By Dorothy Carpenter,2014-06-13 16:55
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     Job Application

    Dear the manager of Google,

    My name is Tom and I’m a college graduate. Honestly, I want to apply for a job of seller in your company, so I hope that you can give me a chance to show myself and work for you and Google. Actually, you know in my 4-year college life I have learnt so much, but thats not just what I learn from the classes. What give me confidence are my wonderful and excellent social activities. Therefore, I have met so many people and known so well about them. When I sell them something launched by Google, it will be easier for me to communicate with them. Of course, it is also easier for Google to do businesses successfully and it will make more profits.

    Whats more, I have ever worked a part-time job in a small company so that I could learn something about selling. Also, I’m an easy-going person, who can always get along well with workmates, and I usually care about the quality of goods more than the prize of them. Thus, I might be able to improve the credit of Google and expand the scale of market.

    Finally, I am dying to be a member of Google and I truly hope you can accept my application. I’m waiting for your letter.

     Yours sincerely,


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