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试卷编号; Unit1

    考试时间; 80 分钟

    满分; 100

Part 1 Word Dictation

    (Each item: 1)

    Directions:Listen and write down the words you hear. You are going to listen to the recording twice. The first time, you write the word that you hear and, the second time, you can just check your answers.

1. --35

Part 2 Compound Dictation

    (Each item: 1)

    Directions:In this section, you will hear a passage or passages three times. The passage is printed on your page with some words missing. First, you will hear the whole passage from the beginning to the end, just to get a general idea of it. During the second reading, you must write in the right space the missing word or words you have just heard. During the third reading, you can check what you have written down.

Questions 36 to 45 are based on the same passage or dialog.

     There was a time when parents who wanted an educational present for their children would buy a typewriter, a 36_________ or an encyclopedia set. Now those items seem hopelessly 37__________; this Christmas, there were a lot of personal computers under the tree. 38_________ that computers are the key to success, parents are 39____________ that children be taught to use them in school as early as possible.

    The 40___________ for school is that when it comes to computers, parents don't always know best. Many schools are 41_____________ to parental impatience and are purchasing hardware without 42____________ educational planning.

    Teachers found themselves caught in the middle of the problem --- 43___________ . Educators do not even agree on how computers should be used. A lot of money is going for computerized educational materials that 44___________ with pencil and paper. Even those who believe that all children should have access to computers, 45___________ .

Questions 46 to 55 are based on the same passage or dialog.

     London taxi drivers know the capital like the back of their hands. Just jump into one of the city's 22,000 46____________ shaped cars and tell the driver your 47____________ . No matter how small and obscure the street is, the driver will be able to get you there without any trouble. The

    reason why London taxi drivers are so 48____________ is that they have all gone through a very 49___________________________ training period known as "the knowledge" to get the special license needed to drive taxis. During this period, which can take from two to four years, the 50_____________________________taxi driver has to learn the most direct

    51_____________________ to every single road and to every important building in London. Learner taxi drivers are tested several times during their training period by government officers.

    Once a new taxi driver has a license, the next thing he or she has to cope with is the public. Drivers agree that most passengers are very pleasant, although occasionally they can be 52_______________________ . But, as Brian Turner, 53______________________, a taxi driver for 30 years, explains: "Your job is to take them where they want to go to in a polite and pleasant manner, whatever they are like. 53___________________ , you won't get a tip."

    London taxi drivers love to talk to people and most of them start a conversation 54__________________________ .

    Simultaneously talking and driving smoothly. This is the art that 55. . They and their taxis are a landmark of the capital and are recognized throughout the world, along with the Queen and Big Ben, as a great British tradition.

Questions 56 to 65 are based on the same passage or dialog.

     Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? I'm sorry to have to tell you that the police have asked us to evacuate everyone from this building as quickly as possible. A carrier bag, possibly containing an 56_______________ device, has been found in one of the 57____________ rooms. Experts are on their way to examine it. We ask you to leave in a quiet and orderly 58. . There is 59________________ no need for panic. Please make your way out by 60__________________ 1, cross over the road and wait outside the 61______________ on the corner of King's Road. Leave your seats row by row, as directed by our attendants and give any assistance necessary to 62__________________ and disabled people. If you have children with you, 63_______________________ hold small children firmly by the hand. If you forget anything: your umbrella, your coat, even your handbag, please do not try to go back for it. 64_____________________. If you see any suspicious object a parcel or a bag do not touch

    it but inform one of our attendants as you leave. Please extinguish all cigarettes. 65_________________ you'll be able to return to your seats shortly to enjoy the last act of the play.

Part 3 Vocabulary and Structure

    (Each item: 1)

    Directions: Choose the best one to complete each sentence.

66. I will hold your note until Christmas Day, ________ you certainly will have received your


     A. by that time

     B. at that time

     C. by which time

     D. at which time

    67. The Prime Minister commanded that farmers ________ loans from the government.

     A. would receive

     B. received

     C. ought to receive

     D. should receive

68. They packed the instruments carefully ________ they would be broken during transportation.

     A. so that

     B. on condition that

     C. for fear that

     D. provided that

    69. Lots of people pretend that they never read advertisements, but this claim ________.

     A. may be hardly doubted

     B. may be seriously doubted

     C. may be hard doubting

     D. may be doubted serious

    70. ________ hostels (招待所) may not offer the most comfortable quarters, they are convenient, inexpensive, and attractive to travelling students and young people.

     A. When

     B. While

     C. Now that

     D. If

71. When he hurried to the airport, he found, to his great disappointment, his ticket and passport

    ________ at home.

     A. were left

     B. had left

     C. have been left

     D. had been left

72. Were the wire of a smaller diameter (直径), its resistance ________.

     A. had been increased

     B. was increased

     C. might have been increased

     D. would be increased

    73. He went to work on foot yesterday, though he ________ by bus.

     A. must have gone

     B. might have gone

     C. would have gone

     D. could have gone

    74. He always prefers to start early rather than ________ everything to the last minute.

     A. leave

     B. leaving

     C. leaves

     D. left

    75. Fox was advised to give the assignment to ________ he believed had a strong sense of responsibility.

     A. whom

     B. whoever

     C. whomever

     D. that

    76. Almost all the countries in the world hoped that the warring sides would ________ a compromise.

     A. affect

     B. effect

     C. come

     D. lead

    77. Our talk was completely ________out by the roar of the machines. As a result, we had to communicate with gestures.

     A. decreased

     B. reduced

     C. smashed

     D. drowned

78. She was arrested for ________ state secrets to a foreign reporter in return for her son going


     A. getting away

     B. giving away

     C. breaking away

     D. putting away

79. Can you ________ furnishing your house luxuriously at a time when the company is losing so

    much money?

     A. verify

     B. identify

     C. justify

     D. clarify

80. There ________ new problems in respect of the relationship between the two countries in

    recent years.

     A. rose

     B. raised

     C. lifted

     D. arose

81. The professor kept speaking about his new discovery in the field, only ________ occasionally

    to have a mouthful of tea.

     A. dropping off

     B. breaking off

     C. putting off

     D. setting off

82. His health ________ as he ate too little and worked too hard for months on end.

     A. broke up

     B. broke through

     C. broke down

     D. broke off

83. After the meeting the workers went back to their ________ workshops.

     A. respectable

     B. respective

     C. respectful

     D. respected

84. The theory of class currently prevailing in the West is ________ based on what Max Weber, a

    German sociologist, proposed.

     A. fairly

     B. kindly

     C. greatly

     D. largely

85. His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any ________ of it at all.

     A. interpretation

     B. meaning

     C. intelligibility

     D. sense

    86. No one in the class could ________ the right answer to the question.

     A. describe

     B. furnish

     C. install

     D. assess

    87. The dentist could ________ no signs of decay in my teeth.

     A. determine

     B. define

     C. assign

     D. detect

    88. To his great joy he discovered that his ear became ________.

     A. sensitive

     B. sensible

     C. efficient

     D. sensible

    89. He made no ________ to his illness till after the lesson.

     A. remark

     B. comment

     C. reference

     D. opinion

    90. The pilot of the plane is ________ for the passengers' safety.

     A. conscious

     B. responsible

     C. necessary

     D. regulated

    91. I don't think his remarks are relevant ________ our discussion.

     A. to

     B. at

     C. for

     D. with

    92. He won't succeed any way, ________ hard he tries.

     A. whatever

     B. no matter

     C. as

     D. however

93. We haven't got the right answer yet, because the problem ________ is quite complicated.

     A. solved

     B. is solved

     C. being solved

     D. having solved

    94. You must speak slowly, so that you can make yourself ________.

     A. to be understood

     B. understood

     C. understanding

     D. being understood

    95. It was ________ that he didn't go to the party.

     A. because he was ill

     B. he was ill

     C. his illness

     D. because his illness

     Part 4 Replacement

    (Each item: 1)

    Directions:Replace the underlined words in the following sentences with expressions or phrases

    using the key word(s) supplied in the brackets. Please take care to use the right form and keep the

    original meaning.

96. It was only by means of his perseverance and strong will that he finally succeeded. (virtue)


97. In the US today, both marriage and family are less important than people's pursuit (追求) of

    maximum happiness. (second)


99. The location of the island in the middle of the ocean exposes it to frequent hurricanes (飓风).


    Replacement 1:

    Replacement 2:

    100. The outing was ruined for everyone by a drunken tramp (流浪者) who inconvenienced us by his presence at the party and could not be shaken off. (impose, company)


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