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    How To Improve Education

    Can schools in China cultivate the talents? Due to several reasons like, low

    competitiveness of graduates, low academic ability of students, low research or study ability of professors and so on. Today, the quality of education in China is queried by more and more people. Improving education is more and more important. I think we should improve education through the teachers, the administration of university and society.

    In the first place, teachers are most important in improving education. A real scholar or professor need to dedicate himself to scientific world. Only these people who hold scientific spirit can devote to scientific career. At the same time, a scholar should take a self-responsibility. A teacher need to be responsible to his/her behaviors and be responsible to the students, to teach them knowledge, scientific spirit as well as the moral obligations. In addition, professors must not cheat in the scientific area. This is what science is and its the

    impetus of advanced society. If the teachers hold strict to teaching and research, the quality of education will improve.

    Except the teachers, the administration of schools also need to take some measures to improve education. First and foremost, the administrators should get rid of the bureaucratism. Because it may affect the academic study and do harm to school's development. And the government also can adopt more steps to reform the management of education. By this, we can modify the deficiencies in our education. In addition, the administration of schools should issue policies to encourage educational innovation. Innovation is the prerequisite for progress of education. I think that if the administrators adopt positive approaches, we will improve our education.

    Besides the central position of students and teachers, the support of society is also a stimulus to improve education. First of all, the government's strong financial support is principal. The construction of a university need large sum of money and the problem of fund

    is always an obstacle in the process of development. What's more, the public couldn't urge the universities to improve in a short period of time or give them much pressure. We still have a long way to go to develop the high education. Last, the public can pay a close attention on universities and give them proper suggestions. Support from the public is definitely predominant. Owning the support of society, it will become easy to improve education.

    To sum up, we can find it is not a difficult thing to improve education through the teachers, the administration of university and society. Education matters the future development of a country, it needs the attention of the society. Everyone in the system should take the responsibility of its own. Each part in the system should be aware of their function of education and cooperate with each other very well. The education should be excellent with a soul by collected all the strength in the system together.

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