Panel participant Executive


    Guest Lecturer Information Technology PSU, Capital College School of Information Systems and Technology 1998


    Subject: Information Technology in the Health Care Industry



     June, 2003 Present


    ? Optimetra, Inc.

    o Evaluated the long term financial strength and strategic business choices for a Center

    for Independent Living’s strategic business plan

    o Supported a client in identifying key discriminators and competitive risk in pursuing two

    proposals for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

    o Assisted a client in developing the strategy, and written proposal for a Agency for

    Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) opportunity to create a new national

    clearinghouse web site that captures and shares information on evidence-based


? Morison Informatics, Inc.

    o Assessed an economic evaluation of the proposed changes to the Durable Medical

    Equipment industry that will result from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s

    changes direct purchasing of DME and services, rather than just issuing pricing lists, for

    an industry trade group

    ? Quintiles Transnational Corporation Raleigh, NC

    o Performed market research to determine government contracting capture management

    strategies for targeted Federal agencies within Health and Human Services (HHS),

    including NIH, CDC and OPHEP

    ? National Research Corporation Omaha, Nebraska

    o Performed market research to determine survey and research opportunities in the

    healthcare sector at Federal agencies and selected State governments for their

    Government Business Development division in Washington D.C ? Meridian Consulting Chicago, Illinois

    o Assisted a client in developing the strategy, written proposal, and oral presentation for

    the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Request for Proposal The

    Enterprise Data Center, part of the new approach by CMS to Medicare claims payment

    that was mandated in the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA)

    o Performed a gap analysis, prepared proposal strategy, and completed the staffing

    strategy and Service Contract Act Local wage determination staffing map for a response

    to the first cycle of the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), which is part of the

    Medicare payment reform in the MMA

    ? Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania - a pre-seed stage start-up company funding

    organization Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    o Assessed business opportunities requesting funding, including companies in data

    analysis, information technology, durable medical equipment, drug discovery and

    medical devices

    o Evaluated all aspects of business venture including management team, intellectual

    property, other technology issues, financial projections, and the market, both potential

    and competition

    o Provided recommendations on term sheet negotiations and identification of key success


    o Reviewed contractual documents and work with both corporate and Intellectual

    Property attorneys as needed

    o Supplied managerial expertise on issues pertaining to company valuations and

    accounting issues as requested


    o Authored the updated strategic plan for 2004 through 2007

    ? Geisinger Ventures, the new venture company that is part of the Geisinger Health System

    Danville, Pennsylvania

    o Examined and reported on the Ambulatory and Acute Care Electronic Medical Record

    (EMR) Industry

    o Provided recommendations on development and commercialization of several business


    ? Electronic Medical Record

    ? Clinical Research Organization/ Site Management Organization (CRO/SMO)

    o Supported grant funding, both federal and state

    ? KePRO, Inc., a quality improvement organization Harrisburg, PA

    o Supported proposal development work on a targeted opportunity with the

    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    ? Identified a company, found financing partners and developed a forward projecting business plan

    for a potential leveraged buy-out of an existing company with over $20M in annual revenue


     May, 2001 May, 2003

    Title: Director, Business Development

    ? Evaluated and responded to government contracting opportunities within the Centers for

    Medicare & Medicaid Services (formally known as the Health Care Financing Administration

    (HCFA)), the Department of Defense, and various state Medicaid agencies

    ? Identified market segments for commercial acquisition candidates and led the Merger &

    Acquisition Committee

    ? Managed all aspects of proposal response from initial identification of an opportunity through

    final production of the proposal - $15M in annual new business opportunities pursued

    ? Developed and implemented capture management strategies for procuring new business

    government and commercial

    ? Tracked legislative initiatives both federally and in targeted states for new business opportunities

    driven by changes in the law and regulations

    ? Created and proposed new operational solutions for commercial and government clients

    ? Reported to the Board of Directors on Business Development activities for company with annual

    revenue of $25M

    ? Managed a staff of four (7) people, including marketing and sales staff


    September 1999 May 2001


    ? Supported a new research grant to evaluate the economic ramifications of cancer survivorship

    o Coordinated recruitment of cancer survivors from four facilities Hershey Medical

    Center, Geisinger Medical Center, Lehigh Valley Medical Center, and Johns Hopkins

    o Identified comparison group in the Health and Retirement Study dataset


     August 1998 May 2001

    ? Created business plan specifications and business development ideas for a new Healthcare

    information web site in cardiovascular care

    ? Strategized and produced a business plan for a start-up company providing software to the

    Emergency Medical Services market. Identified funding sources and facilitated the creation of a

    Board of Advisors. Coordinated the application for multiple trademarks


    ? Supported several federal and state government proposal efforts for KePRO, including technical

    writing, graphics development, process flowcharting, and editing

    ? Reviewed the business plan of an e-commerce venture in Healthcare information processing.

    Initiated the first contact meeting with Safeguard Scientific’s Pennsylvania Early Stage Partners

    Venture Capital Fund (PA Early Stage)

    ? Evaluated an investment opportunity in a start-up durable medical equipment company for PA

    Early Stage

    ? Advised a small, woman-owned business concerning funding sources to expand the business

    ? Provided consultation on business direction to a start-up company in Healthcare Information

    Technology, providing services and assessment tools for the alternative care market

Software Colony, LLC - Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

     March, 1998 August 1998 Title: Founder, Director, and Chief Operating Officer

    ? Created a start-up company with three partners/directors that assisted new businesses in the

    Healthcare Information Technology market. Responsibilities included writing and editing

    business plans, assisting enterprises in securing capital funding, and providing needed

    management expertise

    ? Completed a review of the Telemedicine market for PA Early Stage. Responsibilities included

    analysis of the current market place, identification of legislative, legal and technical barriers to

    market entry, and evaluation and recommendations regarding investment in specific business


    ? Supported the development of the initial business plan for Empower Health Corp., a start-up

    company chaired by Dr. C. Everett Koop

    ? Produced an internal market assessment of Healthcare Internet sites in competition with

    Empower Health that included evaluation of the quality of competitive sites, financial status of

    the companies that owned the sites, and potential valuation positions for Empower

DynKePRO, LLC - York, Pennsylvania

     October 1994 - March 1998

    Title: Chief Executive Officer and Senior Vice President

     August 1995 March 1998

    ? Managed an $ 8 million per annum joint venture, employing a maximum of 180 people, that

    performed clinical data abstraction for the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) and the

    state Peer Review Organizations (PRO) on a cost plus award fee contract. Received 97% of total

    award fee

    ? Identified a market opportunity, created a new software product, and began a national sales

    effort for a document imaging and management system. System is currently still in use by the

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

    ? Designed and created over 400 unique databases of clinical information for statistical study by

    HCFA and the state PRO communities comprised of data from over 400,000 medical records

    covering over 40 unique diseases, including the national Cardiovascular Cooperative Project

    ? Created an Internal and External Quality Management review process that encompassed data

    collection methodologies, reporting requirements, and internal documentation of processes.

    Resulted in statistical validity of all data abstracted of 96% and individual variable accuracies of

    not less than 93%. Reported on over 500 unique variables

    ? Negotiated with HCFA project officer and contract officers all contractual modifications required

    meeting customer needs, including two complete revisions to the Scope of Work within the first

    two years of the contract and a downsizing to the contract

    ? Presented general information related to Clinical Data Abstraction Centers (CDAC) at several

    national meetings with attendance in excess of 500 people

    Title: Operations Director


     October 1994 - August 1995

    ? Coordinated the daily operations of the Clinical Data Abstraction Center including the ramping up

    from day one of the operation to a staff of three managers, nine supervisors, and 133 employees

    ? Created and implemented general operating procedures during the start-up of the company

    ? Investigated the practical and financial feasibility of ISO 9000 certification

    ? Established medical record tracking database, utilizing barcodes that monitored the exact

    location of over 400,000 medical records

Polyclinic Medical Center - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

     March 1991 - October 1994

    Title: Director, Management Engineering, reporting to the CEO, COO, and CFO

    ? Coordinated consulting activities of Cooper and Lybrand resulting in over $200,000 in staff

    reductions and $1.5 million in improved reimbursements

    ? Compiled, evaluated, and reported outcome measurements, including the Pennsylvania Cost

    Containment Council’s reports related to the performance of physicians and the medical center,

    on reports to the state and federal governments, senior management, and physician groups

    ? Participated in various physician committees including Medical /Dental Quality Assessment,

    Clinical Practice Guidelines Review, Economic Credentialing, Medical Records, and the Operating


    ? Created the train-the-trainer materials and trained the first management staff in Total Quality

    Management. Exceeded the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation's (JCAHO) standards

    ? Provided leadership and technical support in developing the strategy for the hospital wide re-

    engineering effort begun as a result of downsizing bed capacity from 400+ to 250

    ? Supported the start-up of the Medical Center’s HMO with data collection to determine resource


    ? Evaluated local market share and evaluated new business opportunities

Management and Industrial Engineering Responsibilities

Capitol Products, Inc. - Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania July 1987 - February 1991

    Kellogg Company - Lancaster, Pennsylvania September 1984 - July 1987

    The Quaker Oats Company - Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania May 1981 - September 1984

    Ohio Medical Indemnity Mutual Corporation - Worthington, Ohio June 1979 - May, 1981

Responsibilities Included:

    ? Prepared and managed an annual budget of $36 million, comprised of a two-shift operation

    including four departments, six supervisors, and 150 hourly employees represented by the

    United Steelworkers

    ? Prepared and presented all financial performance reports for the General Manager and the

    parent company senior executives

    ? Designed database tools to assist management, including scheduling, inventory control,

    productivity, and quality control

    ? Facilitated the annual visit of the Board of Directors of the Kellogg Company, a fortune 500


    ? Evaluated information technology alternatives for managing direct labor, weekly labor pools, and

    daily labor pools

    ? Automated the budget process with the first personal computer system

    ? Participated on the implementation team of the first automated claims payment system for basic

    Usual, Customary, and Reasonable coverage



    Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Office of Long Term Living, Co-Investigator with Dr. Cynthia Mara

    as Principle Investigator, “Long Term Care Needs Assessment and Fiscal Impact Study,” Awarded August 2006,

    $1.6 M.

    American Lung Association, “Economic Analysis of Smoking in Pennsylvania,” Awarded July 2008, $30,000. PUBLICATIONS AND PAPERS

    DelliFraine JL, Dansky KH, Rumberger JS., Can organizational support for

    technology influence job satisfaction? Health Care Management Review,

    2006 Oct. Dec; 31(4): 300-7.

    Rumberger, J.S. and Dansky, K., Is there a business case for telehealth in home health agencies?

    Telemedicine and e-Health, April 2006, Vol. 12, No. 2: 122-127.


    J.L. DelliFraine, K.H. Dansky, and J. Rumberger. “The Use of Knowledge Management in Telemedicine”

    submitted to the International Journal of Healthcare Management Technology, December 2006. MANUSCRIPTS SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION

    Rumberger, J. (Ed). (2008). Re-engineering the Revenue Cycle for the Emerging Medical Consumer” Health

    Information Management and Systems Society white paper. July 2008.


    Hollenbeak, C. and Rumberger, J. (2008). “The Net Benefits and Economics Impacts of investing in Employee-

    smoking Cessation Programs in Pennsylvania”, American Lung Association, August 2008.


    Jami DelliFraine, and J. Rumberger. 2007 Academy of Management, Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA,

    presentation of “The Use of Knowledge Management in Telemedicine” August 2007.

    Jill Rumberger. 2008 Consumer Health World, The National Conference on Healthcare Consumerism,

    Washington D.C., presentation of “The Revenue Cycle from the Consumer’s Perspective” December 2008.


    Academy of Management 2006-Present

    Health Information and Management Systems Society 1991 - Present

    ? Member of the Financial Services Steering Committee 2007

    ? Member of the Financial Services Revenue Cycle Task Force 2007-2008

    ? Chairman of the Financial Services Revenue Cycle Task Force 2008-2009

    AcademyHealth 1999 - 2003

    American College of Healthcare Executives 1991- 2001


    International Institute of Industrial Engineers 1987 - 1998

    ? Presented a paper at the 1994 annual conference of the Society of Health Systems

    “Evolution of Physician Resource Management Reports”

    ? Presented a paper at the 1996 annual conference of the Society of Health Systems

    “Creating a National Database for Clinical Quality Improvement”


    ? Member of the Capital College Strategic Planning Committee, September 2007- 2008

    ? Member of the Search Committee for a Director, Instructional and Information Technology


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