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    March 2009

    An innovative tank solutionHusqvarna’s new system means less dust and slurry

    Husqvarna continues to launch products that make the user’s work easier and more efficient. The DEX dust

    handling system and the WT 10 electrical water tank

    minimize the amount of dust raised around the user

    and make wet-cutting easy independently of a local

    water supply.

Husqvarna’s newly developed dust extinguisher system (DEX) contains a wet-cutting kit with an

    integrated regulator that controls the amount of water so that it is just right for binding the dust without

    creating an excess of water. As the water spray is concentrated on the blade, far fewer dust particles

    are raised around the user than with the spray systems currently on the market. The result is cleaner

    cutting with less water and slurry compared with conventional wet-cutting systems. “DEX minimizes the amount of dust with a minimum of water. It is good both from the user’s standpoint and with respect to the environment. The system halves water consumption for wet cutting

    and is standard

    Economical spray.

    The new wet-

    cutting set

    uses precisely

    as much water

    as is needed

    to bind the

    dust without

    creating an

    excess of


    The Husqvarna WT 10 makes it easy to wet-Freedom. HUSQVARNA CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS cut even if you don’t have

    access to water on-site. The water tank is

    supplied with a lithium-ion battery, a charger and

    a Gardena spray nozzle. Everything is kept in a

    on all petrol power cutters from Husqvarna”, says Håkan Aldén, Product Manager for Power Cutters at Husqvarna Construction Products.

    DEX also includes a new battery-powered water tank, the WT 10, so that the user does not need to pump water manually and is completely independent of a local water supply. The tank is small and compact and its three-meter water hose is coiled around the storage compartment on the baseplate, which facilitates transport. The WT 10 holds 10 litres, which gives about 30 minutes efficient wet-cutting. The pump is powered by a rechargeable battery that gives an operating time of about two hours when fully charged. The WT 10 is an efficient accessory to Husqvarna’s power cutters and drill


    “The water tank gives you freedom to cut with water wherever you may be. At present, many users choose to dry-cut and thus expose themselves to lots of dust because it’s a big effort to connect up and manually pump the water tanks currently on the market. So we have now come up with a solution to this water problem. The WT 10 has a patent application pending and is being launched this spring.

    WT 10 Technical facts:

    Water tank, volume: 10 litres ;

    Weight without water: 3.6 kg ;

    Dimensions, length x width x height: 420 x 165 x 390 mm ;

    Battery: lithium-ion, 18 V/1.6 Ah ;

    Battery capacity: 2.5 hours continuous operation ;

    Charger: 18 V/600 mA ;

    The WT 10 can be operated from an external power source ;

    or from a car or utility vehicle.

    External power supply: 1224 V, min 1.5 A

    Hose, dimensions: 3/8 inch bore, 3 m length ;; The pump speed may be doubled, for example to clean

    the power cutter

For more information, please contact:

    Håkan Aldén, Product Manager for Power Cutters at Husqvarna Construction Products

    Tel.: + 46 31-94 10 19, + 46 70- 535 43 67


Husqvarna Construction Products is part of Husqvarna AB and market leader

    in machinery and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries.

    The product range includes power cutters, diamond tools, drill motors and


    drill stands, wall and wire saws, floor saws, table saws as well as machines for surface preparation and demolition. Husqvarna Construction Products accounted for 25% of Husqvarna’s sales of products for

    professional use in 2008. Construction Products has 2,300 employees, ten large factories around the world and is represented in more than 70 countries. Husqvarna is a registered trademark owned by Husqvarna AB (publ).


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