Exercise and Diet

By John Black,2014-06-12 18:38
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Exercise and Diet

    Exercise and Diet

    I think that a healthy life means that appropriate exercises combine with balanced diet.

     Nowadays,more and more people take part in exercise.As a student,we cant read the books,do the

    homework all day.Once you feel tired when you are reading the book,you must stop reading and go outside to do some exercises to relax yourself.Doing exercises everday can build up our body and make us grow healthily.In addition,it is important for us to do some exercises to relax ourselves.

     Diet is necessary for everyone in daily life,especially balanced diet.However, they ignore the nutrition they take in.The people like to eat the nosery like MacDonald KFC for their lunch or dinner.These food have less nutrition.Whats more,everyone must take in many different kinds of nutrition,such as the protein,iron and vitamin and so on.For example,the fruits have rich vitamin.Therefore,it is important for people to eat the fruits everyday.The balanced diet can make our body stronger and healthier.

     In my opinion,the appropriate exercises and balanced diet can build up our body.It is important balance exercise and diet.Do the exercises for one hour everyday and take in the nutrition food everyday.

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