Please use the following format to submit your letter of intent to

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Please use the following format to submit your letter of intent to

    This letter is to notify you that intends to participate in FEMA’s 2009 Unified Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant Program for a __ project or __ planning grant

    Letter of Intent

    Fax by COB September 26, 2008 to:

    Richard M. Lord

    Chief of Mitigation Programs

    New York State Emergency Management Office

    1220 Washington Avenue

    Albany, NY 12302

    Fax: (518) 322-4983

    Phone: (518) 292-2304

    Applicant / Organization Name:

    Signature of Applicant’s Chief Executive


    Name / Title:

    Point of Contact for proposed project:






    Name of County:

    Project Name:

    Project Location:

    Program: (Check all that apply) Pre-Disaster Mitigation Flood Mitigation Assistance

     Repetitive Flood Claims Severe Repetitive Loss

    Approximate Cost of Project: $

    Matching Funds (Local Match Required (varies by program, generally 25%), Must identify the source(s) of the match, may be cash or “in-kind” but can not be federal)

    Name of Source Funding Type Amount ($)

    Total: $

Mitigation Plan Information:

    Name of FEMA-approved All Hazards Mitigation Plan:

    Does a current FEMA-approved and locally adopted Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan or Flood Hazard Plan in compliance with the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 cover the entity that will benefit from the

    proposed activity? (Check one or both)

     Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Date approved:

     Flood Hazard Plan Date approved:

    If the response is “NO”, please indicate the status of developing the Local Multi-Hazard Plan using the criteria below:

     NONE Submitted to SEMO

     Early Development Submitted to FEMA

     Drafted FEMA approved pending local adoption

    Is the grant for creating a new local hazard mitigation plan or updating an existing plan?

     Creating a new plan

     Updating an existing plan

     HMA 2009 Letter of Intent 1 of 2 4/24/2012 C:\convert\temp\389643560.doc

Type of Project:

     acquisition stabilization (stream bank, shoreline, slope, etc.)

     elevation infrastructure protective measures (roads/bridges)

     relocation utility protective measures (electric, gas, water, etc.)

     stormwater management (culverts, retrofits structural/non-structural (i.e., wind/seismic) detention basins, etc.) other (specify)

    Describe the problem or the risk you are trying to solve or reduce (attach additional sheets if necessary):

Describe the proposed mitigation measure (attach additional sheets if necessary):

Program Eligibility Information:

    If the project is a minor localized flood reduction project, are at least 50 percent of the ? YES ? NO structures directly benefiting from this mitigation activity, NFIP insured properties? Is the proposed project intended to reduce or eliminate the risk of flood damage to a ? YES ? NO property structure that has flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)? (for example: acquisition, elevation, minor localized flood reduction)

    If the response is “YES” to either question above, please identify the NFIP insured properties in the table below

    (attach additional sheets if necessary):

    Approximate Cost of City, NFIP Flood Insurance Number of Property Owner's Name, Address Property to be Zip Code Policy Number Claims Acquired

     HMA 2009 Letter of Intent 2 of 2 4/24/2012 C:\convert\temp\389643560.doc

HMA 2009 Letter of Intent 3 of 2 4/24/2012 C:\convert\temp\389643560.doc

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